The Most Important Campaign of the Year!
"And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone (knowledge of God), and slung it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead; and the stone (knowledge of God) sank into his forehead, and he fell upon his face to the earth" (I Samuel 17:49).

VIDEO: What Does Hebrew Teach us About Faith?
”AMEN” is the root of the word EMUNAH (faith) ; meaning ”I have faith in what he just said” – I believe in what he just said, Amen” What is so important to understand is that AMEN and EMUNAH, also the same exact root is the word IMUNIM (practice, action). What the Hebrew language is telling us is intrinsically WITHIN FAITH IS ACTION. Emunah IS WITH imunim.


Why are the Jewish people the embodiment of faith? Because we don’t just have faith in that the Mashiach  is going to come. We have so much faith that we are going to pick up a couple of stones and go take out Goliath.


We have so much faith that we come to Israel a desert piece of real estate and know that the desert will blossom. We have so much faith that we are empowered to act. That is the essence of faith. That is the essence of emunah. (Jeremy Gimpel).

The most remarkable prophecy is the ”Universal Knowledge of God.” Jeremiah 31:32-33 ”...I will place My law (Torah) in their midst and I will inscribe it upon their hearts,.. for they shall all know Me from their smallest to their greatest.”


1 Samuel 17:49 "And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone (knowledge of God), and slung it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead; and the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell upon his face to the earth."


Daniel's vision (2:31-35,40-44, Ch. 7) of the divided kingdom; the fourth kingdom; is Edom: Rome, represented by Christianity (iron) and I-slam (clay), --- which the kingdom of David (2:44) shall break in pieces and crush.   "...and the stone (knowledge of God, kingdom of David) that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth..." (2:35,44)


Isaiah 11:9 "They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea." See also Habakkuk 2:11,13-14.

This year, 2012, may be the most important year in Israel’s history. The world will never be the same again. With revolutions erupting across the Middle East, elections in the United States of America and the European economy in turmoil,

Danish economist: US will be bankrupt by 2020 : The Danish researcher Jørgen Ørstrøm Møller says. in a few years USA will no longer have a leading position in the world. The world's only super power will be bankrupt. The debt is so serious that several states should be closed. USA's economy is worse than Greece's. USA will be forced to ask its greatest creditor, China, for help--China will ask for concessions--and this may shift the balance of power in the world... ( ).


Since much of the debt is being held by communist China it means that the democratic countries of the world, mainly USA and Europe are losing their ability to be examples of freedom and morality to the rest of the world when their economies are in such deep trouble and most of their debt is owned by communist China. It gives China a huge amount of power over USA and European economies and affects USA and European governments from acting independently without fearing China's reaction (Shuva Israel, News Letter, November 2011).  


USA used to be the symbol of freedom itself, the strongest, most powerful and the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. Barack Obama promised before he was elected President, “to fundamentally transform America.” So, what did the President really mean when he promised “Change”?

NOW IS THE TIME to stand with Israel. Make a resolution TO SUPPORT
The Land of and join us in spreading the truth (EMET) and beauty of Israel with the world.

The world needs to know the truth EMET (that is the 'Hailstones' of Ezekiel 38, Job 38:22-23, etc.) now more than ever before. In Egypt, the plagues were sent in order to declare His name all over the earth (Exodus 9:13-18).

“The eyes of the Lord your God are always upon it (the Land), from the beginning of the year, until the year’s end” (Deuteronomy 11:12).
REDEMPTION OR DESTRUCTION? The eyes of the world are focused on Israel – as what will happen in Jerusalem, will ultimately happen to the rest of the world.

Watch Now: Israel 2012! 

Isaiah 11:9 ”They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea ” (1 Samuel 17:49, Daniel 2:35,44, Habakkuk 2:11,13-14).

Last made but first planned: In the words of Rabbi Nosson Sherman, Before final goals can be realized, there are long lists of tasks seemingly unrelated to the goal. This concept is expressed beautifully in a phrase from the classic Sabbath Song, L'chah Dodi: "The end of deed is first in thought." This is how intelligent people function - end of deed, first in thought – they decide upon a goal and then work their way to its fulfillment. The more accomplished the person, the more ambitious the goal – and the more difficult and complex the road to its attainment.
Genesis 2:3 "And God blessed the seventh day and He hallowed it, for thereon He abstained from all His work that GOD CREATED TO DO." The final letters of the three words that conclude the account of Creation--bara Elokim la'asot--spell EMET-- which as interpreted by the sages means that it is incumbent upon us, God's creatures, to complete the "doing" (i.e. "rectification") of His Creation (Gal Einai Institute, from the teachings of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh).

Rehovot Praying for Comfort After Tragedy: Rabbi Eitan Eizman said Rehovot is praying for faith and comfort after six members of a family were killed in a fire. Rabbi Eitan Eizman, Head of Noam and Tzvia Educational Institutions, told Arutz Sheva, "We are now in hard times. A whole family died in a fire. Only the mother survived. We must have great faith to be comforted in these difficult times."

"We pray to the Holy One Blessed Be He that he comfort all of the students and the parents who have bad times. We talk about the verse '...and Your faithfulness in the night.' And even in these difficult times, the Holy One Blessed Be He he will help us ad give us great strength and seal us for good," he said (INN; 3/28/2012).

”It is a good thing... To declare Your lovingkindness... in the morning ("when things are bright and the sun shines...") and Your faithfulness (Your faith) in the nights” (Psalm 92:2-3). ”When the world turns dark and we feel only pain, then we must live on our faith. It’s not a Yid’s belief in Hashem that gives him life at night. It’s the way Hashem believes in us that gives us life. When the night is so dark and endless, what keeps us alive is remembering how much Hashem believes in us. Hashem believes that we will bring the coming day" (Rabbi Yitzchok Rubin). I.e., the redemption.

”Verily, the kindnesses of the Lord never cease!  Indeed, His mercies/compassions never fail! They are new every morning; great is Your (EMUNATECHA) faithfulness (Your faith)” (Lam.  3:22-23). ”The concept that Hashem has faith in His children and that the new day will arrive through our perseverance is so beautiful and so powerful, that it enables us to actually turn the darkness into light” (Rabbi Yitzchok Rubin). As God clothes the naked, visits the sick, comforts mourners (Gen. 3:21, 18:1, 25:11), so are you to do also, walk in His ways. See 'Image of God'

Iran Accuses Israel of Attacking Its Own Targets Abroad
: Iran accuses Israel of bombing its own embassies abroad in an effort "to tarnish Iran’s friendly tie with the host countries." In response to the attack on Israeli diplomats in India - and the thwarted attack in Georgia on Monday - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iran, calling it "the biggest exporter of terror in the world."

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that Israel was behind the attacks saying it "to tarnish Iran’s friendly tie with the host countries." The IRNA also quoted Mehmanparast as having "brushed aside the Israeli accusation of Iranian involvement" in the bombing and that Israel "perpetrated the terrorist actions to launch psychological warfare against Iran" (INN, 2/13/2012).

Iranian Minister: Zionists Have Many Enemies: Iran’s Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi denied on Tuesday that his country was behind the attacks on the Israeli embassies in Georgia and India, saying they occurred as a result of Israel’s poor popularity in the world.

“The Zionist regime [of Israel] has many enemies in various parts of the world and these incidents might have been carried out by different groups or individuals,” Vahidi told the Iranian-based Press TV. “Israel cannot possibly enjoy popularity among the nations hurt by this regime’s acts,” Vahidi said, adding Israel lacks the power and the courage to launch a military action against Iran.

Addressing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s recent demand of Israeli officials to “stop blabbing” about an attack on the Islamic Republic, Vahidi claimed Netanyahu’s request was made “because these remarks will be proved impossible after a while.” He added, “The Zionist regime has no image in the world, but is seeking to keep the hollow image, which it is trying to build for itself, from falling apart” (INN, 2/15/2012).

Delhi Police: 'Foreign Experts' Made Embassy Bomb: Officials in India say the bomb used in Monday's attack on an Israeli embassy car is new to India, is the work of 'foreign experts.' Observers note that the method of attack - a lone motorcylist attaching a magnetic explosive to a vehicle before racing away - is almost identical to the tactic employed in the targeted assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.

Those attacks have been widely blamed on the People's Mujahadeen of Iran (MEK), which Iran has accused Israel of funding, training and supporting in its efforts to derail Tehran’s drive for nuclear weapons. The Delhi and Georgia bombings come just one week after officials in the Obama administration made the unusual decision to join Tehran in
accusing Israel of backing the MEK .

Tehran has blamed Israel of attacking its own diplomats as a form of "psychological warfare" against Iran. However, analysts suggest the decision to mirror MEK tactics could be a less-than-subtle message from Tehran to Jerusalem without officials admitting to the attack.

The attacks took place a day after the fourth anniversary of the death of Hizbullah deputy leader Imad Mugniyeh. Mugniyeh was killed in a car bombing in Damascus on 12 February 2008. Prior to his death, Mugniyeh is known to have participated in the bombings at the US Embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut, the TWA 845 hijacking, and the torture-murders of both CIA station chief William Buckley and US Marine Corps Lt. Col. William Richard Higgins.

For years Mugniyeh topped the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists list with a USD 5 million bounty on his head. Of him, former US President Ronald Reagan said, "We will not rest until justice is done." However, Mugniyeh's death is widely blamed on Israel and has sparked annual vows of revenge on Israeli targets from the Iran-backed Shiite terror group (INN, 2/14/2012).

Video: India Suspects Iran Behind Attack on Israeli: Indian intelligence officials suspect Iran used local terrorists to attack an Israeli diplomat’s car Monday, the Times of India reports.

All signs point to Iran: -- The attack was carried out on the anniversary of the elimination of Imad Mughniyeh, who was the mastermind of the Hizbullah terrorist organization that is heavily financed by Iran;

-- The method of the attack was a copycat of that used by alleged Mossad-backed agents in Iran against nuclear scientists; -- Israel recently informed Indian intelligence officials that sympathizers with Iran were likely to target Israelis; and There are plenty of Indian Lashkar Muslims “who despite their loathing of Shias, are unremitting in their animosity towards Israel,” the Times of India reported.

The Israeli vehicle was attacked through the use of a magnetic bomb that was attached to the car by a motorcyclist, the same way at least three nuclear scientists in Iran have been targeted in the past two years. Iran apparently has learned the method and used it on Monday in India, the first time the country has been used to target foreign officials. The Islamic Republic’s religious leader Ali Khamenei previously has said that Tehran would gladly "support anybody globally who takes action against the Zionist entity.” (INN, 2/14/2012).

Thailand ‘Keystone Cops’ Bombings, Step by Step: Bangkok police have retraced the steps of three amateur Iranian terrorists who were at a rented house when their explosives accidentally blew up, setting off a chain reaction tragic-comedy that left one bomber maimed. Sources told media in Thailand that it was the first time the bomb-making method had been discovered in the country (INN, 2/15/2012).

Bombing Attacks Unmask Iran, Netanyahu Says: The terror bombings in New Delhi and Bangkok this week have unmasked Iran for the world to see its true face, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Knesset Wednesday. "Iran is undermining the world's stability and harms innocent diplomats, he said. “World countries must condemn Iran's terror acts and draw a red line." (INN, 2/15/2012).

US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran: America is secretly funding militant ethnic separatist groups in Iran in an attempt to pile pressure on the Islamic regime to give up its nuclear programme. Funding for their separatist causes comes directly from the CIA's classified budget but is now "no great secret", according to one former high-ranking CIA official in Washington who spoke anonymously to The Sunday Telegraph.
His claims were backed by Fred Burton, a former US state department counter-terrorism agent, who said: "The latest attacks inside Iran fall in line with US efforts to supply and train Iran's ethnic minorities to destabilise the Iranian regime."

Although Washington officially denies involvement in such activity,.. A row has also broken out in Washington over whether to "unleash" the military wing of the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK), an Iraq-based Iranian opposition group with a long and bloody history of armed opposition to the Iranian regime. The group is currently listed by the US state department as terrorist organisation, but Mr Pike said: "A faction in the Defence Department wants to unleash them. They could never overthrow the current Iranian regime but they might cause a lot of damage" (The Telegraph, 25 Feb 2007).

Look Who's Funding Terror Now: "Some $125 million of “humanitarian aid” made the U.S. the single largest contributor to the Taliban in May of 2001. Soon after, following 9/11, the U.S. declared war on this terrorist regime. Today, the U.S. is also the largest donor of “humanitarian aid” to the Palestinians, despite their democratic choice of a terrorist HAMAS regime" (Funding Terror, Frontpage Magazine, April 07, 2006). The Obama Admin., the Quartet, Norway, the EU, the UN; are continuing the funding, calling it "humanitarian aid"—knowing it will eventually fall into the hands of terrorists.

Japanese PM Tells Barak: Iran Attack 'Dangerous': Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda told Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday that attacking Iran would be a "dangerous" move and "attempted to dissuade him from it," according to a report by a Japanese news agency. Noda warned that a strike on Iran could escalate the standoff between Iran and the West.

"The international community must join hands and stop Iran from reaching nuclear weapons through crippling sanctions," Barak told Tanaka. "A nuclear Iran is a danger to world stability and provides a tailwind for terror organizations worldwide." Barak mentioned the recent series of terror attacks against Israeli diplomatic targets as proof that Iran uses terror to destabilize the world (INN, 2/16/2012). Ross on Iran: Give Diplomacy a Chance: Former U.S. Middle East envoy Dennis Ross: The Iranians are ready to talk. Give diplomacy a chance (INN, 2/16/2012).

Iran Will Never End Its Nuclear Quest Because It Believes Allah Is Protecting the Country: Despite the IAEA's recent report on Iran's nuclear ambitions, the country's leadership couldn't care less. They remain unconcerned about the West’s denunciations and threats of further sanctions even after the international nuclear watchdog reported last week that the Islamic regime is building nuclear weapons.


There will be no comprise with the United States and its allies, Iran insists, because the regime's critics fail to understand the nature of what Tehran’s radicals call the “true Islam.”


Days after the report by the IAEA, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, pointedly warned America and what he called its "guard dog," the Zionist regime of Israel, that any attack on Iran will result in the destruction of both.


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran will not retreat “one iota” from its nuclear program, and Revolutionary Guard commanders promised a response that will “shock the enemy,” boasting that with only four missiles Israel will be annihilated and America can expect the same fate (Fox News, Reza Kahlili, November 21, 2011).

Isaiah 27:3-6 refer to God's unique protective providence over Israel. God may punish them, but He does not give vent to all His fury, because of the oath to the forefathers. "If they would grasp My fortress (the Torah), they would make peace for Me," (v 5).

For if assimilated Israel repents, this will assuage His anger and frustration at not being able to take vengeance on His enemies, and He will then have peace from the attribute of Justice, which objects that Israel also sin and should thus be treated no differently from the nations (ABY, Azamra).

The United States could suffer a lot of casualties if God forbid attacked by Iran,.. (Zec. 12:9, Isaiah 24:1-6, 66:15-18, Ez. 39:6, Zep. 2.1-11). If Israel is attacked God forbid by Iran (Jer. 30:7-11, ISAIAH 48:17-19, 4:3, Dan. 12:1, Ezek. 38-39, Zec. 12:2-9, 14:1-3,12-16), it wouldn't take more than 2-3 nuclear bombs to - God forbid - wipe us out. The issue is existential (Report: Obama won't commit to stopping Iran, US and Israel no longer sharing all Iran intelligence, Israel Matzav). See "Nuclear Weapons - Iranian Statements" (Global Security).

As Japan in WW II, refused to surrender and became even more deadly when faced with defeat See: Radical Islam--Defeating Iran: and "prompt and utter destruction" - Iran also has rejected the world's demand to surrender --- and to stop its race against nukes. As for Japan, continued conventional bombing and massive invation would cause a million more American casualities. In order to avoid such high casualty rate, it was decided to us the atomic bomb in the hopes of bringing the war to a quick end.

Iran Threatens West with 'Heavy Casualties':
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman warns the U.S. and its allies: “Hasty steps will lead to heavy casualties.”
Just hours after Iran announced it would be expanding centrifuge operations at the underground Fordo nuclear facility near Qoms, the Islamic Republic continued to threaten the West. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast warned the U.S. and its allies on Wednesday evening that “hasty steps will lead to heavy casualties,” Channel 2 News reported (INN, 2/16/2012 ).

USA had one million good reasons to nuke Japan. In June 1967, as Arab armies amassed on Israel's borders, Martin Luther King Jr. was asked on national TV if Israel has justification for launching a pre-emptive strike. "Yes," said King. "They have 6 million good reasons." As for the rest of the world; they have billions of good reasons. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, "the state of Israel poses a grave threat to Islam and Muslim states" - therefore Genocide is a Moral Obligation. When I-slam "Iron and clay" (Daniel 2:31-44, Ch. 7, Isaiah Ch. 25)?

Hague Warns Israel Over Iran Strike:
British Foreign Secretary: sanctions and negotiations have to be given a chance to convince Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions. Hague’s comments come after the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, also warned againstan Israeli pre-emptive military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. The United States has been increasingly concerned that Israel may launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. For this reason, Dempsey visited Israel last month and met with high-ranking officials on the issue (INN, 2/20/2012).

Barak Warns: 'Tighten Sanctions Further on Iran' Israel warns the world to tighten sanctions "even further" -- to the "crippling" point -- on Iran. Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak called on the international community Saturday to tighten sanctions even further on Iran, warning it is essential to halt the Islamic Republic's nuclear development activities. Speaking to reporters in Tokyo following meetings with Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and other Japanese officials, Barak said, “I think there is consensus now in most of the world's capitals that Iran should not be allowed to become a military nuclear power” (INN, 2/18/2012).

Head of Russian Strategic Research Center for Contemporary Religions and Politics Maxim Shochenko said on Saturday US and EU policy of banning Iranian oil is an already failed project. Iran is cooperating with different countries in this field with many states eying Iranian oil; therefore the US politically-motivated move would bear no fruits for America. China, India, Turkey and Japan are the main buyers of Iranian crudel, hence Washington cannot continue its failed policy against Iran (IRNA, Feb, 18, 2012).

Turkey and China "Helping Iran Evade UN Sanctions" Iran's central bank is using a number of financial institutions in China and Turkey to fund the purchase of vital goods to keep the Iranian economy afloat. According to Western security officials, China, which is Iran's largest oil trading partner, is playing a major role in helping Iran to avoid the sanctions.

Instead of transferring payments to Iran owed from oil purchases, Chinese banks are using the money to buy goods on behalf of the Iranians and then shipping them to Iran. "It is like an old-fashioned barter mechanism," explained a senior security official (Telegraph-UK).

DIA Director: Iran Unmoved by Sanctions: DIA director Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess told US lawmakers Thursday Iran is 'not close to agreeing to abandon its nuclear program' Asked bluntly whether intelligence agencies believed Israel had made a decision to attack Iran, Burgess said, "To the best of our knowledge Israel has not decided to attack Iran" (INN, 2/17/2012).

Syria's Grand Mufti Blames Arab Spring on West, Israel: The Grand Mufti of Syria says the Arab Spring is nothing but a Western plot that will "benefit the Zionist entity". The Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, has described the battle that is currently taking place in Syria as a “battle against our roots” and has claimed that the Arab Spring is nothing but a Western plot.

According to a report on Thursday in the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Hassoun said that “if Syria collapses, this will lead to the collapse of neighboring states, starting with Lebanon and ending with Saudi Arabia, through Jordan and Iraq; this is because the plan for the Arab and Islamic world is to ensure that no strong state remains, and for our people to kill one another” (INN, 4/27/2012).

Ezekiel 32:17-32 is a future prophesy about the end of days, in the time of the war of Gog & Magog (Ez. 38-39, Zec. 12,13,14), when all the nations will gather against Jerusalem (Isaiah 25, 66:10-24). Persia, and the Ishmaelites will gather with Edom to conquer the land from the hands of Israel (Ez. 38:10-12), but turmoil will break out among them (Zec. 14:13, Haggai 2:21-23, Ez. 38:21-23) and each one will make war against his brothers, against each other BECAUSE THEIR BELIEFS ARE SEPARATE, and there God will judge them (Joel 3-4, Obadiah) (ABY, Azamra).

II Chronicles Ch. 20 A teaching about the proper way for Israel to react in the face of attacks by their enemies: The salvation of Judah from the combined forces of Ammon, Moab and Amalek in the time of Yehoshaphat appears to be the prototype of the future salvation as described by MALBIM. In the merit of the king's prayers and the national repentance, God would fight for Israel -- and as history shows God sent His salvation by turning the various peoples making up the invading armies against each other.

"And the Lord shall go forth and wage war with those nations, like the day He waged war on the day of the battle" (Zec. 14:3). Like the day He waged war on the Red Sea (Ex. 14:24-31). "It came about in the morning watch that the Lord looked down over the Egyptian camp through a pillar of fire and cloud, and He threw the Egyptian camp into confusion" (Ex.14:24-25). He took away their intelligence. Wherever it says "confusion", it means a tumultuous noise; Deut. 7:23, Ex. 23:27, 1 Sam. 7:10, 19:14-21. See:
' Gog & Magog'

Chinese Newspaper: The West Contributes to War in Syria:
China's largest newspaper accuse Western countries of stirring civil war by supporting the opposition. ” China accused Western countries of stirring civil war in Syria and two Iranian warships docked at a Syrian naval base, underscoring rising international tensions over the near year-long crisis. China's Communist Party mouthpiece the People's Daily, in a front page commentary Monday, said: "If Western countries continue to fully support Syria's opposition, then in the end a large-scale civil war will erupt and there will be no way to thus avoid the possibility of foreign armed intervention."


Security forces have killed at least 5,000 people, according to human rights groups, in a campaign to crush the revolt while the Assad government says it has lost more than 2,000 soldiers and security agents in what it describes as a struggle against foreign-backed terrorists,

The conflict has also pitted Western and Gulf-led Arab powers against Assad allies Russia, China and Iran.
The former have condemned Assad for the bloodshed and called for him to step down. Beijing and Moscow say all sides are to blame for the violence and the crisis should be resolved through talks, not foreign intervention (Iranian ships reach Syria, China warns of civil war, Reuters, Feb. 20. 2012).

Iranian ships reach Syria, Assad allies show support: (Reuters, Mon Feb 20, 2012) - Russia, China and Iran showed support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday, days before an international meeting likely to pile more pressure on him to step down in the face of an increasingly bloody uprising.


Assad met a senior Russian politician in Damascus, who reiterated Moscow's support for his self-styled reform program and spoke out against any foreign intervention in the conflict, Russian and Syrian news agencies reported.


China accused Western countries of stirring up civil war in Syria, and two Iranian warships docked at a Syrian naval base, underscoring rising international tensions over the near year-long crisis.

Two Iranian warships docked at the Syrian port of Tartous on Saturday, Iranian state TV reported. The ships were said to be providing training for Syrian naval forces.


With Shi'te-led Iran already at odds with the United States, Europe and Israel over its nuclear program, the deployment was likely to add to Western concerns that the Syria crisis could boil over into a regional conflict if it is not resolved soon.

Russia's Putin Warns Against Attack on Iran: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: The results of an attack on Iran could be catastrophic. Moscow is concerned over such an attack. Putin reportedly warns that such a move would be result in a “real catastrophe.” “The growing threat of a military attack in Iran makes Russia worried, no doubt,” Putin was quoted as having written. “If this happens, the results could be truly catastrophic. It is impossible to imagine their true scale.”

In the article, Putin also discusses the possibility of military action by the West or Arab countries in Syria, and warns against such a move as well. “I very much hope that the U.S. and other countries will not try to go for military action in Syria, without sanctions from the UN Security Council,” Putin was quoted as having written.

On Friday, the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog agency released a new report which reveals that Iran has significantly increased its uranium enrichment. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) expressed concerns in its latest report over Iran’s nuclear intentions saying Iran's nuclear program has “a dimension directed toward developing nuclear weapons.” A visit last week by an IAEA team to Tehran failed , after the team members were denied access to a key military site, and the IAEA later said they were unable “to reach an agreement on a document facilitating the clarification of unresolved issues in connection with Iran’s nuclear program.” (INN, 2/27/2012 ).

"Cold War" Over Iran? Tehran will be setting in place the logistical infrastructure for accommodating incoming Iranian troops to fight in a potential Middle East war. The Russians (and China) are willing to contribute towards the Iranian port's defenses and looking forward to cooperation between the Russian, Iranian and Syrian fleets in the eastern Mediterranean opposite the US Sixth Fleet's regular beat (DEBKAfile, March 1, 2011). Russia: Warns Israel and the West that an attack on Tehran would be considered an attack on Moscow (INN, 1/15/2012).

Iran, Russian Naval Presence in Syrian Waters Message To US: MP The presence of Iranian and Russian naval forces in Syria’s coastal waters is a clear warning to the US to refrain from any possible military adventurism. “The US should take Iran's warning about military intervention in Syria seriously,” Hossein Ebrahimi, deputy chairman of Iran Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said Sunday. In the event of a US strategic mistake in Syria, Washington may receive a crushing response from Iran, Syria and a few other countries...

On Sunday, January 8, a large Russian navy flotilla led by an aircraft carrier arrived at the Syrian port of Tartus in the Mediterranean Sea for a six-day port call, to show Moscow's solidarity with Damascus. "The port call is aimed at bringing the two countries closer together and strengthening their ties of friendship," a Russian naval officer, Yakushin Vladimir Anatolievich said
(PressTV, Sun. Feb. 9, 2012). Iranian naval ships dock at Syria’s Tartus port: Report (Press TV, Sat Feb 18, 2012).

Pentagon: Iranian Warships Didn't Dock in Syria: US military officials disputed reports that Iranian warships docked in Syria over the weekend. According to analysts, Iran carefully timed the visit of its warships to follow the previous docking of the Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov. In Tehran, lawmakers claimed that developments in Syria were uniting Tehran and Moscow, with the open ended possibility of other major players — perhaps China — joining them.


But Defense Department press secretary George Little said Tuesday the U.S. military saw no indication that the ships docked or delivered any cargo. The entry and exit of Iranian warships to the Mediterranean has been widely seen as an attempt to provoke Israel amid rising tensions between Jerusalem and Tehran over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program (INN, 2/21/2012 ).

Press TV: Iranian Propaganda Station Off the Air Where it Belongs:   The UK's communications watchdog finally forces the Iranian regime's mouthpiece off British TV screens dealing a blow to Press TV's already sullied credibility (Honest Reporting, Jan. 2012).

Honest Reporting, Dec. 8, 2011: Academic Study Exposes Reuters Propaganda By Simon Plosker.  An academic study finds that Reuters coverage of the Mideast conflict is systematically tainted by propaganda and influences readers to side with the Palestinians.

‘Israel Needs 100 Planes to Attack Iran:
Israel needs most of its air force to attack Iran but still lacks planes, analysts tell NY Times. “Only the US strong enough to attack.” Israel would have to deploy most of its air force to attack Iran and still would lack planes, analysts told The New York Times in an article that may have been timed as part of an American campaign to talk down Israel from considering a military strike.

The bottom line is that despite Israel’s superiority in surgical strikes, such as the attack on Iraq’s nuclear reactor in 1981 and on a Syrian nuclear facility under construction four years ago, Iran is another story. Israel does not have the capability to fly the distance to Iran nor does it have the arsenal that can damage Iran’s underground nuclear facilities, buried under concrete bunkers in mountainous areas, analysts told correspondent Elisabeth Bumiller.

“There’s only one superpower in the world that can carry this off,” meaning the United States, said former U.S. Air Force intelligence official Lt. Gen David A. Depulta (INN, 2/20/2012).

Dempsey Told Israelis U.S. Won't Join Their War on Iran: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told Israeli leaders Jan. 20 that the United States would not participate in a war against Iran begun by Israel without prior agreement from Washington, according to accounts from well-placed senior military officers.

Dempsey's warning, conveyed to both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak, represents the strongest move yet by President Barack Obama to deter an Israeli attack and ensure that the United States is not caught up in a regional conflagration with Iran.

The message carried by Dempsey was the first explicit statement to the Netanyahu government that the United States would not defend Israel if it attacked Iran unilaterally. But Defence Secretary Leon Panetta had given a clear hint in an interview on "Face the Nation" Jan. 8 that the Obama administration would not help defend Israel in a war against Iran that Israel had initiated.

Asked how the United States would react if Israel were to launch a unilateral attack on Iran, Panetta first emphasised the need for a coordinated policy toward Iran with Israel. But when host Bob Schieffer repeated the question, Panetta said, "If the Israelis made that decision, we would have to be prepared to protect our forces in that situation. And that's what we'd be concerned about" (IPSNews, 1 Feb, 2012).

Iran Threatens ‘Crushing Response’ If Attacked: Iran heats up tensions and warns Israel of a "crushing response to Israel’s slightest move.” The Obama administration has been jaw-boning in the media against a military strike, claiming that harsh sanctions against Iran are working and that Israel should wait. the dilemma for Israel is that most military and intelligence officials warn that postponing military action will close the “window of opportunity” as Iran continues to race ahead towards nuclear capability, especially at its underground nuclear facilities (INN, 2/19/2012).

WikiLeaks: Russia Gave Israel Codes for Iran’s Missiles: Russia gave Israel codes for breaking Iran’s missile defense system in return for codes of UAVs Israel sold to Georgia, WikiLeaks claims (Israel National News, 2/29/2012).

Now, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia have repeatedly urged the US to attack Iran to destroy its nuclear program to stop Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon. Leaders of the Arab World are downright frightened by the reality that Iran will cross the nuclear threshold, Bahrain's King Hamad: "That program must be stopped. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia calling for America to "cut off the head of the snake" (Wikileaks...). UAE Ambassador: Bombing Iran Is Better than Iran Getting a Nuke (Washington Times). We didn't need leaks to know what Iran has been saying about Israel and the US, but we needed them to know what leaders of the ME are saying in secret to the US about Iran.

"...The Arabs hate Israel just as much as they hate Iran. Which is why they want Israel to strike Iran’s nuke facilities—that way Israel gets all the retaliation from Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria - and Iran loses its key to regional hegemony. It’s a win-win for the Arabs. (comment by "G8 Diplomat" to: Iran to Surge to a Hegemonic Position in the Middle East Without a Major War," Free Republic).

For the rulers of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Spring's primary result has been a shaking of the strategic foundation and alignments that have shaped Saudi regional policy since the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The Saudis had previously believed that they were the leaders, with U.S. backing, of a united Sunni coalition against Shiite Iran. Now its partners have fallen by the wayside - Egypt appears to be dropping out, Bahrain is threatened, and the U.S. is wobbly... (Joshua Teitelbaum).

Almost all Arab neighbors have a hostile relationship with the Islamic Republic. Saudi Arabia suspects Iran of stirring up the Shiite minority in its eastern provinces. The Arab emirates accuse Iran of occupying three islands in the Persian Gulf. Jordanian King Abdullah II warned against the establishment of a "Shiite crescent" between Iran and Lebanon. And Kuwait, fearing the Iranians, installed the Patriot air defense missile system (Der Spiegel). Saudi Bid to Curb Iran Worries U.S...Fears sectarian tensions will grip the Arab world (WSJ).

Video: Assad Starving Children to Death: Amb. Prosor told the UN Syrian children are starving to death. "They look out at the camera with pleading eyes – desperate for help." Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor told the United Nations Monday that Syrian children are dying from famine but that "they are not the tragic fatalities of a famine. They are not the accidental casualties of war. They are the deliberate targets of a brutal regime that will commit any crime and cross any line to cling to power."

"Today I recall the images of infants and young children from the Baba Amr neighborhood of Hom," Ambassador Prosor stated. "They are injured, covered in bandages and terrified beyond belief… These children are trying to reach out to the world. They are asking the world to lend a hand.

"No decent human being can ignore pictures like this…. These pictures of helplessness in the face of death serve as a moral call to every person and every nation in the world. Nowhere is that call more clear than here at the United Nations."

Russia and China have balked at efforts by Western countries to censure Syria and authorize harsh international sanctions to try to end the massive death toll, which has reached at least 7,000. Tens of thousands of others have been wounded (INN, 2/15/2012).

Iranian Ships Disrupt Syrian Opposition Communication: Egyptian security sources and members of the Syrian opposition are claiming that the two Iranian ships docked off the Syrian coast are equipped with "military communications jamming devices that are disrupting communications made by the Syrian opposition via satellite," London-based Asharq al-Awsat reported Monday (Ynet News, 02.20.12).

Inside Free Syria: Poorly armed, lacking in allies, and against all odds, an insurgency seeks to topple the Assad dictatorship.

Together with army deserters, Salafi Islamist fighters are prominent among the FSA men in Binnish. They are nearly all Sunni Arabs.

One of the commanders in Sarmin, Lt. Bilal Khaibar, 25, is a seven-year veteran of Assad's airborne forces. His unit was deployed in the south in the early months of the uprising. They were told that armed Israelis had crossed the border and that they were to engage them. On closing with the "enemy," they discovered unarmed Syrian civilians.

The troops were accompanied by non-Arabic-speaking men, who Bilal later discovered were Iranians. These men were responsible for the execution of a brother officer who refused to fire on civilians in the Daraa area. Khaibar joined the Free Syrian Army days after the killing of his friend.

FSA officer, Captain Ayham al-Kurdi's assessment of the strategic reality facing the Syrian revolution was grim: “If there is no international or Arab intervention,” he made clear, “this situation could continue for years.”

The revolution has powerful enemies. The captain counted them on his hands, and the reasons for their enmity to the insurgency against Assad. First, Iran: “The Syrian revolution,” said Kurdi, “was a shock for the Iranian project. The Iranians want to control the region—Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, the Gulf. The Syrian revolution came to break this dream. So it is natural for the Iranians to help Assad.”

But together with the Iranians, there were their Lebanese clients, Hezbollah, and beyond this Russia and China, looming and impervious. “A great Arabic and international movement” is what Captain Kurdi wants to counteract this (Weekly Standard).

"Obama and the world will watch Assad commit a holocaust against the unarmed Syrian Sunnis,.." (Mark Langfan). - in order to avoid a larger conflict with Russia?

Clinton: Arming Syrian Rebels is Supporting Al Qaeda:
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rejects arming rebels in Syria, says that would mean supporting terror groups. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned against the United States arming rebels in Syria, saying such a move could inadvertently lead to support for the Al Qaeda and Hamas terror groups.

reported that senior leaders of both groups, which Washington classifies as terrorist organizations, have expressed their support for the Syrian rebels who have taken up arms against the regime of embattled President Bashar Assad.

The French news agency quoted Clinton as having told CBS News in an interview from Morocco on Sunday, “We really don’t know who it is that would be armed.”

Clinton noted that Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri has expressed support for the Syrian rebels and added, “Are we supporting Al Qaeda in Syria? Hamas is now supporting the opposition. Are we supporting Hamas in Syria?” (INN, 2/28/2012).

HRW: Syrian opposition kidnapped, tortured, executed loyalists: Syria’s armed opposition is involved in abductions, both for ransom and for political reasons, and the torture and execution of prisoners, Human Rights Watch said in a statement. The group calls on the opposition to stop such atrocities.

The rights group condemnedthe tactics used by groups pledging alliance to the antigovernment movement in the country. “Opposition leaders should make it clear to their followers that they must not torture, kidnap, or execute under any circumstances,” the group’s Middle East Director Sarah Leah Whitson said.

HRW has documented a number of abuses by the armed opposition in Syria – both formally related to the Free Syrian Army and those working independently. Those include kidnapping of loyalist security forces, officials, members of the paramilitary movement Shabeeha and civilians, use of torture and execution of prisoners.

In some cases the violence is motivated not by political antagonism, but rather sectarian divide, with a predominantly Sunni opposition targeting Shiite and Alawite populations. In many of the kidnapping cases reported to HRW the perpetrators extorted money or weapons from relatives of their victims. People held by the opposition groups are routinely subjected to torture, either to put leverage on their families or to extract confessions, HRW suspects (20 March, 2012).

Syria's Opposition Wants More Arms: Until now, Saudi Arabia is believed to be the main supplier of weapons to the opposition. But Syria watchers believe more are on the way. On Friday, the Turkish foreign minister met with the Syrian opposition with the discussion of arms supplies on the table. There have also been reports of organizations on the U.S. terrorist list such as al-Qaida and Hamas lending support to the opposition (VOA News, March 2, 2012).

Obama's foreign policy: Appeasing the Islamic Nation: "I have come here to seek a new beginning between the US and Muslims around the world;.." (Cairo, 2009). Obama supported the rebels in Libya, US troops joined al Qaeda --"Al Qaeda snatched missiles in Libya" - The "rebels" that Obama secretly armed, sold Hizballah and Hamas chemical shells.

Iran is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the unrest in Bahrain, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Syria, etc., Neither will Obama support an attack on Iran nor will he meddle in Iranian affairs (See Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs).

In the massacre which Hafez al-Assad’s regime performed against the Sunni Muslim population in Hama June 25, 1980, 20.000 people died. This was his answer to the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans of an attempted coup against the ruling Shia oriented Alawites.

The regimes in the Middle East have for years tried to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from entering authorities. The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most extreme Islamist movements in the region and is the parent organization of Hamas and al Qaeda. The totalitarian regimes’ capability to keep them away from power, has been one of the most important contributions to the relative political stability in the Middle East (Dr. Michal Rachel Suissa).

Dubai Police Chief: Islamists Plotting Against Gulf: Dubai's police chief charged this week that Islamist forces that gained power in the Arab Spring are "plotting to take over" Gulf states. Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan singled out the Muslim Brotherhood, saying the group has a specific plan to take over Gulf regimes by 2016 (INN, 3/27/2012).

Ethnic Cleansing of Syrian Christians Syria's Orthodox Christian Church reports "ongoing ethnic cleansing of Christians" by al-Qaeda-linked Islamist militant groups in the Syrian city of Homs. The Vatican news agency Fides says Brigade Faruq, which has links with al-Qaeda in Iraq and Islamist mercenaries from Libya, has expelled 90% of Christians living in Homs, nearly 50,000 people.

Reportedly, the armed Islamists went door to door in the Christian neighborhoods, informing homeowners that if they did not leave immediately they would be shot. Barnabas Aid, a relief agency assisting Syrian Christians, reported that in February armed Islamists murdered more than 200 Christians, "including entire families with young children" (Front Page Magazine).

Op-Ed: Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood: Strange Bedfellows? The alliance between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood is the cornerstone of Obama’s New Middle East policy. His friendship with Erdogan is part of this policy (INN, February 27, 2012).

"Obama has decidedly moved from an alliance with Israel to an alliance with the Islamists" (Ted Belman).

Op-Ed: The Obama Domino Doctrine: Pro-Iran/Anti-Saudi: Obama has his own Domino Doctrine for the Muslim world. As a consequence of this doctrine, Obama’s Iranian Nuclear policy can be summed up as "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" and Saudi Arabia is in even more danger than Israel (INN, February 28, 2012).

In a WikiLeaks leaked cable from April 2009, U.S. Ambassador to Jordan R. Stephen Beecroft, reported a clear warning from Abdullah, who cautioned that if the Arabs believe that the U.S. was appeasing Iran at their expense, "that engagement will set off a stampede of Arab states looking to get ahead of the curve and reach their own separate peace with Tehran" (Jordan Slouching Toward Tehran, JPost). "...if Muslim states become united, no Islamic country will come under threat" (Jordan's King Abdullah backs Iran's nuke rights, Manilla Times).

The United States is shown to have opened the door for Iran's rise as the dominant Middle East power. (WikiLeaks shows US did not stop Iran using Iraq to spread its power: DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis October 23, 2010).

Hamas, Hizbullah Helping Iran in Yemen : Lebanon's Hizbullah and Hamas are helping their backers in Shia Iran by working with Shia Muslim rebels in northern Yemen and secessionists in the country's south, the U.S. envoy to Yemen, Gerald Feierstein, told the pan-Arab daily Al Hayat on Sunday. "The Iranians want to build influence in Yemen...both internally and more broadly in the region by establishing a foothold in the Arabian Peninsula," Feierstein said. "It's something that's naturally regarded as a security threat to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC states." "There is evidence that Hizbullah and Hamas support this Iranian effort. We are aware of a southern Yemeni presence in Beirut that has been used as a conduit for Iranian support for obstructions in southern Yemen," he said (Reuters-Gulf Times-Qatar).

Saudis sending arms to Syrian rebels through Jordan: A diplomat in Dubai told AFP that Saudi Arabia was making large arms deliveries to Syrian rebel forces for the first time through Jordan. DEBKAfile: The rift between the Saudi-led anti-Iran Gulf block and the Iran-led alliance of Syria, Hizballah and Hamas is widening. Before releasing the information, Riyadh must have promised Jordan a military-aerial umbrella against Syrian reprisals. A clash near the Jordanian-Israeli-Lebanese borders cannot be ruled out. The Saudis are acting in anger against US non-intervention to stop Assad’s crackdown and Turkey’s all-talk, no-action stance. Finally, the Saudi rulers were moved to offset the Iranian arms airlift to Syria via Iraq (March 17, 2012).

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report: Iran threatens Hormuz and world oil after trade links cutoff: Ali Falahian, Iran’s senior spokesman on sanctions, said Sunday, March 18: "I suggest that the West take seriously our threat to close the Strait of Hormuz." This was Tehran’s first response to the SWIFT decision to sever ties with Iranian banks.

Four US and French nuclear aircraft carriers and a large fleet of minesweepers stand by on both sides of the Strait of Hormuz, through which 17 percent of the world’s daily oil supply passes, and Israeli naval vessels are deployed in the Red Sea. Tehran has threatened to drop sea mines in the strategic strait and/or the approaches to the huge Saudi Ras Tanura oil export terminal. After its foremost ally, Bashar Assad, proved his ability to survive largely with the help of abundant Iranian help, Tehran is unlikely to let this achievement be marred by a US and European economic stranglehold (March 18, 2012).

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report: Assad ready to unleash missiles to pre-empt military intervention: The Middle East has unknowingly been living for ten days under threat of a regional war, which DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose was delivered by Syrian president Bashar Assad to UN-Arab League peace envoy Kofi Annan Saturday, March 10. Assad warned him that Syrian missiles would reach any countries preparing for military intervention in Syria before they moved. DEBKAfile: Four European naval and air forces stand ready to seal off security zones in Syria against Assad’s troops and planes.

Russian Black Sea headquarters at Sevastopol announced Monday that two Russian naval vessels had put into the Syrian port of Tartus: One carried a unit of "anti-terrorist marines" and the other was a military tanker which joined a Russian naval reconnaissance and surveillance ship already tied up in Tartus (March 19, 2012).

The Prophets Ezekiel 38:21, Zechariah 14:13 and Haggai 2:22 teaches that the downfall of the nations will come about when tumult breaks out among the forces of Gog and Magog, who will fight "each against his brother".

Refugees Say Neighbor Shoots Neighbor in Syrian Crackdown: Sunni Muslims who have fled Syria described a government crackdown that is more pervasive and more sectarian than previously understood. Syrian Sunni refugees living in the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon said they saw the military give out rifles to residents of neighboring Alawite villages and that their neighbors then opened fire on them. The refugees' firsthand accounts painted a picture of a section of western Syria that is more thoroughly under siege - and perhaps more widely in revolt - than has previously been depicted (New York Times, March 28, 2012).

Video Shows Syrian Soldiers Burying Rebel Alive: Gruesome footage appears to show Assad loyalists burying a man alive. BBC not sure it is genuine. A video uploaded to the internet's YouTube service appears to show a group of Syrian soldiers loyal to President Bashar Assad burying a man who is alive, as he pleads for mercy.

The soldiers
accused the man of carrying a camera in order to shoot video of Assad's forces and transfer the video to television networks. The men are seen standing around a hole that has been dug in the ground. The man is inside the hole and the soldiers are pointing their guns at him. One of the soldiers tells his commander: "Yes sir, we put him there as you ordered." The commander asks: "Did you find anything on this cursed animal?"

The soldiers are later seen pouring dirt on the man's head as he cries. After they finish covering his head they taunt him: "Say there is no G-d except Bashar, you animal." The man says "There is no G-d except Allah" (INN, 4/26/2012).

Russia's Lavrov Warns Against Arming Syrian Opposition: Russia’s foreign minister warned other nations against arm thein Syrian opposition, saying it would only escalate hostilities. Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, warned other nations again on Wednesday not to arm the Syrian opposition, saying it would only escalate hostilities. Speaking during a trip to Azerbaijan, Lavrov was quoted by The Associated Press as having said the Syrian opposition wouldn’t be able to overwhelm government forces even if it was supplied with weapons from abroad.

Lavrov, according to AP, warned that a foreign military intervention would lead to even more disastrous consequences for Syria, where President Bashar Assad’s forces have violently cracked down on a yearlong uprising in which more than 9,000 people have died. “Even if they arm the Syrian opposition to the teeth, it won’t be able to defeat the Syrian army," he said. “The carnage will go on for many years.”

Saudi Arabia and Qatar have backed the idea of arming the opposition but the West remains opposed. Western nations moved instead to create a fund for the rebels at a meeting in Istanbul.

Russia, along with China, twice vetoed United Nations Security Council resolutions on Syria, but Moscow has also strongly supported UN envoy Kofi Annan’s peace plan, which gives an April 10 deadline for Syrian troops to pull out of towns and cities.
Lavrov reaffirmed on Wednesday that Assad needs to take the first step to end bloodshed, but said all international players need to back Annan’s proposals. He criticized Sunday’s meeting of the "Friends of the Syrian People" in Istanbul, saying it sent signals to the opposition that would undermine Annan’s plan (INN, 4/5/2012).

U.S. Joins Effort to Equip and Pay Rebels in Syria : The U.S. and dozens of other countries moved closer on Sunday to direct intervention in the fighting in Syria, with Arab nations pledging $100 million to pay fighters of the Free Syrian Army and the Obama administration agreeing to send communications equipment to help rebels organize and evade Syria's military. The moves reflected a growing consensus among the officials who met in Istanbul under the rubric "Friends of Syria," that mediation efforts by UN peace envoy Kofi Annan were failing and that more forceful action was needed. At the conference, Secretary of State Clinton said that Assad had defied Annan's efforts to broker an end to the fighting and begin a political transition. "The world must judge Assad by what he does, not by what he says...and we cannot sit back and wait any longer" (New York Times).

Iran Worried Over US Missile Shield: Iran has "advised" neighboring Arab states to reject a US missile shield project that would protect them from Tehran's missiles. Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi on Wednesday “advised” neighboring Arab states in the Gulf not to adopt a missile shield project being promoted by the United States.


“From the start we have rejected such a project, which is contrary to regional security, and we advise our friends to not take part in such a game,” Vahidi told reporters. “The anti-missile shield in the Persian Gulf is an American-Zionist project and anybody who goes into that project will be playing the game of the Americans and Israel,” he said (INN, 4/4/2012).


Erdogan, in Iran, Says NATO Radar Could Be Dismantled If Needed : Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan gave assurances during a visit to Tehran on Thursday that a U.S. radar deployed in Turkey as part of a NATO missile defense system could be dismantled if Turkish conditions are not respected. Turkey insisted that no country be named as a source of threat and that data collected by the radar not be shared with Israel (Sunday's Zaman-Turkey).

Iran says could hit U.S. if it came under attack-paper:
The United States would not be safe from retaliation if Iran is attacked by Washington, the Iran newspaper quoted a senior Revolutionary Guards commander on Tuesday as saying. “In the face of any attack, we will have a crushing response. In that case, we will not only act in the boundaries of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, no place in America will be safe from our attacks,” Massoud Jazayeri was quoted as saying by the daily. Iran would not strike any country first, he said.


“America, the Zionists and reactionary Arabs should pay attention that we will seriously confront them wherever the Islamic Republic’s interests are threatened,” Jazayeri said, according to Iran daily. Iranian officials have warned that the Islamic Republic’s response to any military strike would be painful and has said it could close the oil shipping thoroughfare the Strait of Hormuz (Euro News, 03.04.12).

Clinton Warns Iran: Time Isn't Infinite for Diplomacy: U.S. Secretary of State Clinton warns Iran: Time is not “infinite” for diplomacy, “all options remain on the table”.  AFP noted that Clinton had earlier said that the talks between Iran and six world powers -- Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States -- would begin on April 13 in Istanbul. However, Iran said Tuesday that it objected to holding the talks in Turkey, which cut imports of oil from Iran in response to U.S. threats of sanctions. Iraq's foreign ministry has said that Iran has formally requested that Baghdad hold the April 13-14 negotiations   (INN, 4/5/2012).

"The fact that the interested parties can't even agree on a venue is an inauspicious sign about their ability to reach a nuclear agreement,.." (Karim Sadjadpour, NYT). Destruction, for Iran's rulers, is an inducement, not a deterrent. Iran's current rulers believe that by provoking a conflagration, they would try to make their Mahdi return (Is the Iranian Regime Rational? by Harold Rhode, Gatestone Institute).

"The leaders of the Islamic regime have long prepared for a confrontation with the US. Iranian assets have successfully infiltrated deep within the West, from Europe to New York. With the current Arab Spring, Hizbullah have expanded their operations. Their mission is to help create an Islam-dominated world. The Iranian Quds Forces along with Hezbollah cells have a large presence in Latin America; Venezuela, Mexico
Suicide bombers poised to strike U.S., Iran warns by Reza Kahlili (Daily Caller).