"No war is successful unless the seed of Esau has a share in it" (The Talmud).
"The fact that our enemies tried to destroy the Torah, which is indestructible, must make us realize... the Torah is our not so secret weapon against the forces of darkness that rise against us in every generation. And in every generation it is the Holy One blessed be He who delivers us from their hands" (Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe).

Iran prepared to counter any threat: Tehran – The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Commander, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said that Iran is prepared to counter any aggression or threat.
According to IRNA, speaking at the beginning of the main phase of Martyrs of Unity military drills by IRGC ground forces, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said that we are prepared to counter even in case the enemy merely thinks about threatening Iran.

He termed Martyrs of Unity military drills as an exercise for tactics related to an asymmetrical warfare aimed at preventing the enemy’s progress in vital and important areas (Radio Islam, Iran, Monday, 09 January 2012). Really, any threat? The Myth of Mahdi and Jesus is Defeating Iran

Iran condemns Zionist regime attempt to declare holy Qods as its capital: Tehran – Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian on Sunday condemned the Zionist regime for declaring holy Qods as its capital.

According to IRNA, in a meeting with Representative of Hamas government Khaled Qaddoumi, he renewed support of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the Palestinian people and its democratically elected government.
The two officials reviewed the latest developments in Palestine and the Middle East in light of the Islamic Awakening movements in the region. Amir Abdollahian said that new political and security arrangements are emerging in light of the Islamic Awakening movements which will drive the Zionist regime to isolation (Radio Islam, Iran, Sunday, 08 January 2012).

Iranian Parliament Condemns Attempts to Judaize al-Quds: “The Zionist regime, which has never shown commitment to international conventions on human rights, is seeking to gradually occupy all the Palestinian territories and commit ethnic cleansing against the region's people through making such a decision (the Judaization of al-Quds),” the statement read (Al Manar, 10.01.2012).

There is archeological and historical evidence of deep Jewish roots in Jerusalem dating back at least 3,000 years   - so how dare Iran or Haniye to blame the Jews for 'Judaization' of Jerusalem or condeming them for declaring Jerusalem as its capital?

Temple Menorah Stamp Affirms Jewish Claim to Land:
Just two weeks after a Temple era seal was displayed to the public, archeologists continue to dig up breathtaking proofs of the ancient and never-severed connection between Jews and the Land of Israel. Like a historic seal of approval to Jews' claims to their Land, a 1,500 year old stamp with Menorah is found in Akko.

The stamp was used to identify baked products and probably belonged to a bakery that supplied kosher bread to the Jews of Akko in the Byzantine period (6th century CE). The Temple Menorah, being a Jewish symbol par excellence, indicates the stamps belonged to Jews, unlike Christian bread stamps with the cross pattern which were much more common in the Byzantine period.” There were no Muslims in the region at the time — because the Quran had not yet been written.

Cyrus, was king of Persia. He was "annointed" by God to carry out his mission of enabling the building of the 2nd Temple, which was destroyed by the Romans (Qur'an, Al-Isra; Surah 17:7).

Ezra 1:1-3 "And in the first year of Cyrus, the king of Persia, at the completion of the word of the Lord from the mouth of Jeremiah, the Lord aroused the Spirit of Cyrus, the king of Persia, and he issued a proclamation throughout his kingdom, and also in writing, saying:


So said Cyrus, the king of Persia, 'All the kingdoms of the earth the Lord God of the heavens delivered to me, and He commanded me to build Him a House in Jerusalem, which is in Judea.


Who is among you of all His people, may his God be with him, and he may ascend to Jerusalem, which is in Judea, and let him build the House of the Lord, God of Israel; He is the God Who is in Jerusalem."


The Prophets Isaiah (44:28, 45:1), and Daniel (9:25) prophesied about king Cyrus-that he would enable the building of the 2nd Temple -- "I will strengthen you (Cyrus) although you have not known Me. In order that they know from the shining of the sun and from the west that there is no one besides Me; I am the Lord and there is no other" (Isaiah 45:5-6).


When the final redeemer comes, the Third Temple will be built, and the kingdom, which shall stand forever (Daniel 2:44, 2:35, Ch 7): "...for out of Zion shall the Torah come forth, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem" (Isaiah 2:3, Michah 4:2). And the whole world shall be full of knowledge of the Lord (Isaiah 11:9, Habakkuk 2:11,13-14, I Samuel 17:49, Daniel 2:35).

Assad Tells ABC: 'We Don't Kill Our People':
Syrian President Assad tells ABC's Barbara Walters, "No government in the world [would] kill its people unless it's led by a crazy person." Assad utterly denied any responsibility for the deaths thousands of Syrians who have allegedly been killed -- including many who reportedly were tortured in detention by government forces. The brutal government crackdown carried out against civilian protesters across the country since March, he said, has been carried out by "individuals" -- not his government (INN,  12/7/2011). 


Assad has said that the current crisis in Syria is related to a Muslim Brotherhood uprising in the city of Hama in 1982, in which his father, former President Hafez Assad, killed many thousands. “We’ve been fighting the Muslim Brotherhood since the 1950s and we are still fighting with them,” Assad said, ( Assad: Western Intervention Will Cause an Earthquake , INN, 10/30/2011). Hama is one of the main Sunni opposition centers.

Dozens of Bodies Dumped in the Streets of Homs, Syria: Dozens of bodies were dumped in the streets of the Syrian city of Homs on Tuesday after up to 50 people were killed on Monday. 34 were shot execution-style, their bodies dumped in a public square. Activist Mohamed Saleh said all were from the predominantly Sunni district of Jabb al-Jandali. He said Alawite gunmen had raided the district after an Alawite was found dead earlier (AP, Herald Zeitung, Dec. 8, 2011,  Explosion hits Syrian pipeline near restive city).

Photographs from Inside the Besieged Syrian City of Homs:   (24 November 2011, Guardian-UK). French Photographer Tries Not to Be Caught by Assad's Security Forces : These extraordinary images by French photographer Mani show rebel fighters of the Free Syrian Army, night-time demonstrations, the funerals of victims, and the anger and defiance of ordinary Syrians facing violent state repression. One of the worst situations, said Mani, was that people injured by the security forces must be treated in secret. "When I was in Homs (a mostly Sunni city), there were reports that some of the injured had been tortured and executed at the hospital" (25 November 2011,Guardian-UK).

Inside the Battle for Homs, Center of Resistance to Syria's Assad: A heavy machine gun was still clattering away in the pitch black as the five soldiers described how they had just deserted from the Syrian Army to join the revolution. A sixth had not made it. "We heard him screaming," said Mahmoud Ali, one of the defecting soldiers, "but we couldn't go back." They had fought their way out of their base, running under fire to reach the Bab Amr quarter of Homs. Now, people were coming out into the street to embrace them, the newest members of the Free Syrian Army.


Earlier that day they were ordered to fire on unarmed protesters in the streets of Homs. "They gave us the order to shoot on the demonstrators," said Ahmed Daleti. "So we said 'No,' these people are peaceful. They just want freedom. We are all one people, one blood - we couldn't just shoot them."


We had entered Syria from Lebanon with men running guns to what is a growing insurgency. Arriving in Bab Amr, we saw members of the Free Army on street corners with heavy machine guns and rocket propelled grenades. Lt. Waleed al Abdullah, one of the Free Army leaders in Homs, said that the regime would quickly crumble if there was a no-fly zone in Syria, just like the one NATO imposed over Libya. "70% of the army are ready to defect," he said. "Whole brigades with their officers; even the Special Forces."  (Telegraph-UK, 26 Nov 2011).


CONSPIRACY THEORY: Assad had described the uprising as a foreign conspiracy to sow sectarian strife. His opponents argue that the president has been playing on sectarian fears to maintain Alawite support and keep in power his family, which has ruled Syria with an iron fist for 41 years. Once courted by the West as a possible moderate in the region, is becoming increasingly isolated internationally, with only Iran keeping up its support.


Qatar was a major backer of Syria until protests broke out in March, but relations deteriorated when Sunni Muslims began to be killed by Assad's security forces, whose leaders, like the president, belong to the minority Alawite sect (Assad loyalists kill 10 in attacks in Homs, Reuters, Mon Jul 18, 2011).


Mass Rally in Lebanon Denounces Syria, Hizbullah: Tens of thousands of supporters of Lebanon's anti-Syrian opposition gathered in the Sunni stronghold of Tripoli on Sunday to denounce the regime in Damascus and its Shiite ally Hizbullah. The rally was organized by the Future Movement, the main opposition party headed by ex-premier Saad Hariri, to mark the 68th anniversary of Lebanon's independence (AFP, Nov 27, 2011).


Syria Rebels: Assad Regime Recruiting Iranian, Hizbullah Mercenaries: The Syrian regime is beginning to lose control over its security forces, dozens of Syrian army deserters find refuge in Jordan. and is thus forced to hire mercenaries from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, Free Syrian Army spokesman Ammar al-Wawi told Asharq Alawsat on Sunday. The mercenaries include members of Iraqi Shiite militias, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hizbullah, and are being deployed in military operations against rebel (Ha'aretz, 27.11.11). Iraq's Muqtada al-Sadr, the well-known anti-American Shiite clericis Sending Fighters to Prop Up Assad Regime: (International Business Times-UK, November 23, 2011).

Clinton Meets with Syria Opposition: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met in Geneva with leading members of Syria's opposition Tuesday in the most high-profile encounter to date between the opposition and the Obama administration. A senior State Department official said Clinton deemed the Syrian National Council a "leading and legitimate representative of Syrians seeking a peaceful democratic transition." Council leaders had previously met with Clinton's counterparts in Britain, France and Germany (Washington Post).

UN Report Documents Syria's Crimes Against Protesters: The UN ratcheted up international pressure on the Syrian government Monday with the release of a report that documents the torture and killing of civilians by state security forces. The Independent International Commission on Syria documents evidence that high-ranking officers issued orders to shoot at civilian residences and unarmed protesters. It also records evidence of systemic torture and the killing of hundreds of children.  (Washington Post, Nov. 28, 2011). Syria: Security Forces Have Killed 256 Children Since Start of Protests: (Telegraph-UK, Nov. 28, 2011).

Op-Ed: MIDEAST NOTES: Overviewing Shi'a-Sunni Conflicts: A country-by-country survey and predictive analysis of areas where there are significant Shi’a-Sunni divides in the population. A must read to understand the turmoil in the Arab world (December 02, 2011).


Tuesday attacks on Afghan Shi'ites killed 80 – Karzai: Some 80 people died in Tuesday's bomb attacks on Shi'ite Muslim ceremonies in Afghanistan, far higher than the previously reported number, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Sunday. the attacks last week are the first tainted with sectarianism, and have raised fears among some that more violence between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims is to come.


Such attacks are common in Pakistan and Iraq, but despite Afghanistan's decades of war and ethnic tensions, the country has not suffered large-scale attacks on the minority Shi'ites since the fall of the Taliban (Reuters, Sun Dec 11, 2011).


Arab Spring Is Really About the Revenge of the Sunnis: Through the bullet and the ballot box, Shiite parties have risen to power from Baghdad to Beirut - thereby extending Iran's reach into the heart of the Arab world. But as a popular - and now military - uprising in Syria becomes more powerful, the Shiite ascendancy is coming to an end. Having greatly damaged the Sunni front by sweeping away Mubarak, the "Arab Spring" is now greatly helping it by weakening the Assad regime in Syria.


For Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies, the purpose of overthrowing Assad is to break the "Shiite crescent": bringing Damascus under Sunni rule, repudiating its alliance with Iran, and cutting off Hizbullah from its logistic base in Syria, thereby allowing Lebanon's Sunnis to regain power along with their Christian allies. (Foreign Policy, Dec. 7, 2011).


Bahrain Charges Syria With Stirring Unrest: Bahrain's King Hamad says Iran's key ally Syria is training the opposition leaders and provocateurs who are stoking unrest in his domain. Syria is dominated by President Bashar al-Assad's Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam, and is allied with Shiite Iran, long blamed by Bahrain for stirring trouble among its majority Shiite population (INN, 12/13/2011).

Syria: Sunnis Threatening to Massacre Minority Alawites: As the ethnic tension in Syria rises, the Sunnis are threatening to massacre the minority Alawites. Mamoun al-Homsy, a former Syrian MP and one of the country’s opposition leaders, has reportedly recently distributed a recorded message to the Alawite community in Syria, in which he warns its members against supporting Assad.


In the message, al-Homsy called on the Alawites to immediately renounce Assad, warning them that if they do not do so, “Syria will become the graveyard of the Alawites.” He also stressed that Syria’s Sunni Muslims “will not remain silent” over Assad’s crimes, adding that they intend to abide by the rule of “an eye for an eye” and will “teach you (Alawites) a lesson that you will not forget.”


Meanwhile, the Lebanese-based As-Safir newspaper has reported that the U.S. government is well aware of the danger of widespread revenge against the Alawite minority in Syria after the expected downfall of the Assad regime (INN: 12/23/2011).


Iraq explosions kill 63, injure 185: A series of coordinated explosions in Baghdad Thursday killed at least 63 people and injured 185 others, days after U.S. troops pulled out, officials said. The explosions -- four car bombs and 10 roadside bombs -- struck markets, grocery stores, schools and government buildings in a dozen neighborhoods in central and eastern Baghdad within 2 hours of one another during morning rush hour, police officials said.


The New York Times reported there had been no immediate claim of responsibility but the attacks resembled those of al-Qaida in Iraq, which has attempted to reignite sectarian war in Iraq by pitting Sunnis and Shiites against each other (INN, Dec. 22, 2011).

How to Save Iraq From Civil War: America’s unconditional support for Mr. Maliki is pushing Iraq down the path to civil war. IRAQ today stands on the brink of disaster. President Obama kept his campaign pledge to end the war here, but it has not ended the way anyone in Washington wanted. The prize, for which so many American soldiers believed they were fighting, was a functioning democratic and nonsectarian state. But Iraq is now moving in the opposite direction — toward a sectarian autocracy that carries with it the threat of devastating civil war.

After Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. urged all parties to maintain a unity government on Dec. 16, Mr. Maliki threatened to form a government that completely excluded Iraqiya and other opposition voices. Meanwhile, Mr. Maliki is welcoming into the political process the Iranian-sponsored Shiite militia group Asaib Ahl al-Haq, whose leaders kidnapped and killed five American soldiers and murdered four British hostages in 2007  (NYT, December 27, 2011).

Report: U.S. to Sell F-15 Jets to Saudis: The Obama administration is poised to announce the sale of nearly $30 million worth of F-15 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia. According to the officials, the deal will send 84 new fighter jets and upgrades for 70 more for a total of $29.4 billion. (INN, 12/29/2011).


The agreement is part of a $60 billion arms deal covering 10-15 years which was approved by Congress last year. The sale was formally announced on Thursday from Hawaii, where President Barack Obama is on holiday. White House deputy spokesman Josh Earnest said the deal would support more than 50,000 American jobs at a time of high unemployment.


Meanwhile in Washington, senior state department official Andrew Shapiro was quoted as having said the deal would send “a strong message to countries in the region that the United States is committed to stability in the Gulf and broader Middle East.” “It will enhance Saudi Arabia’s ability to deter and defend against external threats to its sovereignty,” he added. (INN, 12/30/2011, U.S. Confirms Sale of F-15 Jets to Saudi Arabia).

Iran President Ahmadinejad condemns US banking sanctions: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has hit back at the US, after Washington introduced new sanctions against Iran's central bank. Mr Ahmadinejad said the bank was strong enough to defeat "enemy plans". The sanctions - which cut off from the US financial system foreign firms that do business with the central bank - are part of a defence bill signed by President Barack Obama on Saturday (BBC, 1 Jan, 2012).


Foreign observers to join Iran's naval exercise in Strait of Hormuz: Observers from Iran's allies are to join the naval exercise underway in the Strait of Hormuz, southern Iran. The drill's spokesman Rear Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi said Monday foreign observers from Iranian allies and friendly countries are to watch rescue and surveillance operations and Iranian Navy's confrontation against pirates during the drill. (Global Security, 01-02-2012). North Korea, China, Russia, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon,Tunisia?

Russia has relatively close ties with Iran and built its first nuclear power station in the southern city of Bushehr. Moscow has also delivered the nuclear fuel for the reactor
( Iran Has No Long-Range Missiles: Defense News, 3 Jan 2012).

Iran Warns USS John C. Stennis: Don't Come Back: "We recommend ... to the American warship that passed through the Strait of Hormuz… not to return to the Persian Gulf." Iran taunted the United States Tuesday with a statement by its army chief, warning an American aircraft carrier not to return to the Persian Gulf.

Gen. Ataollah Salehi spoke as a 10-day Iranian naval exercise ended Tuesday.
The official IRNAnews agency quoted Salehi as saying: "We recommend ... to the American warship that passed through the Strait of Hormuz and went on to the Gulf of Oman, not to return to the Persian Gulf… since we are not in the habit of repeating a warning and we warn only once.” He added, “Our actions in the sea are neither passive nor aggressive, but are rather aimed at training in free waters and safeguarding the interests of Iran and Islamic countries" (INN, 1/3/2012).

US Unimpressed by Iranian Bombast: The US responded to Iran's threats that the USS John C Stennis should not return to the Gulf saying US deployment plans remain unchanged. “The deployment of US military assets in the Persian Gulf region will continue as it has for decades,” Pentagon spokesman George Little said in a statement. A US Navy spokesman in an email to reporters on Tuesday said "The United States is committed to ensuring the safe flow of maritime traffic in waterways critical to global commerce."

Iran has threatened to respond to Western sanctions over its controversial nuclear program by threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, through which 40% of the word's oil supplies flow. The Bahrain-based US Fifth Fleet warned Iran in response that any move to close the strait would be regarded as "an act of war."

The United States currently has three aircraft carrier groups within striking range of the Strait of Hormuz, as well as elements of the Fifth Fleet still in the Persian Gulf. Military analysts say a direct confrontation between Iran and the United States would likely be swift, painful, and one-sided - in America's favor. In addition to the asymmetrical strategic and logistical advantage the US possesses over Iran, it would likely be joined by its Gulf allies - who would provide forward airbases for additional US air and missile forces to operate from (INN, 1/3/2012).

Iran: Foreign Warships Will Need Iran's Permission to Pass through Strait of Hormuz : All foreign warships will soon be unable to pass through the Strait of Hormuz unless they first receive permission from the Iranian Navy, Iranian parliamentarian Nader Qazipour told the Fars News Agency (Fars-Iran, 2012-01-03).


Tehran's hopes of provoking global economy and oil shortages may be exaggerated. By March, Arab exporters will be using pipelines connecting them with the Arabian Sea through the emirate of Fujairah, bypassing Hormuz. World oil stockpiles, now at the highest level ever, could be released to prevent sharp price rises. Also, Russia, Norway and Angola have plans for more production in 2012 ( Iran's Self-Defeating Saber-Rattling - New York Post).


US Army seeks to increase joint training with IDF: Despite budget constraints and reports of tension between the Obama administration and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the United States Army is looking to increase cooperation with the IDF, and will hold one of the largest joint exercises in the two nations’ history in 2012, a senior American general said on Wednesday.

Lt.-Gen. Mark Hertling, commander of the US Army in Europe, told The Jerusalem Post that the two armies will hold a massive ground forces exercise in Spring 2012 called “Austere Challenge,” which will seek to increase inter-operability between the IDF and the US Army.

The drill, which is unprecedented in its size, will include the establishment of US command posts in Israel and IDF command posts at EUCOM headquarters in Germany – with the ultimate goal of establishing joint task forces for the event of a future large-scale conflict in the Middle East.

Shortly before Austere Challenge, scheduled for May, the EUCOM will also hold the Juniper Cobra missile defense exercise with the IDF, and include the Arrow 2 and Iron Dome as well as America’s THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) and the shipbased Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System. The exercise is expected to include the actual launching of interceptors from these systems (Jpost,

Analysis: Why the US is talking tough on Iran: Timing, some implications of recent remarks by US secretary of defense, chairman of Joint Chiefs send a clear message.


There is no question the Americans are escalating their rhetoric with regards to Iran. The question though is why. Dempsey’s comments to CNN were mostly a repeat of what we have heard out of the Obama administration since it came to power in 2009; it has consistently declared that “all options are on the table” when it comes to Iran. Dempsey took it a step further, thought, saying preparations for the military option “are evolving to a point that they would be executable if necessary” (JPost, 22/12/2011).

Russia opposes oil sanctions against Iran:  Russia opposes US and possible European oil sanctions against Iran, even if Tehran presses ahead with uranium enrichment which Western powers say serves military goals, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Wednesday (JPost, 11/01/2012 ). China dismisses US's Iran oil embargo: China has dismissed the new US sanction against Iran's oil sector, saying that the commercial ties with Iran are totally legitimate and should not be subject to any punishment (Press TV, Sat Jan 7, 2012).

Ros-Lehtinen Says Ahmadinejad Trip to Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador ‘Tour of Tyrants’: U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, released the following statement today on Iran’s announcement that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be traveling in January to Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Ecuador:

“Iran has been actively working for years to expand its ties and influence in the Western Hemisphere, and it has found willing partners in the region’s anti-American despots. Ahmadinejad’s upcoming ‘Tour of Tyrants’ trip illustrates his commitment to deepening those ties and expanding the Iranian threat closer to our shores.

“The partnerships between the Iranian regime and the Castro, Chavez, Ortega, and Correa dictatorships include defense cooperation and economic pacts, and various other schemes designed to increase their power and harm America.
“Iranian activity in the Western Hemisphere threatens regional security and stability. It is important that we join forces with other democracies in the region to counter and prevent further Iranian inroads in the Hemisphere and root out the threat posed by Iran, its proxies, and others who seek to do our nation harm (Dec, 28, 2011).

Since Ahmadinejad's rise to power, Tehran has been promoting an aggressive policy aimed at bolstering its ties with Latin American countries - with the declared goal of ''bringing America to its knees...'' ISRAEL: Venezuela Supplying Iran Nukes, May 26, 2009).

NATO Prepares Global War – Russian and Chinese Military on Highest Alert: At the International Security Conference (ISC) in Munich, 2007, Vladimir Putin warned western leaders, that the unprecedented aggressive expansion of NATO has brought the world more close to a third world war than it has ever been before. This stern warning came years before NATO´s aggression against Libya and it´s undeclared war in Syria and Pakistan. Following the recent deployment of US troops to Uganda, and military threats directed against Pakistan, the armed forces of NATO, Russia and China have never been as close to open and all out conflict as today.

A recent and sobering report of the Russian Intelligence Service FSB, details the fact that the USA and NATO are currently planning and actively preparing for all out war on all continents. After the recent meeting between Russian P.M. Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Huan Jintao, both Russian and Chinese military forces have been placed on highest alert
 (nsnbc, wordpress, October 24, 2011).

Selling Arms To Saudi Arabia and Turkey: The Obama Administration has recently concluded arms deals, which will send the most sophisticated military equipment, to two adversaries of the United States and Israel -- Saudi Arabia (Sunni) and Turkey (Sunni). 

These developments are occurring as the Obama Administration is actively promoting the fiction that the Muslim Brotherhood has become a moderate organization that the United States should work with. This policy is dangerous to the United States and Israel (One Jerusalem, 01.07.2012).

Hamas: Palestinian Cause Is Winning Due to Arab Spring: Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas prime minister of Gaza, said in an interview published Saturday: "The Palestinian cause is winning....With the Muslim Brotherhood part of the government [in Egypt], they [the Egyptians] will not besiege Gaza. They will not arrest Palestinians. They will not give cover to Israel to launch a war."

"Israel is in a security situation they have never been in before. The Palestinians are winning more than anybody else due to what's happening in the Arab countries" (Rebel without a state: Evgeny Lebedev meets Ismail Haniyeh, Prime Minister of Gaza , Jan, 7, 2012, Independent-UK).

Hamas' Haniyeh Meets Egypt's Brotherhood Leader: During the meeting, Haniyeh said that Hamas is the “jihadist arm” of the Muslim Brotherhood, adding that “our presence next to the Brotherhood threatens Israel and terrifies it.” Badie, according to the report, added that the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters have “always been the symbol of freedom, mainly for the Palestinians” (Israel National News, 12/27/2011).

Sunni - Shi'ite - the Christian West... Ezekiel 38:21, teaches that the downfall of (Edom; Esau-Ishmael) the nations will come about when tumult breaks out among the forces of Gog and Magog, who will fight "each against his brother" (Haggai 2:22, Zech. 14:13, 12:9, Obadiah 1:8-9, Isaiah 34).

Report: IAF Drill Above Southern Lebanon: A Lebanese newspaper reports the Israeli Air Force conducted a three-hour drill in the skies above southern Lebanon. The display was not one the usual surreptitious reconnaissance flight, according to The Daily Star, but allegedly " an unusual show of force " by at least ten warplanes. Lebanon has often complained to the United Nations about Israel's "violations" of its air space following the 2006 Second Lebanon War. However, it has continued to uphold the right of Hizbullah terrorists to bear arms , in violation of the ceasefire agreement that ended the war.

The terrorist group -- a beneficiary of Iran and Syria -- has since become an integral part of the Lebanese government and has not only replaced its weapons arsenal, but in fact has since substantially increased the number of missiles over that which existed prior to the start of the 2006 war  (INN, 1/4/2012). – In contradiction to UN Res. 1701 .

Iranian General Confirms that South Lebanon Is Under Iran's Influence : The head of Iran's Al-Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards Corp, Brig. Gen. Qassem Suleimani, said Wednesday in Tehran: "In reality, in south Lebanon and Iraq, the people are under the effect of the Islamic Republic's way of practice and thinking." Mustafa Alloush, a former Lebanese MP, said Suleimani's remarks have "confirmed what we have been saying over the past years, that Hizbullah is part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard" (Daily Star-Lebanon, Jan 21, 2012).

Hizbullah Guarded Assad During Rally Appearance : Lebanese Future movement Secretary-General Ahmad Hariri said in an interview that "when Bashar al-Assad appeared in the midst of supporters in Umayyad Square [in Damascus]... he was being guarded by members of the Hizbullah security apparatus." "More than 200 cars, in addition to a bus full of passengers, traveled from Lebanon to Syria, to secure the pro-Assad demonstration during Bashar al-Assad's appearance." Hariri also stressed that "large regions of Syria are outside of the control of the regime (Asharq Al-Awsat-UK, 20/01/2012).

Hizbullah, Iran Preparing for "Day after" Assad : Hezbollah and Iran are preparing for the “day after” Syria’s downfall with plans for how to continue supporting the Lebanon-based guerrilla group in the event that President Bashar Assad’s regime is toppled.

In recent years, a significant portion of Hezbollah’s weaponry has come directly from Syria.
Last week, for example, The Jerusalem Post revealed that Syria had recently transferred dozens of additional M600 long-range missiles to Hezbollah as well as additional 302 mm rockets. The IDF also believes Hezbollah has obtained SA-8 Russian-made advanced surface-to-air missile systems from Syria.

“The assessment that Hezbollah will be severely impacted by Syria’s downfall is unlikely since it will be able to fill the vacuum with assistance directly from Iran,” a senior Israeli defense official explained.

According to Military Intelligence, Hezbollah is currently providing assistance to Assad in the form of weapons, instructors and actual fighters who are assisting the Syrian military in its efforts to quell the resistance.

Iran is already believed to be working on establishing new routes to smuggle weapons to Lebanon. In recent years, for example, Iran has tried transporting weaponry to Lebanon via aircraft that lands in Beirut International Airport, ships that dock in Syria and then transfer their cargo by land to Lebanon and even by train via Turkey
(Jerusalem Post, 01/23/201 2 ).

Ban underscores ‘unwavering’ UN commitment to Lebanon’s security and stability: (UN News Centre, 13 January 2012). The United Nations will maintain its “strong and unwavering” commitment to Lebanon, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pledged today as he began an official visit to the country. Mr. Ban discussed a range of issues with the leaders, including the implementation of Security Council resolutions and the country’s important contributions to the UN, as well as the current situation in Syria and its potential impact on Lebanon.

“This is a critical moment in the region,” Mr. Ban told reporters. “It is a time for meaningful change; time to stop the violence and end injustice; time to give people the opportunities they deserve to build a better life.”
The Secretary-General said the UN expects Lebanon to keep contributing to progress, and to fully meet all of its international obligations, including the full implementation of resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 war between Israel and the Lebanese group Hizbollah. He said that 1701 has brought an “unprecedented” degree of relative calm and stability to southern Lebanon, adding that the situation along the so-called Blue Line separating Israel and Lebanon – despite a number of serious incidents – has been largely stable since 2006.

Work also remains to be done to ensure that Lebanon’s sovereignty is fully extended across all of its territory and that there remain no arms outside the authority of the State, added Mr. Ban, who voiced his deep concern at the military capacity of Hizbollah and the lack of progress in disarmament. 


The weapons in question are tens of thousands of ballistic missiles supplied to Hizbullah by Iran via Syria, that are not under the authority of the Lebanese government. They are deployed all over Lebanon and aimed at Israel. Their range is sufficient to cover all of Israel and rain destruction on Israel's civilian population. They are terror weapons in the hands of a terrorist organization.


It also represents a threat to the physical existence of Lebanon and the people of Lebanon. The Hizbullah missiles have been deliberately emplaced in the midst of Lebanon's civilian population centers, in the vicinity of schools, mosques and hospitals. They will be launched against Israel whenever Nasrallah so decides, or the order is given in Tehran. They are a protective shield for Iran's nuclear ambitions.


The Hizbullah missiles will have to be removed. When the time comes for Israel to neutralize this missile threat, the result will be wholesale destruction all over Lebanon. Of course, it is preferable that the removal of the Hizbullah missiles be accomplished by diplomatic action rather than by military measures.


For too long there has been a conspiracy of silence about the deployment of these missiles in Lebanon. The issue should be taken up at the UN Security Council, and the necessary diplomatic action should be taken by the U.S. and the countries of Europe and Asia (Better late than never By  Moshe Arens, Ha’aretz, 24.01.12). First then we will see the ‘strong and unwavering UN commitment to Lebanons security and stability .”

Ban to Israel: End the 'Occupation': U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Israel Sunday to end its “occupation” of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.

Wrapping up the final day of his three-day visit to Lebanon, Ban slammed Israel in remarks made during a keynote speech in Beirut at a conference entitled “Reform and Transitions to Democracy.” The conference was organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia. Among the speakers at the three-day event were former Arab League secretary-general and Egyptian presidential candidate Amr Moussa, and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

“The Israeli occupation of Arab and Palestinian territories must end. So must violence against civilians,” the U.N. Secretary-general stated. “Settlements, new and old, are illegal. They work against the emergence of a viable Palestinian state,” he continued, according to the AFP news agency. “A two-state solution is long overdue,” Ban added. “The status quo offers only the guarantee of future conflict” (INN, 1/15/2012).

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has also commended the people of Tunisia for the progress achieved since the start of their revolution one year ago, and pledged the continuing support of the United Nations for their efforts (On Arab Spring anniversary, Ban commends Tunisians for progress achieved, UN News Centre). See 'Brothers in Arms'

EU to PA Arabs: We'll Help You 'Grab Land' from Israel: The EU plans a "land grab" in Judea and Samaria, seeking to gain PA control of Area C, in violation of the Oslo Accords.
Some 90% of Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria live in Area C, while the PA Arab population of the area is barely 6% (Israel National News, 1/12/2012).

British Deputy Prime Minister: Settlements are ‘Vandalism’: Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister of Britain, stands next to PA Chairman Abbas and calls Israeli settlements “deliberate vandalism.” His condemnation of Israel, one of the harshest ever from a senior British official, was welcomed by Abbas, who said it was exactly what we had waited to hear officially."


Britain, like the United States and almost every other Western country, does not recognize a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria and in areas of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinian Authority. Clegg’s use of the term “vandalism” represented a sharp escalation and undiplomatic language towards Israel. He accused Israel of undermining the “peace process” by not agreeing with Abbas’ demands to halt building new homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria (INN, 1/16/2012).

Ezekiel 38:10-13, 36:2,5 and Psalm 83 state explicitly, that the intention of Gog and his allies is to despoil Israel of their wealth and appropriate their land, a common trait among Israel's enemies, throughout history.

Despoiling the Jews was an integral part of Nazi policy. Property and possessions of European Jewry that had been part of their  economic and cultural life for hundreds of years were systematically plundered.

In our own times, Israel 's chief "allies", U.S.A. and Britain , are constantly pushing for a "settlement" that involves the division of Jerusalem (Joel Ch. 4, Zechariah Chs. 12, 14, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 36:2,5).

At the End of Days both Edom and Ishmael will join forces and come against the Jewish people in Israel. In the course of this campaign they will become embroiled in conflict with one another since their faiths are different and they will make war against each other (MALBIM).

”Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when He fighteth in the day of battle (Zech. 14:3, 12:9, Jeremiah 30:7-11, Daniel 12:1, Exodus 14:24-31 "...and Israel saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea-shore").

And this is how God will judge them. ”And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great tumult from the LORD shall be among them; and they shall lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbour, and his hand shall rise up against the hand of his neighbour (Zechariah 14:13-14).

Ezekiel 38:21 ”every man's sword shall be against his brother.” Haggai 2:22 "... and I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms, and I will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the nations; and I will overthrow the chariots, and those that ride in them; and the horses and their riders shall come down, every one by the sword of his brother."

Obadiah 1:8-12  Shall I not in that day-says the Lord-destroy wise men from Edom and discernment from the mountain of Esau ("the West")?  And your mighty men shall be dismayed, O dwellers of the southland, in order that every man be cut off from the mountain of Esau by slaughter. Because of the violence of your brother Jacob, shame shall cover you, and you shall be cut off forever.

On that day you stood from afar (witnessing Israel's suffering and did not come to aid him), on the day strangers captured his possessions, and foreigners came into his cities, and on Jerusalem they cast lots; you, too, are like one of them..." 

Netanyahu: World Silent on Threats to Destroy Israel: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu accused the world of remaining silent in the face of Iranian threats to destroy Israel.
"70 years after the Holocaust, much of the world remains silent in the face of Iran's declared intent to wipe Israel off the earth," Netanyahu said.

"Much of the world are silent in the face of calls by Hizbullah for the destruction of Israel, and its continued murderous activities. Many remain silent in the face of calls by Hamas to kill Jews wherever they are.

"These are days when most of the governments of the world remain silent in the face of cries of Palestinian Muftis to kill Jews wherever they are . Where is the condemnation of the Mufti?

International Holocaust Remembrance Day should be the day the world stands behind the words 'never again,'" Netanyahu said. Netanyahu added, "This is a day when the world should unite against weapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of dark regimes, led by the Ayatollah and his regime in Iran. I send greetings to leaders leaders of Europe and praise them for the important step of taking sanctions against Iran."

He also singled out key Iranian oil consumers who have thus far refused to participate in sanctions against Iran and kept Tehran's oil exports from floundering.
"It is important that other countries around the world will join this action. I mean China, Japan, India, and South Korea. Only a combination of crippling sanctions and a credible military threat on the table can force Iran to reconsider its nuclear program ," he added (INN, 1/24/2012).

Obama: Iran Has Nuclear Rights; I Did Not Want to Sanction Its Bank (By Reza Kahlili,  former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, PJ Media, January 23, 2012): President Obama sent secret messages to the Iranian regime stating his concerns over the closure of the Strait of Hormuz and the possibility of an accidental war. Iranian officials have been revealing the contents of President Obama’s letter to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, that indicate a deep desire by the U.S. president for a dialogue with the radical leaders of Iran.


Obama said that “I didn’t want to impose sanctions on your central bank, but I had no options but to approve it since a Congress majority had approved the decision.”


Last Wednesday, Ebrahimi for the first time disclosed the contents of Obama’s letter in which the U.S. president had mentioned that cooperation and negotiation are based on the mutual interests of the two countries, and assured Iran that America will not take any action against the Islamic regime.

I n response to Obama’s message to the leaders of the Islamic regime and his request for negotiations, Iranian officials have decided to reveal his message in order to further embarrass him on the international scene,.. claiming that Obama’s approach shows the world the true power of the Islamic regime.

Ron Prosor Tells UN : An Alarm Bell is Ringing: “An alarm bell is ringing. Never has it been so clear that Iran is seeking to build a nuclear weapon,” Israel’s Amb. Prosor tells the UN. “This is the single greatest threat to the security of the entire world,” her added. “Now is the time to act. Tomorrow is too late. The stakes are too high. The price of inaction is too great” (INN, 1/25/2012,).

VIDEO: Edelstein: When We Say ‘Never Again’, We Mean It: Minister of Information and Diaspora Yuli Edelstein addressed the European Parliament on International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Tuesday, and said that Israel will make sure that another Holocaust never happens again.

“Let us all – Jews and Gentiles – take a stand together against tyranny and barbarism, let us destroy them before they'll swell with power, fed by the wealth of their lands and the blood of their victims. Let us deny them, in the words of Winston Churchill, those ‘lights of perverted science’ with which they plan to unleash a new Dark Age – first on their own captive peoples, and then on the rest of the world. Let us say to them, from here – we remember. We are vigilant. We are determined. We are united. We say to them together– never again” (INN, 1/26/2012).

VIDEO: European Parliament President: 'Never Again' : Both incoming and outgoing presidents of the European Parliament vowed "never again" in ceremonies marking Int'l Holocaust Day (INN, 1/26/2012).

Surprise Navy Drill at Haifa Port as Iran Ends War Games: The IDF staged a surprise drill at its base at the port of Haifa as Iran completed “war games” that included a threat on Israel. Iran claimed it tested a long-range missile that can reach Israeli bases as well U.S. military posts in the Middle East, but Russia rejected the idea that Iran has the ability to launch the missile Iran said it fired (INN, 1/4/2012). 

Iran announces new naval exercises... by Iran's Revolutionary Guards - to counter Israel-US activities? Or to prove that the long range missiles was not a bluff? The naval commander for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, said the drill would be "different compared to previous exercises held by the IRGC" (Iran, US and Israel announce new war games as tensions rise in the Gulf: Guardian, January 6, 2012).

US Pressure? Israel Postpones Massive Joint Drill: Israel delays largest-ever anti-missile military drill with the US for “technical” reasons days after Obama pressures Israel over Iran. Israel announced Sunday it is postponing the largest-ever anti-missile military exercise with the United States for “technical” reasons days after President Barack Obama called Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to reiterate his “unshakeable” commitment to Israel’s security. The White House did not elaborate, but the president reportedly told the Prime Minister to back off any plans for attacking Iran (INN, 1/15/2012). According to an Israeli defense official, Washington wants to avoid an escalation of tensions with Iran. (Ha'aretz).

US Nervous, Sends Army General to Calm Down Israel: Obama sends army chief to Israel to convince it not to attack Iran and endanger 15,000 US personnel. “Unshakeable” support for Israel.” Both Israel and the United States have stated they would not rule out a military strike on Tehran to prevent the Islamic Republic from reaching the capability of attacking Israel, or elsewhere, with a nuclear weapon. However, American officials are worried that Israel is closer to concluding that the “point of no return” is at hand, after which it may be too late to stop Iran (INN, 1/15/2012).

‘Israel to Give Obama 12 Hours Notice on Attacking Iran’: Israel told visiting US Gen. Dempsey that Obama would get no more than 12 hours notice before an attack on Iran, the London Times reports. Israel fears that President Obama would try to torpedo an Israel attack if more notice were given because he is concerned that Iran will respond by blocking the Strait of Hormuz, sparking a rise in the price of oil that could cripple Western economies. If the attack were to occur in the next 10 months, it would put President Obama in a tight spot on the eve of his bid for re-election (INN, 1/22/2012). Notifying Obama would be a big mistake...

Sarkozy: Time Running Out on Iran Sanctions: French President Nicolas Sarkozy: We'll do anything to avoid military intervention in Iran, but more sanctions are required. French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned on Friday that any foreign military intervention against Iran’s nuclear program would trigger “war and chaos” across the Middle East and beyond, and said that harsher sanctions must be placed on the Islamic Republic. “Time is limited. France will do everything to avoid military intervention, but there is only one way to avoid it: a much tougher, more decisive, sanctions regime,..” (INN, 1/20/2012).

'Time running out for two-state solution' : British Premier Cameron warns Road Map may not prove sustainable if negotiations deadlock continues; his deputy says Israel's West Bank policies constitute 'deliberate vandalism' of Palestinian land.  Time is running out for the two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict , British Prime Minister David Cameron warned on Monday.


"We think that time, in some ways, is running out for the two-state solution, unless we can push forward now, because otherwise the facts on the ground will make it more and more difficult, which is why the settlement issue remains so important," Cameron said after a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Ynet News, 01.16.12).

Report: US Believes Israel Agrees Not to Attack Iran – for Now: The Obama administration believes that it has convinced Israel to give sanctions against Iran a chance to work, a report said. The U.S. sees things differently,.. (INN, 2/9/2012).

Israel Faces a Hard Sell in Bid to Shift Policy : The new government of Israel is seeking to reorient the country's foreign policy, arguing that to rely purely on the formulas of trading land for peace and promising a Palestinian state fails to grasp what it views as the deeper issues: Muslim rejection of a Jewish state and the rising hegemonic appetite of Iran. 

Israel's effort to switch the discussion to Iran is likely to be met in Washington with the assertion that it is precisely because of the need to build an alliance to confront Iran that Israel must move ahead vigorously with the Palestinians as well as with the Syrians. "It will be a lot easier to build a coalition to deal with Iran if the peace process is moving forward," said a senior American official. When a senior American official was told that the Israelis did not view the Iranian and Palestinian problems as linked, he replied, "Well, we do" (NYT, May 3, 2009).

White House links Iran nukes to Palestinian state: Israel now faces a moment of truth - it can either acquiesce to international demands and in return have its most serious threats dealt with, or maintain the status quo and have those threats persist (Israel Today, May 04, 2009). Obama about to betray Israel, says former US intel official (Israel Today, Mar 19, 2009). Report: Obama leverages Iran to extract Israeli concessions (Aug 2, 2009, Israel Today).

King Abdullah: Solving the Palestinian problem is the key to reducing the Iranian nuclear threat. "If there are those that are saying that Iran is playing mischief, then I say it is being allowed to play mischief. The platform they use is the injustice of the Palestinians and Jerusalem. So if you start taking those cards off the table, then Iranian influence on the Mediterranean through Hizbullah and Hamas in Gaza diminishes or becomes non-existent…. By dealing with the core issue  (that is religion), that's when you start taking cards away from the Iranian regime." He said that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell and American General James Jones all accept his theory (INN, 04/06/10). See Radical Islam 

Top Obama Aide: Ability to Confront Iran Depends on Progress with Palestinians : White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel told AIPAC leaders Sunday that the ability to confront Iran depended on the ability to make progress on the Palestinian front. He said the foundation for an agreement must be security for Israel and a sovereign state for the Palestinians (Ynet News, 05.04.09). See 'Ambassadors of Peace'

Israeli Concessions Will Not Soften Iran, They Will Have the Opposite Effect : Interview with Minister for Strategic Affairs Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Moshe Yaalon (Jerusalem Post, 2009): There are people who believe that the way to deal with Iran is by solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The widespread conception is that the way to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is by Israeli withdrawals. I believe that this whole idea is wrong at its core. If you solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict, it will not stop or even soften the Islamic jihadists.

The Islamic revolution did not erupt because of us. Al-Qaeda was not created because of us and even Hizbullah did not rise up because of us. The Muslim Brotherhood was also established without connection to us. It was established in 1928 when there wasn't a State of Israel. It was not even a response to Zionism. Therefore, this whole connection is completely superficial.

In addition, the attempt over the last 16 years to solve the conflict with territorial concessions has been proven wrong, since the conflict is not just territorial and over the definition of the borders and size of Israel but rather is about our right to exist.

After Israel left Lebanon, Hizbullah grew stronger. The same happened following the Gaza withdrawal, when we were told that we would achieve quiet since we would neutralize the Palestinians' raison d'etre. Instead, we got a stronger Hamas and a Hamastan in Gaza.

When you withdraw and surrender to the Islamic jihadists, you are essentially providing them with a victory. Therefore, anyone who thinks that Israeli concessions and withdrawals will solve the conflict and will soften the Iranians' position is wrong. It will have the opposite effect.

Russia: Attack on Tehran is Attack on Moscow: Russia has given Iran its bear hug and warns Israel and the West that an attack on Tehran would be considered an attack on Moscow. The threat heightens the prospect of World War III in the event of a military strike on Iran. “Iran is our neighbor,” Russia's outgoing ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, told reporters in Brussels. “And if Iran is involved in any military action, it’s a direct threat to our security.”

Russia also has come to the defense of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, warning Western nations not to intervene in Syria with military forces. Russia is a major arms supplier to Syria and has a heavy investment in Iran’s nuclear facilities. Japan also is drifting towards Iran, backtracking from its promise last week to back American sanctions aimed at persuading Iran to halt its unsupervised nuclear development (INN, 1/15/2012).

Sarkozy: Military Action is Not the Solution to Iranian Issue: French President speaks with local Jews, says "the situation is never military" to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat. French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned on Wednesday that military action was no way to deal with nuclear-minded Iran, The Associated Press reported.

Sarkozy made the comments at a dinner hosted by France’s main Jewish group and his likely presidential election rival was in the audience, the report noted. He reiterated his country’s ironclad commitment to Israel's security but emphasized that “the solution is never military.” “The solution is political, the solution is diplomatic, the solution is in sanctions,” Sarkozy was quoted as having said.

During his remarks to the Jewish community members, Sarkozy also said Israel needs a peaceful Palestinian state as its neighbor, pointing to France's historic rivalry with Germany — turned into a crucial European alliance today — as a possible model for Arabs and Israelis (INN, 2/9/2012).

Israeli Withdrawals is Not the Solution to the Iranian Issue. Israel doesn't need and certainly doesn't want a third hostile Muslim Arab entity on its territory (Jordan+Gaza+PA).

The historic reconciliation between France and Germany came after 1949. Germany did not turn into an ally before it was crippled, divided and destroyed.

Crippling economic sanctions could be to squeeze Iranian import of refined gasoline and other petroleum products. The Chinese and Russians have rejected any serious sanctions, turning a blind eye to the threat and are actively helping Iran acquire WMD--fostering a regional power capable of standing up to the United States. Whoever thought the "Cold War" was over--think again.

The Arab-Palestinian Delaying Strategy: In addition to that the PA, in reality, has no interest in peace, don't think for a moment the West (Edom) will help Israel "have its most serious threats dealt with." 

US officials: Israel uses terror group to kill Iran nuke scientists: Deadly attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists are being carried out by an Iranian dissident group that is financed, trained and armed by Israel’s secret service, U.S. officials tell NBC News, confirming charges leveled by Iran’s leaders. U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Obama administration is aware of the assassination campaign but has no direct involvement (msnbc.msn). In November 2011, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said he supported “taking out their scientists."Former Senator Rick Santorum said the targeted killings were, ”a wonderful thing” (INN,  2/9/2012).

Beit Shemesh Protest is Venue for Airing Hareidi, Secular Divide: Hundreds protested in Beit Shemesh against the violence of a small group of hareidi extremists, but the issues go beyond that. Members of the group have been fighting the presence of a religious Zionist girls’ school, Orot, which, due to the burgeoning hareidi population in Beit Shemesh, now borders their neighborhood. They claim that the girls' mode of dress, although set to a religious standard, is not modest enough to meet their particular standards.

Some of them have been insulting, cursing and yelling at the young girls. The Beit Shemesh law enforcement agencies either would not or could not put a stop to the volatile situation and let it go on unabated.
The deteriorating situation received public attention following an incident documented last week on Channel 2, in which one extremist hareidi in the city was spitting on a seven-year-old religious girl as she walked to school. Channel 2equipment was stolen and vandalized by the hareidi protesters when the reporters entered the area (INN, 12/29/2011).

Nationalists Demonstrate in Jerusalem: Settlers Are Not Enemies: Dozens of nationalists demonstrated outside police headquarters in Jerusalem against the treatment of Judea and Samaria's residents. As hundreds of hareidi-religious Jews were demonstrating in Jerusalem Saturday night against what they said was the unfair treatment of them in the media over the past several weeks, dozens of nationalists demonstrated in front of the Russian Compound in the city, where police headquarters are located, under the title: “The settlers are not enemies.”

The demonstrators protested against what they described as the police's “witch hunt” against nationalists. They carried signs which said that the settlers are not enemies and that supporters of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria are not spies.
The protest came following recent allegations against nationalists, according to which a group of young people sent messages to residents of communities warning them against an impending demolition of their homes (INN, 1/1/2012).

Video: Nationalists Protest as Settlers Accused of Spying: As a Jerusalem court extended the remands of several Jews who are accused of spying, protesters outside were arrested for whistling. The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday extended the remands of several residents of Judea and Samaria, who in August were  given restraining orders  by police and were forced to leave their homes. They are now being accused of no less than spying, simply because they warned Jews residing in communities in Judea and Samaria of impending demolitions of homes. (INN, 1/4/2012). 

Hareidi Girl Attacked by Secular on Bus: A hareidi man was shown spitting at a girl as she walked to school, but now attacks on hareidim are coming from the other direction.Channel 10 News reported on Tuesday about 10-year-old Bluma Shpitzer, a hareidi-religious girl who was attacked by a young secular man on Monday, as she was on the bus on her way to school.


“He began to spit at me and told me that I’m cursed because I’m hareidi,” the girl told Channel 10, adding she did not go to school on Tuesday, fearing the unpleasant incident would repeat itself. “He said he knew where I get off the bus and said he would come with all his friends to get back at me because I’m hareidi,” Shpitzer said  (INN, 1/4/2012).

Hareidi Man Attacked in Ashdod: A 31-year-old hareidi-religious man was attacked overnight Friday night in Ashdod. He required hospitalization. As for the attack itself, Gluzman said, “He told me that after he finished studying in the synagogue he began to walk home. A group of secular Ethiopian guys in their twenties passed by and one of them began to call him names. He tried to run away when he was suddenly approached by one of them who started punching him. He fell to the floor and was punched in the face for several moments” (INN, 1/8/2012).

Red Cross Admits Red Magen David Agreed to Stop Yesha Service: The Red Cross admitted Wednesday that Magen David Adom [Red Magen David] emergency services promised not to officially serve residents in Judea and Samaria and instead to have regional councils officially administer rescue efforts.


Magen David Adom (MDA) also agreed to removed its Jewish symbol from ambulances, as Arutz Sheva previously reported, Red Cross official Par Stanback told Army Radio, following weeks of contradictory statements that tried to mask the agreement. When Arutz Sheva first exposed the entire story, the MDA head claimed it was inaccurate, but Arutz Sheva then posted the entire agreement it had obtained and to which MDA was a signator.

MDA had signed a document that on its part abrogated the right to serve any areas not recognized internationally as within Israel's borders.That excluded large population centers such as  Kiryat Arba, Efrat, Maaleh Adumim, Ariel, Kedumim and parts of Jerusalem as well as all the smaller Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Many contributors have stopped donating to MDA since the agreement was disclosed. Yesha youth, a considerable percentage of the volunteer force, stopped volunteering for MDA in protest (INN, 1/4/2012).

Parasha “Vayigash,” Genesis 44:18-47:27,  is about – Yosef and his brothers “approaching” one another, drawing near to each other, after many years of separation. Just before the brothers threw Yosef into the pit, the Torah writes, “they saw him from afar” (“Va’yiru Oto Me’rahok” – Genesis 37:18).


 As long as they saw each other “from afar,” as long as there was a distance between them, there was hatred and animosity. This distance is rectified in Parashat Vayigash, when Yosef and his brothers draw near to each other, and bond together in peace and harmony.

The Messianic Era will arrive only at the time of “Vayigash,” when we, like Yosef and his brothers, set aside our petty differences and come together in peace and unity. When we are able to eliminate the distance between neighbors, between family members, between spouses, and between business associates, and work together with goodwill and mutual respect, then Mashiah can come.


As long as we “see each other from afar,” if we keep our distance from fellow Jews with whom we have differences, our nation will not experience redemption. The redemption will come once we achieve “Vayigash Elav Yehuda” – closeness between Jews, genuine feelings of camaraderie and goodwill that overshadow the differences and disagreements that unfortunately separate us from one another (Rabbi Eli Mansour: Parashat Vayigash: Vayigash, Goshen, and Mashiah).

Parshas Vayigash Yechezkel 37:15 by Rabbi Dovid Siegel: This week's haftorah is devoted to the Jewish nation's future unification. it opens with Hashem instructing the Prophet Yechezkel to take two pieces of wood and inscribe them with names of the Jewish kingdoms, Yehuda and Yosef. Hashem then said, "Bring them near one another to appear as one and they shall unite in your hands."

Sefer Charedim reflects upon Hashem's distinct quality of oneness and explains that it can only be appreciated and revealed through His people's harmonious interaction. Hashem's favor and kindness emanates from His perfect oneness and reveals this quality in full. When the Jewish people function as a harmonious body they project and reflect Hashem's goodness and express His oneness and bring true glory to His name.

In the glorious Messianic era, Hashem's oneness will be recognized through His harmonious interactive system reflected in the oneness of His people. Their perfect unity will provide the perfect setting for Hashem's revelation to the world. Indeed, it can be said that when Hashem's people unite as an inseparable entity His identity and perfect quality of oneness will be recognized throughout the world. (adapted from Sefer Charedim ch. 7). 

IDF soldier: Burn all leftists, Arabs: Paratroopers Brigade soldier Amihy Zoaretz publishes Facebook statuses calling for 'death to leftist traitors' prior to arrest over involvement in Ephraim Brigade base raid (Ynet News, 01.11.12).

"And Ya'akov (Jacob) called to his sons, and he said, 'Gather together and I will tell you what will befall you in the end of days' " (when the Jewish people will be redeemed from galus, exile) (Genesis 49:1).

What did
Ya'akov mean when he used the phrase "Gather together"? When Ya'akov told his sons to gather together he meant that they should have achdus, unity amongst themselves. Only when there is unity among the descendants of Ya'akov can there be redemption. If there is not yet unity, it is not yet time for redemption... (Rabbi Zelig Pliskin). Facing the threat of Iran -- that would be devastating.

Judaism: Yehuda Unites the Family By Rabbi Shlomo Riskin (INN).

"Set ye up an ensign (Heb. NESS) upon the high mountain" (Isaiah 13:2). One raises a banner to gather people together. "All ye inhabitants of the world, and ye dwellers on the earth, when an ensign (NESS) is lifted up on the mountains, see ye; and when the horn (the shofar of the Torah of Moshe; Numbers 10:9, Isaiah 27:12-13) is blown, hear ye" (Isaiah 18:3). "The root of Jesse, standeth for an ensign/banner of the peoples, unto him shall the nations seek;.." (Isaiah 11:10, 49:22). To Shiloh will be a gathering of nations who will unite to serve God (Genesis 49:10).

"And the children of Judah and the children of Israel shall be gathered together, and they shall appoint themselves one head (Mashiach, Jeremiah 30:21, Genesis 49:22-26, Deut. 33:13-17, Ezekiel 34:23-31, 37:16-28, Hosea 3:4-5), and shall go up out of the land (exile); for great shall be the day of Jezreel (God sows/plants)" (Hosea 2:2). God, Who sowed them among the nations, will gather them, bring them back and re-plant them in their land (Hosea 2:24-25, Psalm 22:28-30, 110:3).

As happened after the destruction of Babylon (Jeremiah 50) the unification of Israel and Judah and the building of the Temple, will come about at the time of the destruction of Edom/Rome-Christianity and Islam (Joel 4:19, Obadiah 10) --- and the downfall of the various nations that surround and oppress Israel (as in Isaiah 13:1-8,19:1-4) ”...and they shall war one man against his brother, and a man against his friend, a city against a city and a province against a province...” (Haggai 2:22, Zech. 14:13, Ezekiel 38:21).

UK Bishops Come Out Clearly Against Israel: "Good will to all men" in UK churches, but not, apparently, to Israelis. The head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has offered the Palestinians a powerful tool of propaganda: the comparison with Jesus’ passion.

A Palestinian cleric, Naim Ateek, has an immense influence in contemporary British Christianity, not least through his Sabeel Centre in Jerusalem. Ateek’s denunciations of Israel include imagery linking the Jewish State to the charge of deicide that for centuries fueled anti-Jewish bloodshed. For example, Ateek wrote about “modern-day Herods” in Israel, referring to the king who the New Testament says slaughtered the babies of Bethlehem in an attempt to murder the newborn Jesus (INN, 12/29/2011).

Why is Rachel weeping? "Then Herod, when he saw that he was-deceived by the wise men, was exceedingly angry; and he sent forth and put to death all the male children who were in Bethlehem and in all its districts, from two years old and under,.. Then was fulfilled what was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet, saying: "A voice was heard in Ramah, Lamentation, weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children Refusing to be comforted, Because they are no more" (Matthew 2:16-18). Rachel, in reality, cries over her exiled children (Jeremiah 31:14-15, 39). See 'Easter Nuts' 

Tenth of Tevet - Fast Day Marks Siege of Jerusalem : This Thursday, 10 Tevet, Jews fast in commemoration of the start of the siege of Jerusalem by Babylonian emperor Nebuchadnezzar.


Two other sad events were recorded by the Talmudic sages as having occurred on the tenth of Tevet, one the death of Ezra the Scribe who led the revival of Jewish adherence to the Torah when the Jews returned from Babylon to build the Second Temple. The other event is the translation of the Torah into Greek, known as the Septuagint, considered an event to mourn as well. Israel's Chief Rabbinate connected current Jewish mourning to the date and designated the Tenth of Tevet to serve as a "general Kaddish day" for victims of the Holocaust, many of whom were murdered on dates lost in time, and whose day of martyrdom is thus unknown (INN, 1/5/2012).

(Zechariah 12:10 "and they shall mourn over it"  (that slaughter). Isaiah 53:7 The Jews were led "...as a lamb that is led to the slaughter"). Psalm 44:23
” Nay, but for Thy sake are we killed all the day; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” See 'Krystall Nacht'


There are days when all Israel fasts because of the national catstrophes and tribulations that occurred on these dates. The purpose of such fast days is to awaken us and stir our hearts toward repentance by recalling our own misdeeds as well as those of our ancestors. By remembering these misdeeds, which we continue to repeat and which brings on similar calamities, we are motivated to return to the proper path of life (Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov, Book of Our Heritage).


Alarm: 17% Increase In Intermarriage Among European Jews (INN, 12/30/2011). When the proportion of assimilated Jews in Europe rose to over 50% in the 1930's, it provoked a fury that wiped out six million Jews (Ezekiel 20:32-38). Since 1990, half of all marrying US Jews have married non-Jews. Remember; In the days of Haman, Queen Esther faced the same threat as the other assimilated Jews since she was married to a non-Jew, and she called for unity and a fast... Isaiah 65:2-7, 66:17 says that also those who eat unclean food will perish in the War of Gog & Magog. See 'Assimilation'

Another Outpost Demolished: Mitzpe Avichai Residents Evicted:
Police and Civil Administration personnel demolished 10 homes in Mitzpeh Avichai near Kiryat Arba. Residents told Arutz Sheva that the forces entered the homes and forced whole families – including mothers, infants, and small children – into the near-freezing cold rain that fell overnight Wednesday. Residents said they were not deterred, however, and would rebuild. “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are tough when it comes to pushing around the heroes that are building the Land of Israel, but not so tough when it comes to the Bedouin takeover of the Negev and the wholesale illegal Arab building,” residents told Arutz Sheva.

Speaking of the events, MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) said that “the demolition of Mitzpeh Avichai and the eviction of infants in the freezing weather is a further sign of the deterioration of Netanyahu's government, which destroys the homes of Jews but fears to enforce the law against Arabs. This is a policy of hopelessness and depression,” he said (INN, 1/12/2012).

MKs to Netanyahu: Don't Pin Migron on Court: Land of Israel Lobby MKs say Prime Minister holds keys to preventing community demolition. Netanyahu has rejected Knesset proposals for legislation to legalize Migron and other communities in Judea and Samaria. 

He told the Cabinet Sunday
that the government proposes a compromise : rebuild Migron residents' homes next to the present site, which would be emptied of its residents and handed over to the Judea and Samaria Civil Administration. 
He said that if the idea is acceptable to all sides, the government will ask the High Court to delay the demolition order until the new homes are completed (INN, 1/22/2012).

Israel is a democratic country that abides by the rule of law. The law states that homes and businesses require building permits. Any structure without issuance of proper building permits is considered illegal and at risk of being removed.


On the other hand. The matter of building in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem is a highly politically charged issue...  


Jewish Babies Threaten the 'Peace Process':   Secretary of State Clinton stated that Washington "wants to see a stop to settlements -not some settlements, not outposts, not natural-growth exceptions."


The euphemism "natural growth" refers to children. About 9,600 babies were born in West Bank settlements in 2007, and the State Department views these bundles of joy as a threat to its precious 'peace process' (Washington Times, June 1, 2009).


Obama Takes on Israel with 'Tough Love': US President Barack Obama has taken a stricter definition of a freeze on settling towns in Judea and Samaria than his predecessor: Obama reiterated that no settlement expansion also includes “natural growth,” an allowance made by his predecessor.


Obama said that the peace process would require a freeze on settling Judea and Samaria, including expansion to accommodate successive generations of Jews living there,.."


Because of International pressure, the Israeli government is withholding building permits in numerous communities that require increased building just to accommodate natural growth.


As a result of this and the Biblical imperative to settle the ancient Land of Israel it becomes easier to understand why Zionist zealots take the risk of establishing settlement “outposts.”


Regardless of whether it is “right” or “wrong” or somewhere in between - we at Shuva Israel http://www.blessingisrael.com/

feel that we have a humane responsibility to assist these families.