Are we but helpless victims of our past?
"The media under these dark regimes refer to the Jewish state as the "Zionist enemy," lest the simple folk get confused and perceive Israel as a friendly, peace-seeking state. The historical truth shows that Israel fought wars that were forced upon it by those who convinced themselves that Israel is simply fiction, a fleeting phenomenon that shall quickly disappear from the Middle East's map. In practice, this tiny state scored one victory after another, proving that it is entrenched deep in this soil" (Nizar Amer).

"Here the propagandists is dealing with a foreign adversary whose morale he seeks to destroy by psychological means so that the opponent begins to doubt the validity of his beliefs and actions" (
Ellul, Jacques Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes).

Op-Ed: Sons of the Land, Not Colonists: Universities and the “Twitterverse” are flooded with anti-Israel propaganda accusing Israel of being an apartheid state that discriminates against Arabs on a racial basis. These propagandists’ other mantra is that Jewish settlers are colonists selling land that rightfully belongs to others.

The two main strategies of Israel’s enemies are: 1) keeping the international community in ignorance of the region’s true history (with a sprinkling of anti-Semitic conditioning), along with 2) simply repeating the same lies again and again until they are unquestioningly accepted as truth (David Haivri, INN). 

Propaganda; a work to spread viewpoints and convictions, from the Latin propagare; to propagate, spread, it is a systematic attempt to influence people’s attitude with a view to propagate particular ideas; to create or maintain a particular attitude to a political or religious movement, people or a nation – in order to have mastery over the individual’s actions by the support of powerful means to influence.

In his book “Psychological Warfare Against Nazi Germany: The Sykewar Campaign, D-Day to VE-Day” – Mr Daniel Lerner writes, “... Credibility is a condition of persuasion. Before you can make a man do as you say, you must make him believe what you say." 

Saudis Export Violent Hate-Filled Textbooks Across the World: Nina Shea, Director of the Center for Religious Freedom and Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. is interviewed by Sun News Network’s Mark Bonokoski. In this interview, Shea exposes the violent hate speech that is entrenched in Saudi Arabia’s text books -- text books that Muslim American children are also studying in the United States (Radical

Study Finds Reuters Middle East Coverage Tainted by Arab Propaganda
: A study published in the November-December issue of the Journal of Applied Business Research finds that Reuters coverage of the Middle East conflict is systematically tainted by propaganda and influences readers to side with the Palestinians and Arab states against the Israelis.

Researcher Henry Silverman of Roosevelt University analyzed 50 news-oriented articles for the use of classic propaganda techniques, logical fallacies and violations of the Reuters Handbook of Journalism, a manual of guiding ethical principles for the company's journalists. Across the articles, over 1,100 occurrences of propaganda, fallacies and handbook violations in 41 categories were identified and classified.

In the second part of the study, 33 university students were surveyed before and after reading the articles, to assess their attitudes and motivation to support the Palestinians/Arabs or the Israelis. The study found that on average, subject sentiment shifted significantly following the readings in favor of the Arabs and that this shift was associated with particular propaganda techniques and logical fallacies appearing in the stories.


“Governments have long used propaganda to whip up public support during wartime and to demonize enemies”, says Silverman. “Reuters is adopting these same techniques to covertly shape audience perceptions and opinion in violation of its corporate governance charter.” Silverman points out that this is particularly troubling since “the news agency promotes itself as a paragon of accurate and impartial reporting and its stories are read by millions of people who are led to believe they are being provided objective facts” (PRWeb, December 06, 2011). Read the Study - Reuters: Principles of Trust or Propaganda? By Henry I. Silverman, (Roosevelt University).

Report: Saudi textbooks teach annihilation of Jews:  State-funded books in Saudi Arabia continue to teach kids that 'hour (of judgment) won't come until Muslims fight Jews and kill them,' Fox News reports (Ynet News, 12.22.11).

BREAKING:  UNESCO stops funding children's Palestinian teen magazine following SWC protest: A day after a protest from the Simon Wiesenthal Center to UNESCO's Director-General over a Palestinian youth magazine which published materials exalting Hitler, UNESCO has agreed that it "will not provide any further support to the publication in question."

HONEST REPORTING: 2011 Dishonest Reporting Awards

December 13, 2011:   Which media outlet has taken the overall prize in our annual look back at some of the worst media reporting during 2011?

How does Palestinian incitement harm peace?
Peace can never reign between Israel and the Palestinians as long as generation-after-generation of Palestinians are being fed a never-ending diet of anti-Israel incitement . There is a direct connection between anti-Israel incitement and terrorism. True acceptance of Israel's right to exist in peace cannot be achieved solely through signatures on a piece of paper; it must also exist in the hearts and minds of the Palestinian people. Just as Israel has educated for peace throughout its history, so too must the Palestinians begin this process.
The Palestinian education system, media, literature, songs, theater and cinema have been mobilized for extreme anti-Israel indoctrination, which at times degenerates into
blatant anti-Semitism . This incitement to hatred and violence is pervasive in Palestinian society, particularly in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. It exists in nursery schools and kindergartens, youth movements, schools, universities, mosque sermons, and street demonstrations.
Incitement against Israel has many faces. It begins with the complete denial of  the very existence of the State of Israel. Maps in schools and universities do not even bear  the name of Israel, nor a large number of its cities and towns.

Palestinian officials and religious leaders frequently deny the thousands of years of Jewish connection to the Land of Israel. By repudiating Jewish history (and the New Testament as well), the Palestinian leadership is promoting a narrative that disavows any Jewish rights to the Jewish historical homeland. Peace cannot be achieved as long as the right of the Jewish people to their own nation-state in their native land is denied.

Incitement is also characterized by the hero worship of terrorists . Inciters extol the deeds of suicide bombers, name schools and football teams after them, and hold them up as models to be emulated.

Inflammatory materials make no distinction between the State of Israel and Jews as such, often including anti-Semitic cartoons that use the same kind of motifs and imagery that were used against the Jews during the Nazi era .

This phenomenon bodes ill for the next generation, educated to disregard the peacemakers and worship the symbols of death and destruction. Children, such as those in Hamas-controlled Gaza, who have been taught from the earliest age to hate, kill and destroy , are a tragedy for their own people and a potential danger for others (

Netanyahu 'in SS Uniform' on Leftist Blog: Likud MK files police complaint against blog that featured photomontage of Prime Minister as Nazi officer (INN,  8/9/2011).

The endless leftist and Arab propaganda campaign; demonization of Israelis as Nazis has created a deep hatred among millions of Arabs in the ME and the rest of the world.
Norwegian Newspaper Depicts Olmert as a Nazi inside a death camp. In front of the caricature of the Prime Minister are bodies of exterminated Arabs. PM Olmert is shown laughing and holding a sniper gun in his hands (INN, 7/28/2006). Manipulated pictures and caricatures like this have profound impact on public opinion and shape bad attitudes against Israel and the Jewish people. Th e Arab Press' Nazification of Israeli Leaders, By Abraham H. Foxman , (ADL, December 28, 2010).

Rabbi Lau: Shouts of 'Nazi!' Cause Me Nightmares: Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau tells Ma'ariv he was shocked to see a photo of a Jewish boy wearing a yellow star in last week's hareidi protest. Tel Aviv-Yafo (Jaffa)'s Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau says he was shocked to see a photograph of a Jewish boy wearing a yellow star in last week's hareidi religious demonstration in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Mea Shearim.

Rabbi Lau told the Hebrew-language newspaper Ma'ariv in an interview that the hareidi public feels "persecuted," but that this feeling "in my opinion leads it to express itself in a way that borders on blasphemy.

How can you compare Jews to a Nazi who was able to throw a baby into a frying pan on a burning Primus stove?" Rabbi Lau demanded. "And I am talking about things I saw with my own eyes. Or a Nazi who could take a child similar to the one who participated in that demonstration and tear him apart? Those who demonstrated "Nazis! Nazis!" -- including the "price tag" demonstrators who attacked the IDF officers -- don't know what a Nazi monster is and to what depths he can reach" (INN, 1/8/2012).

To whom can we compare the Nazis? Remember the two Israeli soldiers who were lynched by an Arab mob? The 5 victims of the Fogel family?

Gingrich: Barack Diplomacy 'Favoring the Terrorists' : GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich angers PA Arabs, saying they are not a "people" and Obama peace efforts "favor the terrorists." The former Speaker of the House of Representatives said in the interview, "Remember, there was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman Empire" until the early 20th century.

"I think that we've had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs, and who were historically part of the Arab community. And they had a chance to go many places, and for a variety of political reasons we have sustained this war against Israel now since the 1940s and it's tragic," he said.

In the same interview he said that if elected president, he would also consider granting clemency for Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard, now serving his 27th year of a life sentence after being convicted on a single count of passing classified information to an ally -- Israel. The crime usually carries a maximum prison term of two to four years.

A day earlier, The Washington Post reported that Gingrich vowed that if he is elected, he will move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel's national capital, the city of Jerusalem (INN: 12/10/2011).  

Gingrich Says ‘Enough Lying about the Middle East’: Newt Gingrich broke though taboos against challenging Palestinian Authority double talk and re-writing history, forcing Mitt Romney to admit he is right – but adding that saying so is incendiary.” In the debate in Iowa, Gingrich said, "Is what I said factually true? Yes. Somebody ought to have the courage to tell the truth. These people are terrorists. It's fundamentally time for somebody to have the guts to stand up and say, 'Enough lying about the Middle East.'

In Gingrich’s televised interview Friday, he stated that the term “Palestinian” did not become a common term until after 1977. "This is a propaganda war in which our side refuses to engage and we refuse to tell the truth when the other side lies” (INN, 12/11/2011).

Opposition to black propaganda is often unavailable and may be dangerous to reveal, because public cognizance of black propaganda tactics and sources would undermine or backfire the very campaign the black propagandist supported (Wikipedia).

Clinton: Gingrich Remarks Were 'Unhelpful': Secretary of State says Newt Gingrich's comments on PA Arabs being an invented people were "unhelpful", ignoring her own insults to Israel.

Clinton angered Israelis
when she recently compared Israel to Iran after the incident in which religious soldiers asked to be exempt from a
performance including halakhically forbidden women's singing. She also criticized, in the same comparison, some hareidi buses in which women and men sit separately,  omitting the fact that buses with separate seating are a regular feature of New York State travel between hareidi areas  (INN, 12/15/2011).

Black propaganda is credited to a false source and engages in deceptions, fabrications, and overt lies. Disinformation and the Big Lie, e.g., Hitler‘s mendacious attacks on world Jewry, are illustrations of black propaganda (Reuters: Principles of Trust or Propaganda? By Henry I. Silverman).

”Israel is being accused of drawing out the negotiations and lacking a genuine, honest will to secure peace among its leaders and citizens. But don't Israel's peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan attest to its serious intentions? Israel gave up, for peace, the Sinai Peninsula (an area three times Israel's size and rich with natural resources).


In an Egyptian TV interview, after five and a half years in captivity, Gilad Shalit chose to express his hope that the conflict shall end. On the other hand, released Palestinian prisoners announced their commitment to continuing terrorism and bloodshed. The Arab world is still in love with zealous words and mindless attacks: impassioned calls, baseless threats, and the flexing of muscles...” ( Arabs Scared of the Truth by Nizar Amer, Ynet News).

Did you know that the suffering of millions of Arabs is perpetuated only for political purposes by the Arab states and the PLO? They are merely pawns in the war to destroy Israel. Isn’t it time for the Arab states to accept upon themselves the responsibility of absorbing their brothers?

Palestinian State Will Not Accept Palestinian Refugees By David Meir-Levi : In his op-ed to The New York Times on May 16, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told the world in no uncertain terms that Palestinian statehood and UN recognition would not end the conflict:

Palestine’s admission to the United Nations would pave the way for the internationalization of the conflict as a legal matter, not only a political one. It would also pave the way for us to pursue claims against Israel at the United Nations, human rights treaty bodies and the International Court of Justice

This admission contradicts the core argument for Palestinian statehood: The Palestinians are fighting for their state, so they have told the world, for their political self-determination, for their national self-realization; so the creation of a Palestinian state is the way to end the conflict.

The Palestinian Authority’s ambassador to Lebanon in an interview with the Lebanese English language newspaper, the Daily Star said: “When we have a state accepted as a member of the United Nations, this is not the end of the conflict. This is not a solution to the conflict. This is only a new framework that will change the rules of the game.

In addition to telling the world that even after the so-called Palestinian people have their state they will continue the conflict, Ambassador Abdullah Abdullah went on to say that:

…Palestinian refugees would not become citizens of the sought for U.N.-recognized Palestinian state, an issue that has been much discussed. “They are Palestinians, that’s their identity,” he says. “But … they are not automatically citizens.”

This would not only apply to refugees in countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan or the other 132 countries where Abdullah says Palestinians reside. Abdullah said that “even Palestinian refugees who are living in [refugee camps] inside the [Palestinian] state, they are still refugees. They will not be considered citizens.”

The Palestinian Liberation Organization would remain responsible for refugees, and Abdullah says that UNRWA would continue its work as usual.

What an incredible irony. For years, the world has supported the concept of a Palestinian state, and forgiven the endless relentless Palestinian terrorism, on the grounds that Palestinians are stateless people who deserve a country of their own. And now, a senior Palestinian official has announced that once they have received a state, most Palestinians will still be stateless – even those who actually live in “Palestine.” 

Moreover, the new state won’t provide these residents with any services: It expects UNRWA – or, more accurately, the American and European taxpayers, who provide the bulk of that organization’s funding – to continue providing their schooling, healthcare, welfare allowances, etc. 
So almost half of all the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip will not be citizens of the state that demands to be created in order for these same people to have a state.

Palestinian leaders are not demanding a state so that they can have their “long-denied homeland” for their poor suffering ”Palestinian refugees,” all those millions of people who languish in the exile of their so-called “Palestinian Diaspora.” If they were, they could not now deny to some that right that they have so vociferously and self-righteously demanded from Israel. Rather, they are demanding a state so that they can more effectively and efficiently pursue their war against Israel (FrontPage Magazine, Sept 26, 2011).

Referring to the issue of the Arab refugees, Haniyeh conveyed a determined message to the communities of PA Arabs outside of “Palestine” by saying, “You are the first priority of our national movement and its jihadist and political activity, as the right of return is enshrined, non-negotiable, cannot be waived and no one has the right to negotiate over the right of return” (Hamas Calls to Form Army for the Liberation of ‘Palestine’, Israel National News).

Gaza- The Hamas department of refugee affairs urged Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya to work on forming an Arab army to liberate the occupied Islamic city of Jerusalem from occupation. In a press release, the department stressed the need to make the Palestinian refugees in Arab countries at the vanguard of this army and called on the Arab countries witnessing the Arab spring to take the lead in creating the atmosphere and starting preparatory steps for the formation of this army.

The first of these steps is to form Al-Quds brigade in each of these Arab countries and invite Palestinian refugees to take part in it and establish an Arab military command center to set the plans and supervise the army, according to the press release (Al Qassam, 21-12-2011).

Video: What Was Fate of Hundreds of Thousands of Refugees? What is the difference between a Jewish and an Arab refugee? Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon explains. “Have you heard of any Jewish refugees?’ Ayalon asks, and answers, “No, because they were absorbed by Israel and other nations.” And that includes refugees from the Holocaust in addition to those from Arab countries. As for the fate of “Palestinian” refugees, Ayalon concludes, “They never had a chance” because of their “Arab brethren” and United Nations policies (INN, 12/12/2011).

Arab Athletes Furious After “Palestine” Truncated:
Arab athletes upset at 2011 Pan Arab Games: "Palestine" was shown as including only Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Some of the participants in the 2011 Pan Arab Games, taking place in Qatar, were upset this weekend after discovering that a map showing “Palestine” presented its boundaries as only included Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

The map was presented, along with the maps of other participating countries, at the opening ceremony of the games in Doha. The representation of “Palestine” made some of the participants furious, as they claimed that the map only showed 22% of the area of “Palestine.” The PA, while stating its intentions to negotiate peace with Israel in international media, usually presents a totally different picture within its own media. This includes claiming that the entire land of Israel is in fact “Palestine” and not restricting themselves to Judea, Samaria and Gaza.


A few months ago, PA representatives in the United Nations were handing out maps of “Palestine” that show it in place of all of Israel, including Tel Aviv. As far back as 2008, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was  filmed at a PLO Central Committee meeting  with an emblem that negated the existence of the State of Israel, hanging in the background. The emblem included the PA flag above a map which depicted Palestine replacing the entirety of the State of Israel. There have also been numerous other cases in which official PA media have broadcast maps of the region,  obliterating Israel completely , and replacing it with the PA flag (INN, 12/11/2011).

IDF General Shocked by Hatred for Soldiers: Maj. Gen. Avi Mizrachi expressed dismay and confusion over hatred for IDF soldiers by Jewis youth after violent clashes in Samaria. IDF Central Command chief Avi Mizrahi said Tuesday he was shocked by the level of hatred expressed towards soldiers by angry Jewish youth who raided a military base in Samaria late last night after hearing rumors demolitions of Jewish outposts by soldiers were imminent (INN, 12/13/2011 ).

”And Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel.” ”Absalom built his power-base in precisely the same way as a populist politician, telling everyone exactly what they wanted to hear. "Stealing the heart" is the same as what in rabbinic literature is called GENEVAS DA'AS, "stealing the mind" by craftily deceiving other people into thinking exactly what one wants them to think” (Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum on II Samuel 15:6).

Katz: Mizrachi Being Selective About His "Shock": MK Katz says Maj. Gen. Mizrachi is ignoring left-wing attacks on the IDF in expressing his 'shock' at last night's Ephraim Brigade incident (INN, 12/13/2011).

Former Defense Minister: IDF Should Have Killed ’Settlers': Former Defense Minister Industry Binyamin Ben-Eliezer says the IDF should have shot to kill youth who raided an IDF base Monday night.


Ben-Eliezer called them “terrorists” and said the IDF had an obligation to shoot at the attackers with live fire. He added, “When they raid an IDF base, it does not make any difference if they are Arabs or Jews, The attackers have to be eliminated.”

National Union Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad charged that the response to the IDF raid has been “hysterical.” He told Voice of Israel government radio that when everyone was afraid that Arabs would stage mass demonstrations last September in support of the Palestinian Authority bid for United Nations membership, the army specifically ordered soldiers not to shoot at any Arabs who infiltrated into Jewish communities. “Only Jews can be shot,” he asked. “This is hysteria’ (INN, 12/14/2011).

Through their condemnation, they themselves represent exactly that which they accuse/blame their adversaries. (Those who dare to express themselves different than them).

Ketzaleh: Why Shoot Only One Resident? MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) (National Union) responded to the statement of MK Binyamin Ben Eliezer, ”I know my former commander Ben Eliezer as an expert marksman. Why shoot only hilltop youth? At the same opportunity, execute the 400,000 residents of Judea and Samaria, the 275,000 residents of East Jerusalem, and the 25,000 residents of the Golan Heights, and be finally rid of all of the despicable religious settlers” (INN, 12/14/2011).


Op-Ed: Army Base Incident: Media Reports are Exaggerated: Rabbi Eliezer Melamed makes clear in response to an inquiry that the media reports concerning violent incidents in the Shomron are an example of the media's notorious hyperbole.


The distorted reporting in the mainstream media stems from a clear mobilization to malign the 'settlers' by all possible means, in order to prepare public opinion to destroy the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Now too, the motivation to defame the 'settlers' and to spead division in their ranks by inciting a wave of condemnations within their camp is clear - to open the way for the destruction of the outposts.


And behold, the scheme has succeeded. According to reports, the Prime Minister, from the Likud Party, assembled the security forces to deal with a "hard hand" against "Jewish Terror" – in other words, to plan a wild destruction of houses in the outposts (INN, December 14, 2011 ).

Netanyahu: We Won’t Let Radicals Start a Religious War : Prime Minister says "anyone who dares raise his hand against soldiers and police will pay a heavy price." "We will not allow an extremist group to start a religious war with our neighbors," Netanyahu said. He added that hurting soldiers is a grave matter, whether it happens at the Ephraim Brigade Base or at Naalin – a hot spot for Arab and leftist violence.

"A small, extremist group must not be allowed to besmirch the settlers of Judea and Samaria, which is a loyal and law abiding populace," he stressed. "We will not let them desecrate mosques or hurt Arabs and Jews" (INN, 12/16/2011).


And a messenger came to Saul, saying, "Make haste and go, for the Philistines have spread out over the land!" And Saul returned from pursuing David, and he went toward the Philistines..." (1 Samuel 23:27-27). Similarly the present-day Israeli government is unable to make up its mind, whether to fight the country's real enemies or continue persecuting Jews who are loyal to Israel and its Torah (Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum). Is PM Netanyahu's heart divided between two thoughts, whether to save his country from its national enemy or continue to pursue the Jewish settlers of the land?

PM Approves New Security Measures in Judea and Samaria: Prime Minister Netanyahu approved new security measures for dealing with disturbances in Judea and Samaria (INN, 12/14/ 2011) .

Security Forces Demolish Homes in Mitzpe Yitzhar: Border Police officers in large numbers arrived in the the Shomron outpost of Mitzpe Yitzhar and demolished two buildings. Local residents reported that the troops had entered the community through a nearby Arab village instead of the through the main road (INN, 12/15/2011). Mitzpe Yitzhar – after the Destruction:Photos of the destruction at the Samaria community (INN, 12/15/2011).

These Hellenist Jews even joined forces with the enemy to hunt out and oppress Jews who kept faithful to the Torah... Aha..., we're heading for Hanukkah again... "Yea, even Judah will fight against Jerusalem! And the wealth of all the nations round about-gold and silver and apparel-will be gathered in very great abundance" (Zech. 14:14, 9:13-17, Haggai 2:8-9).

We celebrate Chanukah because 2,200 years ago the Maccabees restored the temple in Jerusalem and beat back an attempt from the Greek Hellenists to rob them of their history, just like the Palestinian Authority and their allies are trying today.

"And they said to each other: Here comes the dreamer. And now, let us kill him and we will throw him in one of the pits..." (Gen. 37:19-20).


"Here come those dreamers again. The people who insist on dreaming the dream that we thought we were rid of. Here they go, climbing up the hilltops and clinging to the Land of Israel, clinging to the dream. There, on that safe playing field, we will attack them and bring about their destruction - from Gush Katif to the hills of Samaria... we will destroy their legitimacy and we will portray them as violent and dangerous extremists... Then we will see what will be of their dreams"  (Moshe Feiglin).

Op-Ed: Get the Settlers: It is a crime to throw rocks at soldiers. But it is even worse to destroy Jewish homes in the Land of Israel, to drive families out of their homes and to decimate synagogues.

It is wrong to throw rocks at IDF soldiers. We must do all that we can to uproot this phenomenon. But the mad witch hunt that has raged this week has nothing to do with concern for and loyalty to the IDF.

Every Friday for years, leftist demonstrators would gather near the Arab village of Bil'ain. They would routinely throw rocks at the soldiers there.
One Border Policeman lost his eye as a result. Other soldiers were seriously injured.

But it did not interest the media. Nobody stuck a microphone into the face of Amos Oz or any other leftist High Priest to ask how those weeds had grown up in their garden. The wife of the Border Policeman who lost his eye didn't get any air time, the general did not pontificate about hatred the likes of which he had never seen, the Chief of Staff did not give interviews, Fuad did not call upon the IDF to shoot Jewish protesters, nobody declared that the anarchists are a terror organization and the Prime Minister did not convene an emergency Knesset committee meeting. None of that at all.

Why not? Because the protesters in Bil'ain come from the same social and ideological milieu as the media. Why create a scandal against themselves? Why make people feel disgust for your own ideology? (INN, December 16, 2011).

Who Dares Raise His Hand Against a Soldier? A hareidi daily has accused the cabinet of smearing Israel's settlers while remaining silent over 130 soldiers hurt in Leftist-Arab protests. The front page of the hebrew language hareidi daily Hamavaser  Thursday was dominated by an article by journalist Eliyahu Zalmanovitz accusing the government of hypocrisy and of smearing Israelis who live in Judea and Samaria.

The article comes after a contentious protest by some 50 youth at the Ephraim Brigade headquarters in Samaria after word demolition orders would be carried out in the night began the circulate Monday night. The youth clashed with soldiers and, according to security officials, threw stones and Molotov cocktails at IDF vehicles. They were correct about the demolition plans.

Community leaders and rabbis in Judea and Samaria have roundly condemned the incident as " shameful and a disgrace ," and declared " attacking IDF soldiers is a grave sin ." 

However, they also criticized Israel's political echelon for using the IDF – the army of the people – as a tool on issues that are disputed politically and for using soldiers in the Gush Katif expulsion.

In the Hamavaser article Zalmanovitz notes that even though some 130 soldiers and policemen have been injured by protesters in Bil'in by Arabs, anarchists and leftist Israellis over the years, the violent demonstrations there have not raised the ire of security officials or drawn charges of "terrorism" from ministers, the way the Ephraim Brigade incident has (INN, 12/16/2011).

Leftists at Rally: 'Time for War,' 'Barak – Murderer': Nationalist NGO calls to investigate leftist incitement at Tel Aviv rally. Nationalist grassroots student group Im Tirtzu asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to launch an investigation against leftists who incited against the Defense Minister, the IDF and Israel.

The incitement is recorded in a video (mostly in Hebrew) apparently shot by the protesters themselves and placed on Youtube.
In a letter to Weinstein, Im Tirtzu chairman Ronen Shoval wrote that the demonstration recorded in the video took place on Saturday evening, December 10, at the Kirya military quarter of Tel Aviv, following the death of an Arab rioter named Tamimi.

The group chanted slogans like "5…6…7…8… Israel's a fascist state," "The IDF is a terror organization, no excuses will help," and "Barak, Barak, Defense Minister, how many children have you murdered till today?"

The video also shows speeches by the demonstrators that include harsh incitement. One says: "I really do not feel that this is the time for quiet vigil – I feel that this is the time for a great anger, that this is the time for war… If we are going to die then it should happen in resistance… We need to go fight every Friday" (INN; 12/15/2011).

B'Tselem NGO : Idea of 'Shooting Settlers is Unacceptable': Leftist organization B'Tselem said that Binyamin Ben-Eliezer's idea of "shooting settlers" was "unacceptable." Even the far left B'Tselem organization criticized the extremist comments made by Labor MK Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, who suggestied that IDF soldiers “shoot settlers” who clash with them when security forces try to demolish homes in Judea and Samaria. Some of the radical left applauded his remarks.

The B'Tselem group, known chiefly for its advocacy for Arabs in disputes with the IDF and over Jewish property rights in Judea and Samaria, condemned the idea, saying that shooting live ammunition at Jewish protesters was “an unacceptable method of dealing with civilian violence by Jewish residents” of Judea and Samaria (INN, 12/15/2011).

Gov't Secretary: No More Coddling Leftists at Bilin: Secretary Tzvi Hauser says Netanyahu was "shocked" to learn of mosque torching but says leftist violence must also end. Recent violent incidents ascribed to right-wingers may have rattled the government enough to cause it to reappraise its attitude toward leftist and Arab violence, too (INN, 12/17/2011).

Lieberman: Stop Pouncing on the Settlers: Foreign Minister says media and political onslaught against residents of Yesha is wrong (INN, 12/19/2011).

Netanyahu Ditches Law to Legalize Outposts: Netanyahu ditched a bill to legalize dozens of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria; the bill’s sponsor vowed it will pass one day. He is ostensibly satisfying coalition partner Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Israeli media that he is not going head-to-head against the Supreme Court, which has ordered the demolition of Jewish communities that have not gained the signature of Barak to make them legal. He also may be playing for time until there is more political calm following the outcry against “price tag” vandalism and protests against the IDF (INN, 12/18/2011).

IDF Radio to Stop Saying 'West Bank': Army's radio station instructs its reporters to use "Judea and Samaria" instead. IDF Radio's commander has instructed the station's reporters to prefer the term "Judea and Samaria" (Yehuda veShomron) to "the West Bank." The latter phrase dates from the 19-year interval between 1948 and 1967 during which the Biblical heartland was under Jordanian control (INN, 12/17/2011).

"In whatever way a person chooses, therein is he led (Makkos 10b) . We tend to disown those thoughts, feelings, and actions that we dislike. Something we saw, read, or heard upset us, we like to think, and caused us to think, feel, or act in a certain way. We forget that we have considerable say in what we choose to see or hear.

Psychiatry and psychology have contributed to this abdication of responsibility. Their emphasis on the impact of early-life events on our emotions has been taken to mean that these factors determine our psyche, and that we are but helpless victims of our past.

We forget that if someone puts trash on our doorstep, we do not have to take it in; even if it was put into the house and filled it with an odor, we have the option to throw it out and clean up. Similarly, even if early-life experiences have an impact, the effects are not cast in stone; we can take steps to overcome them.

A man once complained to his rabbi that alien thoughts were interfering with his prayer and meditation. The rabbi shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know why you refer to them as alien," he said. "They are your own."

If we stop disowning feelings and actions, we may be able to do something about them.

Today I shall... try to avoid exposing myself to those influences that are likely to stimulate feelings and behavior that I think are wrong (Rabbi Avraham J. Twerski, ).

Oslo Spree Killer Found Mentally Unfit for Trial:
Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 in Norway on July 22, has been found unfit to stand trial due to 'psychosis.' A psychiatric evaluation of mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik found he was insane when he killed 77 people in a Norway rampage on July 22.

In their report, the experts describe a man "who finds himself in his own delusional universe, where all his thoughts and acts are governed by these delusions," Holden said. "They conclude that Anders Behring Breivik during a long period of time has developed the mental disorder of paranoid schizophrenia, which has changed him and made him into the person he is today" (INN, 11/29/2011).

Breivik has been declared insane, suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and delusions of grandeur, he planned massmurder in secret, and therefore nobody could have prevented the terrible attack. The concept of psychosis is also used about state of minds, which appear because of strong influence of suggestion, for example war- and mass psychosis.


Ahmadinejad has declared to the world that he has a “mission from Allah” to bring about the Apocalypse needed, massmurder, destruction and chaos as preconditions to occasion the return of the Mahdi and Jesus. At the same time Iran is working full force to gain nuclear weapons, the Iranian government has also produced a documentary that claims that Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, and Nasrallah are talked about in Islamic prophecy as leaders, who will wage war to bring about the arrival of the Hidden Imam. Iran's End Times Documentary : The film uses current events to argue that “the final chapter has begun” and the Mahdi’s arrival is imminent.

Who’s Blowing Up Iran? (By Michael Ledeen): Since I’m pretty much the only guy in town who forecast the war against the mullahs,.. I don’t think the ongoing assault against the regime is coming from outside Iran. I think it comes from the Iranian opposition within the country.  And I think it shows that the opposition is a great deal stronger than the experts have opined. When a regime cracks, even very high officials start to do favors for the opposition, hoping to avoid the worst if the regime comes down (, Nov. 28, 2011).