He will swallow up death for ever; (Isaiah 25:8)
Jeremiah 23:29 "Are not My words like fire says HaShem and like a hammer that smashes the rocks" (sending sparks flying in all directions). The translations can only endeavor to give us a reasonable PSHAT (simple meaning) but in fact, the Hebrew is susceptible of multiple translations, all correct -- that's why we pore over our commentators who explain the various possible meanings. The better you know Hebrew the better you will appreciate this point" (Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum).

Hosea 13:14 "Shall I ransom them from the power (hand) of the nether-world SHEOL? Shall I redeem them from death?"

Rav Ovadia: Shalit's Return Illustrative of the Resurrection: Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef says Gilad Shalit's release hints at the joy of the resurrection of the dead (INN, 10/19/2011).

”And Hezekiah wrote letters and sent to all Israel and Judah, Ephraim and Manasseh... For when you return to the Lord (Deut. 4:27-31, Ch. 30), your brothers and your sons will find compassion before their captors and shall return to this land, for the Lord your God is gracious and merciful, and He will not turn His face away from you if you return to Him" (2 Chr. 30:1-9). ”When the Lord accepts a person's ways, He will cause even his enemies to make peace (change his attitude, "face, image," behavior) with him” (Proverbs 16:7).

1 Kings 8:-22-51 "And Solomon stood in the presence of all the congregation of Israel,..And he said,.. And forgive Your people what they have sinned against You, and all their transgressions that they have transgressed against You, and give mercy before their captors, that they may have mercy on them. For they are Your people, and Your inheritance, whom You have taken out of Egypt, from within the smelting furnace of iron (the oppression suffered in exile).


"And they (the Israelites) mingled with the nations and learned their deeds. They worshipped their idols,.. And the Lord's wrath was kindled against His people... He delivered them into the hands of nations, and their enemies ruled over them. But He looked upon their distress when He heard their cries. And He caused them to be pitied by all their captors. Save us, O Lord, our God, and gather us from the nations, to give thanks to Your holy name... and all the people shall say, "Amen" (Psalms 106:35-48).


Report: Grapel to be Released ‘Within Hours’: Egyptian media reports that accused spy Ilan Grapel will be released 'within hours' in exchange for prisoners (INN; 10/12/2011).

The Ilan Grapel affair, involving an American-Israeli arrested in Cairo, was designed to satisfy the Egyptian masses, and was a stage-managed incident meant to use "the traditional rival - Israel - to distract Egyptians from their real problems," Boaz Ganor, executive director of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism at IDC Herzliya, said Tuesday. Ely Karmon, a senior researcher at ICT, added that Cairo has a record of arresting innocent Israelis such as Azzam Azzam and Ouda Tarabin and framing them as spies to prove to its anti-Israel public it is looking after state security. (Oren Kessler Jerusalem Post).


Please continue to pray and say tehillim (20, 83, 121, 130, and 142) and recite the prayer Acheinu kol beis Yisroel for the immediate release of all those held in captivity unjustly and among them: Dina bas Chaya Henna. Menachem Yehudah ben Leah Miriam (held on false charges in a foreign country). Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka. Yaakov Yosef ben Raizel (Japan). Jonathon Pollard (Yehonason ben Malka, USA). Five Israeli MIA'S: Guy ben Rena, Ron ben Batya, Tzvi ben Penina, Yekutiel Yehuda Nachman ben Sara, Zecharya Shlomo ben Miriam.


Our sages tell us that “righteous people, even after their passing, are regarded as alive; wicked people even while they are ‘alive,’ are considered "dead.”

Psalm 88:11 "Will You perform a wonder for the dead? The heathen nations, the wicked and the sinners of Israel are "dead" until; "wisdom (CHOCHMAH) gives life" (Eccl. 7:12, Prov. 3:16-18, 8:32-36, Genesis 3:22). “They die, without wisdom” (Job 4:12-21). They are wicked and sinners because they lack wisdom. Job 28:28 "And unto man He said: 'Behold,
the fear of the Lord (YIRAT ADONAI), that is wisdom (CHOCHMAH); and to depart from evil is understanding (BINAH)'


"And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom (CHOCHMAH) and understanding (BINAH), the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge (DA'AT) and of THE FEAR OF THE LORD" (Isaiah 11:2). Interestingly, ChaBaD is a Hebrew acronym for Chochma (Wisdom), Bina (Understanding), and Daas (Knowledge). Isaiah 42:1, 53:11 states that Israel's Mashiach "shall make the right to go forth to the nations (MISHPAT LaGOYIM YOTZI), and "he will vindicate the just for many with his knowledge" (DA'AT). All the nations will wait for the Torah of Mashiach.


”The shades (REPHAIM) tremble beneath the waters and the inhabitants thereof. The nether-world (SHEOL) is naked before Him, and Destruction (ABBADON, perishing) hath no covering (Job 25:5-6). Job speaks about the mysteries of the REPHA-IM, the "shades," which weakens (ME-RAPEH) the creations. See  ' Amalek '

Elijah prayed to God that He give him the key to the resurrection of the dead (Sanhedrin 113a). 1 Kings 17:17 -22 the son of the woman , became ill; and his illness was very serious until no soul was left within him. And he prostrated himself on the boy three times, and he called to the Lord and said, "O Lord, my God, restore please the soul (NEFESH) of this child within him." And the Lord hearkened to the voice of Elijah and the child's soul (NEFESH) returned within him, and he lived.

”The widow of Tzorphath who courageously gave Elijah her last remaining food even at the height of a famine is symbolic of Knesset Israel - the Assembly of Israel - who had descended to the very bottom in the time of Ahab, yet were restored through the spiritual power of the prophet. Thus the widow's son (identified with the prophet Jonah) was if not actually clinically dead at the very least no longer breathing when Elijah performed his miraculous resuscitation.

The prophet's ability to revive the lifeless lad is a sign that God's Redeemer will save Israel from even the worst decline” (Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum).

And Elisha came into the house, and behold the lad was dead, laid out on his bed. .. And he went up and lay on the child, and placed his mouth on his mouth and his eyes on his eyes and his palms on his palms, and he prostrated himself upon him: and the child's flesh became warm ” ( II Kings 4:32 ). When the child died suddenly, Elisha revived him by placing himself upon the lifeless little body, and injecting his own soul. As it were into the child.

This has become an eternal lesson for those who wish to teach and inspire Jewish children – to breathe life into them. A teacher must give himself over to his charges if he hopes to succeed.

Ezekiel 37: 1-14 ” So says the Lord God to these bones; Behold, I will cause spirit/breath (RUACH) to enter into you, and you shall live!.. So I prophesied as He commanded me, and the breath (RUACH) came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great host (the House of Israel). And I will put My spirit (RUACH) into you, and you shall live, and I will set you on your land, and you shall know that I, the Lord, have spoken it and have performed it," says the Lord. See Ezekiel 36:24-28, 37:24-28.

"Three keys are in the hand of the Holy One blessed be He and have not been entrusted to any agent: the key to the rains, the key to giving birth and the key to the revival of the dead" (Ta'anis 2b).

"Will the shades (REPHAIM) rise and thank You forever?" (Psalm 88:11). The REPHAIM are those who weakened (REEPOO) their hands from the Torah and refused to keep it. "Thy dead (Martyrs) shall live, my (the prophet's) dead bodies shall arise--awake and sing, ye that dwell in the dust--for Thy dew (the Torah and the commandments) is as the dew of light, and the earth shall bring to life the shades (REPHAIM)" (Isaiah 26:19).  lit. the weak. Will the nations that weakened their [Israel’s] hands from Your service rise and thank You? This is a wonder (Rashi).

Daniel 12:2
"And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake." This refers to the resurrection of the dead (Rashi) - as well, of course, to the tremendous spiritual awakening and the widespread return to the Torah that we witness in our time among Israelite souls that in some cases have been buried in exile and cultural alienation for centuries. This itself is the revival of the dead!

Psalms 22:30 "All the fat ones (rich) of the earth shall eat and worship; all they that go down to the dust shall kneel before Him, even he that cannot keep his soul alive."
These are the ones with Jewish blood on their hands (Radak). See Isaiah 45:15-26.

Solomon's final warning of the Woman of Folly, who "call to them that pass by, who go right on their ways: "Whoso is thoughtless, let him turn in hither';" But he (the enticed) knoweth not that the shades (REPHAIM) are there; that her guests are in the depths of the nether-world (SHEOL)" (Prov. 9:13-18).
"When people are downtrodden you would say, 'Arise!'; and He will save those with downcast eyes (the humble). Those who are not innocent will be saved through the pureness of your hands" (Job 22:29). The righteous can even lift up the wicked which seem to be descending into latter-day barbarism.

McCain: NATO May Have to Strike Syria: Sen. John McCain says NATO might have to move from Libya to Israel’s back yard in Syria now that Qaddafi is gone. "The Assad regime should not consider that it can get away with mass murder,” he added. Qaddafi made that mistake and it cost him everything. Iran's rulers would be wise to heed similar counsel” (INN, 10/24/2011).

Wouldn’t it be on it’s place to take out the terrorist leadership in Gaza and Hizbullah in Lebanon who threatens the Jews with mass murder at the same time?

Video: Syrian’s Top Muslim Threatens West with Suicide Bombings: Syria’s top Sunni Muslim leader told pro-Assad Lebanese Christian women, “We will prepare suicide bombers” if the West bombs Syria (INN, 10/11/2011).

NATO Member Turkey Deploys Air Defense System To ‘Defend’ Syria, Iran Against Israel Raids: The Turkish daily Hurriyet quoted a military source as saying that “this move aims at repelling a US or Israeli attack against Iran or Syria.” (asbarez.com, May, 2010).

Assad Warns to Set Fire on Middle-East in Case of US Attack: He threatened the western countries that if Syria comes under a NATO attack, it would set fire on the Middle-East, specially Israel. Damascus will also call on Hezbollah in Lebanon to launch such an intensive rocket and missile attack on Israel that the Israeli spy agencies could never imagine. Iran will attack the US warships in the Persian Gulf and the US and European interests will be targeted simultaneously" (Fars News Agency, 2011-10-04). Nasrallah: 'Next time, we'll begin with attack on Tel Aviv' (JPost, 10/21/2011).

Echo From The Past: Saddam Hussein also threatened to attack Israel with a "surprise" weapon should the U.S. attack Iraq (INN, 11/7/2002). Iraq Threatens Israel With Use of Nerve Gas: "We don't need an atomic bomb, because we have the double chemical," a clear reference to binary chemical warheads or nerve gas (LATimes, Apr. 03,1990). Iraq did physically attack Israel during the Gulf War which began March 20, 2003 by firing 39 Scud missiles at the Jewish state.

Where Did the Iraqi WMD Go? Report: U.S Suspects Iraqi WMD in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley: U.S. intelligence first identified a stream of tractor-trailer trucks moving from Iraq to Syria to Lebanon in January 2003, which may have contained extended-range Scud-based missiles and parts for chemical and biological warheads (Geostrategy-Direct/World Tribune, 26 Aug 2003).


U.S. OFFICIAL: Iraqis told me WMDs sent to Syria: Don U.S. OFFICIAL: Iraqis told me WMDs sent to Syria. Don Bordenkircher – who served two years as national director of prison and jail operations in Iraq– told WND that about 40 prisoners he spoke with "boasted of being involved in the transport of WMD warheads to Syria.


He said he was told the WMDs were shipped by truck into Syria, and some ended up in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. Prisoners who said they worked at the al-Muthana Chemical Industries site said the cargo included nitrogen mustard gas warheads for Tariq I and II missiles   (WND, July 30, 2008).


Nasrallah: Grand Surprise for Israel, not like 2006 (Youtube). "I will not promise you surprises like the previous ones, but I promise you the Grand Surprise that could change the fate of the war and the fate of the region. God willing." Nasrallah warns of 'surprise' should another war erupt in Lebanon: Today is the first anniversary of our divine victory…" (Ynet News 08.14.07). Nasrallah vows more surprises: "Hezbollah is not fighting a battle for Hezbollah or even for Lebanon but for the Islamic nation," he said (Ynet News, 07.16.06).


Senior Libyan rebel “officers” sold Hizballah and Hamas thousands of chemical shells from the stocks of mustard and nerve gas that fell into rebel hands when they overran Qaddafi’s military facilities in and around Benghazi, (Debkafile 3-31-11). Egypt uncovers Libyan SA-24 anti-air missiles and sea mines bound for Gaza: Iran and Hizballah are getting Hamas equipped for another round of hostilities with Israel (Debkafile, 9-26-11). No doubt; Egypt's MB Al Qaradawi, Iran and their proxies, is working feverishly to finish off Hitler's destruction.

Hamas Leader: The Day We Expel the Jews Is Drawing Near: According to Hamas Leader Mahmoud al-Zahar, "Neither the liberation of the Gaza Strip nor the liberation of the West Bank or even Jerusalem will suffice us. Hamas will pursue the armed struggle until the liberation of all our lands. We don't recognize the State of Israel or its right to hold onto one inch of Palestine. Palestine is an Islamic land belonging to all the Muslims."

"We are no weaker or less honorable than the peoples that expelled and annihilated the Jews. The day we expel them is drawing near....We have learned the lesson - there is no place for you [Jews] among us, and you have no future among the nations of the world. You are headed to annihilation."

During the Second Intifada from 2000-2004, Hamas and its allies launched 138 suicide attacks against Israelis, killing 319 Israeli soldiers and 745 civilians, and wounding 2,430 soldiers and 5,032 civilians. (Front Page Magazine, Oct 26th, 2011).

Assad: Western Intervention Will Cause an Earthquake: Syrian President Bashar Assad issues warning to the West: If you intervene in Syria, there will be an earthquake in the region. The Syrian President has previously warned that he has “surprises” in store if foreign forces intervene. He did not offer detail, but Assad is suspected of stockpiling chemical weapons. Assad also claimed in the Telegraph interview that the current crisis in Syria is related to a Muslim Brotherhood uprising in the city of Hama in 1982, in which his father, former President Hafez Assad, killed many thousands (INN, 10/30/2011).

Death Clouds: Saddam Hussein’s Chemical War Against the Kurds : By Dlawer Abdul Aziz Ala'Aldeen,  5/1/1991). Iraqi forces used a cocktail of chemicals which dropped from the sky during the attack, including mustard gas and the nerve agents sarin, tabun and VX, the blood agent hydrogen cyanide (most of the wounded taken to hospitals in Tehran were suffering from mustard gas exposure). (1988: Thousands die in Halabja gas attack, BBC). Similar  chemicals seem to have fallen into the hands of Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas. (Thank God for the missile interceptors! Isaiah 54:15-17, Zechariah 14:12-16).

"And a tabernacle (SUKKAH,  the shelter of faith) shall be for shade by day from the heat, and for a shelter and for a covert from stream and from rain" (Isaiah 4:5-6, Ezekiel 38:19-23). The righteous will have a tabernacle to protect them against the streams of fire flowing down from the River DINoor and the rains that will come pelting down upon the wicked at the time of God's judgment (Rashi). Zechariah 14:4-5: Radak suggests that the splitting of the Mount of Oives is to be understood as a metaphor for the total routing of the invading armies. Amos 1:2 is an allegorical prophecy concerning the downfall of the wicked nations (Radak).


Egyptian authorities committed a heinous crime against Coptic Christians. Where is the UN?The Military Egyptian authorities with no mercy and in cold blood committed a heinous and barbaric massacre against unarmed Coptic Christian civilians who were just protesting in a peaceful and civilized manner the shameful atrocity of burning one of their churches by fundamentalists in the village of Elmarinab in Edfu, Aswan.

This is a shame and disgrace for the civilized world.
On Sunday, Egyptian military forces attacked the Coptic demonstrators savagely using all kinds of weapons including armored vehicles, tanks and tear gas. Initial reports indicated that at least 35 Copts were killed and more than 300 injured. The number of the victims could rise dramatically as many bodies are still unidentified and disfigured beyond recognition (INN, October 11, 2011).

The Syrian people are calling for direct military intervention of the United Nations to stop the genocide and war crimes (Stability of the World). Video: Unbelievable Bravery in Syria: Ramita Navai and Wael Dabbou: Reporters for Britain's Channel 4 News go undercover in Syria to report on the anti-Assad uprising (Harry's Place).

Assad: Willing to Talk to the Opposition: Syrian President Bashar Assad said on Sunday that he was willing to talk to the opposition, after a seven-month uprising against him that has left thousands dead, Reuters reported. In an interview with Russian television, Assad said, “We will cooperate with all political powers, both those who had existed before the crisis, and those who arose during it. We believe interacting with these powers is extremely important.”

Assad made the comments as Syrian officials were due to hold more talks in Qatar with delegates of the Arab League, which wants to convene a dialogue between the Syrian authorities and their opponents. On Friday, Assad held a first meeting with an Arab League delegation led by Qatar, in an attempt to mediate an end to the uprising.

Assad claimed in the Telegraph interview that the current crisis in Syria is related to a Muslim Brotherhood uprising in the city of Hama in 1982, in which his father, former President Hafez Assad, killed many thousands. “We’ve been fighting the Muslim Brotherhood since the 1950s and we are still fighting with them,..” Assad said, (INN, 10/31/2011).

Did the Libyan Leadership Deceive the West? By Jonathan D. Halevi (JCPA). On October 23, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC) that is the temporary power in Libya replacing the Gaddafi regime, announced: "We, as an Islamic state, determined that Islamic law is a major source for legislation, and on this basis any law which contradicts the principles of Islam and Islamic law will be considered null and void."


The NTC has the support of the West and NATO countries, which helped it militarily to bring down the Gaddafi regime, hoping to establish a democratic regime in Libya.

In early October, Dr. David Gerbi, who was born in Libya and fled to Italy in 1967, arrived in Tripoli and asked to repair the synagogue. The NTC was quick to remove him, while demonstrations were held in Tripoli calling to prevent any Jewish presence in Libya or the establishment of synagogues. The NTC did not condemn this expression of anti-Semitism, nor was there any objection by any other political factions in Libya.


NTC and Western officials have already stated their growing concerns that Qatar is trying to interfere in the country's sovereignty, and the rebels are said to have received about $2 billion from the Qatari government. Qatari involvement is likely to produce a regime in Libya that follows the political orientation of Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, thereby giving the Muslim Brotherhood an open door in the new Libya.


The political debate in Libya will be within an essentially Islamist universe, with different leaders distinguished by the degree to which they seek to implement their Islamism. It seems that the strategy of the democratic states that trusted the promises of the rebel forces to adopt and implement the principles of democracy has collapsed, and that Western aid to overthrow Gaddafi's tyrannical regime prepared the groundwork for the establishment of an Islamic state, which eventually may become hostile to the West.

Libya's Leader Promises: No Extreme Islam: Libya's interim leader assures EU foreign policy chief his country will not turn into an extremist Islamic country. Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of Libya’s National Transitional Council, made the comments in a meeting in Tripoli with the European Union’s policy chief, Catherine Ashton, according to a report in The Associated Press (INN,1/13/2011).

Isaiah 54:9 "For this is as the waters of Noah unto Me;.."  ”This week's Torah portion, Noah, describes a terrible breakdown of humanity; total bankruptcy of all G-d's expectations and aspirations for man, leading to the destruction of the earth” (Rabbi Erez Nir).

"The Midrash Tanchuma explains: why did G-d  make Noah toil to build the ark? In order that the people of his generation should see him occupied with the task for 120 years, and they should ask him, "Why are you doing this?" His answer might move them to repent” (Moshe Kempinski). So that His wrath may subside.

"The Flood came as G-d's response to the abyss of evil into which humanity had fallen, with every kind of violence and licentiousness. First came a Divine warning to Noah that the Flood would take place. Then he began building the Ark. The Sages tell us that for a hundred and twenty years he worked on this project. During this long time, it might be hoped, he would convince other people to change their ways. In this way, he would prevent the Flood from coming, he would save the world.

The rain began to fall. According to the Sages, it began gently. If the people of his generation would have repented, the rain would have been rain of blessing. Unfortunately, they did not repent. The rain became stronger. Noah and his family went into the Ark, together with the stream of animals and birds which came to it of their own accord. The torrential rain became the Flood, destroying everything..." (Dr. Tali Loewenthal).

"The earth fainteth and fadeth away, the world faileth and fadeth away, the lofty people of the earth do fail. The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, violated the statute, BROKEN THE EVERLASTING COVENANT. Therefore hath a curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are found guilty; therefore the inhabitants of the earth waste away, and men are left few.” Isaiah 24:4-6, See also Ch. 4, 41:11-12, 60:12, Zechariah 12:9, 14:16, Jeremiah 3:14-15, Obadiah, Tzefaniah Chs. 2-3.

If this prophesy refers to Israel, it is referring to the transgression of the two Torahs, the written and the oral (Metzudas David). If it refers to the nations of the world, it refers to their violating the covenant God made with Noah ”the covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is upon the earth” (Genesis 9:1-17), their persecution of Israel in excess of what God decreed, thereby violating the covenant of brotherhood (Amos 1:9) that should have existed between Esau (Edom), Ammon, Moab and Ishmael and their close relative Israel (RaDaK).

Moses Final Charge to the People: ”You shall observe the words of this covenant and you shall perform them, so that you will succeed/prosper in all that you do” (Deut. 29: 8). On the last day of his life Moses gathered together every member of the Jewish people, and initiated them for the last time into the covenant of God. What was new about this covenant was the concept of responsibility for one another, under which every Jew is obligated to help others observe the Torah and to restrain them from violating it. Non-Jews are only obligated to obey the seven commandments given to Noah (See God’s EVERLASTING Covenant with Noah, Genesis 9:8-17), Jews are responsible for fulfilling the 613 mitzvot in the Torah.


Deuteronomy 4:6 ”You shall safeguard them and perform them (the commandments) , for it is your wisdom and discernment in the eyes of the peoples, who shall hear all these decrees and who shall say, ”surely a wise and discerning people is this great nation!” In order to perform the commandments properly one must study the Mishnah, the Oral Law (Deut. 12:28), which both Christians and Muslims have rejected.

David’s charge to Solomon: Be loyal to the Torah: "Safeguard the charge of HaShem, your God, to walk in His ways (follow His attributes; kindness, justice, charity), to observe His decrees, commandments, ordinances and testimonies, as written in the Torah of Moses, so that you will succeed in all that you do and wherever you turn; so that HaShem will uphold His word that He spoke regarding me, saying, ”If your children will safeguard their way, to walk before Me sincerely, with all their heart and with all their soul,” saying, ”no man of yours will ever be cut off from upon the throne of Israel” (I Kings 2:3-4).


God exhorts Joshua; constant Torah study, everything depends on keeping the Torah, the conquest and the keeping of the Land. ”Only be very strong and courageous, to observe, to do, according to the entire Torah that Moses my servant commanded you; do not deviate from it to the right or to the left, in order that you will succeed wherever you will go. This Book of the Torah shall not depart from your mouth; rather you should contemplate it day and night in order that you observe to do all that is written in it; for then you will make your way successfull, and then you will act wisely.” See also Isaiah 59:20-21 where God promises that even in their exile; the Torah will never be forgotten from the Jewish people and that Israel’s redeemer will come to those of Jacob who repent from willful sin.


Therefore, even an acknowledged prophet is automatically proven false if he claims that any precept of the Torah should be abrogated permanently (Sanhedrin 89a). “He (Jesus) has abolished the law with its commandments and ordinances, (Ephesians  2:15, see also Colossians 2:13-16,20-22, Galatians 4:8-11, 2 Pet 2:21-22, Luke 11:37-42, 22:20, Acts 10:9-16, 11:1-10, Titus 1:10-16, 2 Cor. 3:5-11, 5:17, Hebrews 7:22, 8:6-13, 9:15. Only with this, both Jesus and the authors of the New Testament have proven themselves to be false prophets.


”From the depths I have called You, O Lord.” Psalm 130:1 is a song of ascents/elevation; a journey to a higher place. The "depths" indicates various levels of despair we may fall into. A person in distress prays to God from the depths of his heart. ”Deep calls to deep to the sound of Your water channels; all your breakers and waves (enemies and oppression, suffering) passed over me” (Psalm 42:8). One misfortune follows another in rapid succession.

"Then Jonah prayed unto the LORD his God out of the fish's belly. And he said: I called out of mine affliction unto the LORD, and He answered me; out of the belly of the nether-world (SHEOL) cried I, and Thou heardest my voice. For Thou didst cast me into the depth, in the heart of the seas (falling prey to other powers), and the flood was round about me; all Thy waves and Thy billows passed over me... that which I have vowed I will pay. Salvation is of the LORD. And the LORD spoke unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land. " (Jonah 2:2-3,10-11).

I am sunk in deep mire, where there is no standing; I am come into deep waters, and the flood overwhelmeth me. Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink; let me be delivered from them that hate me, and out of the deep waters. Let not the waterflood overwhelm me, neither let the deep swallow me up; and let not the pit (BEER) shut her mouth upon me” (Psalm 69:3,15-16, Ch. 88, Jonah Ch. 2). Psalms 69 is a vivid portrayal of Israel's plight in its long and bitter exile, and an impassioned plea for its speedy deliverance.


Psalm 88:5-8 This Psalm is also a plea for deliverance from Israel's long, almost unbearable exile. "For my soul is sated with troubles, and my life draweth nigh unto the grave (SHEOL). I am counted with those who go down to the pit (VOR), I have become like a man without strength (Torah Knowledge) - among the dead who are free; like the corpses lying in the grave (KEVER), whom You remember no more, for they were cut off by Your hand." To sustain them with life; rather You decreed that they should perish, see Leviticus 26, Deut. 28.The spiral of despair goes further: "Thou hast laid me in the nethermost pit (VOR), in dark places, in the deeps (among the wicked). Thy wrath lieth hard upon me, and all Thy waves Thou pressest down. Selah.”


But by teaching Israel the Torah... ”...Thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest nether-world SHEOL” (Psalm 86:13). ”Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth; my flesh also dwelleth in safety; For Thou wilt not abandon my soul to the nether-world SHEOL; neither wilt Thou suffer Thy godly one CHASSID (pious one) to see the pit SHACHAT/destruction, slaughter).Thou makest me to know the path of life; in Thy presence is fulness of joy, in Thy right hand bliss for evermore" (Psalm 16:9-11). 

"But God will redeem my soul from the power of the nether-world (SHEOL); for He shall receive me. Selah (Psalm 49:16). But I, who have bent my ear to the parable; the Torah.God will redeem my soul so that I do not go to the grave, BECAUSE He will take me IN MY LIFETIME to walk in His ways. 
In reality, we are alive among the wicked (considered "dead") who have created a "hell" on earth! (Psalms 88:11-13). 

Judaism: Vayechi: Dying and Living in the Land of Israel:The Midrash Hagadol adds a special reason for Jacob's fear of being left back in Egypt.  By Levi Chazen (INN).

The netherworld of Egypt: "When Yaakov's sons first brought him the news of Yosef's death, Yaakov refused to be consoled and said, "I will descend on account of my son as a mourner to the grave.'" (Genesis 37:35) The word used by Yaakov for grave is not the commonly used KEVER, which he does, in fact, employ later when instructing his sons as to what is to be done with his remains. Here Yaakov uses the more obscure SHE'OL.

The word she'ol implies a bleak and desolate netherworld in which the soul of a man is granted no peace and no rest. This is the future Yaakov anticipated for himself on account of Yosef's death. Much to his soul's delight, Yaakov was, indeed, reunited with Yosef before he died. But the idea that he would descend into She'ol, into a wasteland for the soul before he would ever see Yosef again, became manifest... Egypt was a pit of immorality, a she'ol of injustice, cruelty and licentiousness... 

Taking up residence in the land of Goshen was good, as Israel was separated from the rest of Egypt, and Yaakov understood that he must live out his days there. But he would not suffer his remains to be interred in this cursed land. So hateful to him was this place that before leaving this earth, he withdrew his feet (49:33) from the land of Egypt.

He died in Egypt, but he first separated himself from its soil,.. Even in his own death, Yaakov's soul would not be comforted and would not rest until his body was brought up out of the netherworld of Egypt and buried with his fathers deep in the soil of the land of Israel. Only from this holy portal would his soul enter Paradise (Yitzchak Reuven).

All the mire, waters, floods, waves, deeps, etc spoken of in the Psalms, Jonah Chs. 1-3 must be related to this weeks Torah portion Noach...  Isaiah 17:12-14 "Ah, the uproar of many peoples, that roar like the roaring of the seas; and the rushing of nations, that rush like the rushing of mighty waters! The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters; but He shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like the whirling dust before the storm (see also Isaiah 41:15-16, Daniel 2:35). At eventide behold terror; and before the morning they are not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them (Gog and Magog, Psalms 83, Ezekiel Chs. 36,38-39) that rob us." 

Demonstrations and uprisings in the Middle East  and North Africa have become known as the "Arab Spring." But what has an "Arab Rebellion/Uprising" to do in Tunisia or North Africa? Today Tunisia is part of the enlarged Arab nation, almost all Tunisians are Arab speaking Muslims, the original population was Berber speaking. Islamist Party Claims Victory in Tunisia: A moderate Islamist party is claiming victory in Tunisia's first ever democratic election (INN, 10/25/2011).

Tunisia's Islamist Party Promises to Welcome All Faiths: The leader of Tunisia’s newly-elected Islamist party: We'll keep the moderation and not exclude anyone. Ennahada, considered a moderate Islamist party,claimed victory in the democratic electionthat took place in October – the first one in Tunisia’s history.

The party, which is tasked with forming a new constitution, has already announced it is prepared to form an alliance with two secularist parties, a move likely meant to quell fears of a resurgence of Islamists as a threat to modern, liberal values. While Ennahdha has said it wants Islamic law to be the source of the country’s legislation, it has vowed to protect personal freedoms and tolerance... (INN, 11/11/2011).


Tunisia: Islamist Prime Minister Nominee Calls for Restored Caliphate, Liberation of Jerusalem: The Tunisian Islamist party Ennahda invited Houda Naim, a Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council based in Gaza, to speak at a rally in Sousse on Sunday, the first time a member of Hamas has addressed the Tunisian public. Naim stated her hope that the "liberation" of Tunisia would lead to the liberation of Palestine.

At the event, Ennahda's general secretary Hammadi Jebali, recently proposed by the party to be the new prime minister of Tunisia, declared that the occasion was "a divine moment in a new state, and in, hopefully, a 6th caliphate," referring to the historical system of Islamic monarchies. Jebali also echoed Naim's words, stating, "The liberation of Tunisia will, God willing, bring about the liberation of Jerusalem" (Tunisia Live).


Tunisia's Ghannouchi: "I Quite Like" Hamas' Kassam Rockets: Rachid Ghannouchi, the leader of the Islamic Tunisian political party Ennahda, told Al Hiwar Arabic TV on Feb. 22, 2009: "I quite like the Kassam rockets. During the war [referring to the Israeli incursion into Gaza] they did not kill anyone on the other side, they scared them only. It is a civilized weapon as it serves the purpose, it creates balance in power" (Ofcom-UK).

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will we not fear, though the earth do change, and though the mountains (nations) be moved into the heart of the seas (falling prey to other powers); Though the waters thereof roar and foam, though the mountains shake at the swelling thereof. Selah... Nations were in tumult, kingdoms were moved;.." (Psalms 46:2-7). In the upheavals of the Messianic Era, God will shield Israel, as He shields all distraught people who seek His support.

"For I am the LORD thy God, who stirreth up the sea, that the waves thereof roar; the LORD of hosts is His name" (Isaiah 51:15).


"In order to survive the waters of the flood, Noah was commanded to built an ark. The Hebrew word for the "ark" is TEIVAH. TEIVAH also means a "word": a word is a vessel that sails the airwaves between my mouth and your ear, bearing a cargo of meaning: the message (Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum). "And Noah went in, and his sons, and his wife, and his sons' wives with him, into the ark, because of the waters of the flood..." (Genesis 7:7).

Psalms 107:23-32 "They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters--These saw the works of the LORD, and His wonders in the deep;.." See Jeremiah 31:32-35.

Psalms 88:12"Shall Thy mercy/kindness be declared in the grave (KEVER)?"If we die in the hands of our enemies, will we be able to recite Your praise in the grave? (Rashi).

There are two kinds of resurrection; one spiritual awakening and return to the Torah by the "dry bones" (the House of Israel) in the morbid valley, the valley of death/darkness" (the exiles), walking among them; king David (Psalm 23:4, Ezekiel 37:1-11). "And many nations shall join the Lord on that day, and they shall be My people; and I will dwell in your midst..." (Zech. 2:15). 


And there will be a resurrection of the dead:"...Thus saith the Lord GOD: Behold, I will open your graves (KIVROTEICHEM); Jewish graves or tombs), and cause you to come up out of your graves, O My people; and I will bring you into the land of Israel" (Ezekiel 37:12). "The simple plural form of KEVER, "a grave", is KIVROT. On the word KIVROTEICHEM, the suffix -EICHEM turns them into "YOUR graves" (Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Greenbaum, Azamra.org).

Islamist (Racist, Apartheid) Winds in Egypt? 'No Jews Allowed' at Holy Site: For the first time in recent history, Egypt has decided to completely bar Jews from visiting the tomb of Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira, head of the dynasty that included Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzeira, the famed “Baba Sali.” Regional ruler Mukhtar el-Hamlawi, reported that a Cairo court had ruled that celebrations are forbidden at the tomb, and Jewish visitors would be barred for that reason. In addition, he said, “We prohibit Jews from visiting the tomb because we identify with the Palestinian people, and because we do not want to offend the Egyptian public’s sensitivities” (INN, 10/9/2011).

Gush Shalom Denounces Desecration of Joseph's Tomb: Radical left-wing Gush Shalom denounces the desecration of Joseph’s Tomb, but also reminds that the area is a part of ‘Palestine.’ The radical left-wing Gush Shalom organization denounced last week the desecration of Kever Yosef (Joseph’s Tomb), but also made sure to remind that the area is a part of ‘Palestine.’

“The swastika is a vile symbol of racist, murderous ideology, and it is clear that drawing this symbol anywhere in the world is a vile deed – especially in a Jewish religious holy place,” Gush Shalom spokesperson Adam Keller said. “Joseph’s Tomb in the heart of the city of Shechem is a holy place for Judaism and the desire of religious Jews to visit it is perfectly legitimate,” he added (INN, 10/10/2011).

Tzfat's Ancient Cemetery: The Story of a City: A tour of Tzfat's ancient cemetery tells the story of the city's rich Jewish history (INN, 8/23/2011).

Video: Jews Pray at the Tomb of Joseph: More than 2,000 Jews entered Kever Yosef for Selichot prayers. "May we return to Kever Yosef and increase our control here." "The return and the praying and saying of Selichot near the grave of Yosef will certainly help us that he will protect us, both in the practical life as well as in the spiritual life."

Genesis 37:23-24 "Now it came to pass when Joseph came to his brothers, that they stripped Joseph of his shirt, of the fine woolen coat which was upon him. And they took him and cast him into the pit (Hebrew: BOR); now the pit was empty there was no water in it...and they sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites... and they brought Joseph to Egypt."

Zechariah 9:11 "As for thee also, because of the blood of thy covenant I send forth thy prisoners out of the pit (BOR) wherein is no water" (no Torah knowledge). Not only the Moshiach, but all Jews will be protected and snatched from the waterless pit of exile by merit of the covenant of Sinai (Exodus 24:7-8) and the covenant of circumcision (Genesis 17:1-21).

A Psalm of David. "Unto thee, O LORD, do I call; my Rock, be not Thou deaf unto me; lest, if Thou be silent unto me (If You are far from me), I become like them that go down into the pit (VOR)" (Psalm 28:1).

"...HIDE NOT THY FACE (countenance) FROM ME; lest I become like them that go down into the pit (VOR). LET ME HEAR Your kindness in the morning, for I hope in You; LET ME KNOW THE WAY in which I am to go, for to You I have LIFTED UP my soul" (Psalm 143:7).

GOD WARNS HIS PEOPLE NOT TO INTERMINGLE WITH THE WICKED: "My son (Solomon or Israel), if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. If they say: 'Come with us, let us lie in wait for blood, let us lurk for the innocent without cause; Let us swallow them up alive as the grave (SHEOL; a place for sinners and workers of iniquity), and whole, as those that go down into the (waterless) pit (VOR); We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil; Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse'-- My son, walk not thou in the way with them, restrain thy foot from their path..." (Proverbs 1:10-19). 

"or (shall) Thy faithfulness (be declared) in destruction (ABBADON, perishing)?" (Psalm 88:12).

Proverbs 15.11 “The grave (SHEOL, nether-world) and perdition (AVADDON, destruction) are exposed to HaShem, surely the hearts of men.” Nothing escapes God’s view. If the nether-world and perdition – places of the greatest impurity – are before Him, surely He sees the heart of mankind (Vilna Gaon). 

Psalms 33:13-15 ”The Lord looked from heaven; He saw all the sons of men. From His dwelling place He oversees all the inhabitants of the earth. He Who forms their hearts together, Who understands all their deeds.” Jeremiah 17:5-10, Psalm 1.

Psalms 139:7-10 "Where shall I go from Your spirit, and where shall I flee from Your presence? If I ascend to the heavens, there You are, and if I make my bed in the grave (SHEOL, nether-world), behold, You are there. If I take up the wings of dawn, [if] I dwell at the end of the west, There too, Your hand will lead me, and Your right hand will grasp me." See Amos 9:1-4 - - "For His eyes are upon the ways of a man, and He seeth all his goings. There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves" (Job 34:21-22).

1 Samuel 16:7 "...for it is not as man sees, (what is visible) to the eyes, while the Lord sees into the heart." Psalms 44:18-22 "...If we forgot the name of our God and spread out our palms to a strange god, Will God not search this out?For He knows the secrets of the heart.” Psalm 51:8 "Behold, You desired that truth be in the hidden places, and in the concealed part (the heart) You teach me wisdom." Job 38:36, Isaiah 28:17.

Migron Child Appeals to Likud Members: Stop the Demolition: Likud members receive a call from four-year-old Emunah from Migron. She begs them: Stop the demolition of our community (INN, 11/6/2011).

"And a messenger came to Saul (in order to save David), saying,

"Make haste and go, for the Philistines have spread out over the land!" And Saul returned from pursuing David, and he went toward the Philistines. Therefore, they called that place the Rock of the Divisions "(1 Samuel 23:27-27).


Similarly the present-day Israeli government is unable to make up its mind, whether to fight the country's real enemies or continue persecuting Jews who are loyal to Israel and its Torah (Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum). Saul's heart was divided between two thoughts, whether to save his country from its national enemy or continue to pursue David.

Our Sages taught: Israel said to God, ”Master of the Universe, when will You redeem us?” God answered: ”When you descend to the lowest level - at that moment I shall redeem you.” All of Ya’akov’s sufferings, troubles and sorrows throughout history were transformed into salvation, and the greater the darkness, the greater was the light which followed. This is true of the final redemption as well – its light shall burst forth from the midst of darkness..." See 'Counting the Omer'

Iran Rattles Saber at Israel, US: Speculation in Israel's press about a potential strike on Iran's nuclear program, Tehran has warned of counter-punching in 'a suprising way.' Iran would cause serious damage to the United States and Israel should Jewish state strike the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, Iran's top military official said on Wednesday. The "Zionist regime's military attack against Iran would lead to heavy damages to the US as well as [to the] Zionist regime," Iran's Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. Hassan Fayrouz Abadi said. Iran would attack Israel in a "surprising" way, he was quoted by Army Radio as saying (INN, 11/2/2011).

"Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when He fighteth in the day of battle" (Zechariah 14:3). At the End of Days, in the War of Gog and Magog, the nations will conquer Jerusalem (12:1-3,9) and divide its spoils (Ezekiel 38:12, 36:2-7, Psalms 83), but God will save the people, as He did when the Egyptians pursued them to the Sea of Reeds (Radak). See Exodus 14:30-31.


God always punishes with the method of "Midah Keneged Midah." I.e. a punishment that has a correlation to the act that is done. For example, Pharoh decreed death by drowning the Jewish males in his decree of Exodus 1:22. Therefore, his army died by drowning at Yam Suf as Measure for Measure. So when Ahmadinejad, Hamas, Syria and Hizbullah threatens with "surprises" (WMD, chemical weapons from Iraq, Libya) in order to annihilate Israel, they themselves will be destroyed by the very evil they set in motion (Zechariah 14:12, Psalms 34:22-23, Isaiah 54:15-17). See 'Redeeming Mankind'

Iran Begs Israel to Attack and Be Buried: A bluff or a threat? A top Iranian commander begs Israel to attack so Iran can throw the “enemy’ into the “trash can of history.” Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force Commander Brigadier General Ali Hajizadeh told the Iranian Fars News Agency, "One of our big wishes is that they take this action because it is now a long time that we have piled up huge potential energy and we are eager to spend it and throw the enemies of Islam and Muslims into the trash can of the history." (INN, 11/21/2011).

"Shall Thy wonders be known in the dark? and Thy righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?" (Psalm 88:13, see Isaiah 60:1-3, 58:6-14, Deut. 32:9-14). Psalms 88:7 ”You have put me into the lowest pit (VOR, exile), into dark places, into depths.” See Isaiah 42:6-7,16, 49:3-10.

'All of Israel within Iran missile reach': A senior Iranian military official describes missile shields deployed in the region to protect Tel Aviv as “inadequate”, saying all of Israel is within the Iran's missiles reach.


“These missile shields which they have deployed in Turkey, occupied Palestine, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates cannot hit all our missiles,” Brigadier General Yahya Rahim-Safavi, who is also senior military adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, said on Wednesday.


“They may hit some of our missiles, but the number of our missiles is so large that they will not be able to target our missiles,” ISNA quoted Rahim-Safavi as saying (Press TV, Nov 23, 2011).

Op-Ed: Hey, Guys, Turn on the Lights By David Haivri: "Why is this happening? And what does it demand of us as a nation and as individuals? Is there a reason that the G-d of history has put us on center stage? Is there something for which we are to use this platform? Perhaps a message to relay to the world whose eyes are on us from morning to night?” 

The answer is “Yes.”
G-d did not place the Jewish people in this situation by chance. There is a higher plan. The Creator chose the Jewish people and elevated them from the depths of the exile to the amazing accomplishment of the establishment of the State of Israel against all odds in order to prove to the world that He exists. He glorifies His name though the deeds of His people. The Jewish people have been placed on the center stage of history at this time in order to carry out the holy task of being a light unto the nations (INN, Nov 23, 2011).

'West Cannot Bring Iran To Its Knees': The US and its allies will fail in their attempts to bring Iran to its knees through imposing further sanctions as the country is capable of withstanding such bullies, a political analyst tells Press TV Iran is too strong and to powerful for the US and the Europeans to make it kneel,' Mohammad Marandi, a professor at University of Teheran says (PressTV, Nov 22, 2011). 

Psalms 20:8-9 ”These trust in chariots and these in horses, but we-we mention the name of the Lord our God. They kneel and fall, but we rise and gain strength.”

 "...For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he (the Muslim) stumbles" (Matthew 13:20-21, Mark 4:16-17). Jesus explains that the reason why he speaks in parables is so that no one will understand him (Luke 8:10, Matthew 13:10-15), and to confuse people so that they will go to hell (Mark 4:10-12). See 'Satanic Verses,' 'Kingdom of Heaven', 'Lies of Christianity.'

"For a hearth is ordered of old; yea, for the king (the Leader & Co, Gog & Magog) it is prepared, deep and large; the pile thereof is fire and much wood; the breath of the LORD, like a stream of brimstone, doth kindle it" (Isaiah 30:33,27-30, Ezek. 38:22-23). The "hearth" (TOPHTEH) refers to Gehennom (SHEOL), "because everyone who is seduced (MIT-PHATEH) by his evil inclination falls there" (Rashi).

Jeremiah 5:14 "...I will make My words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them." (See Jeremiah 23:29, Isaiah 11:4).

Isaiah 59:18-19 ”
According to their deeds, accordingly He shall repay, fury to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies; to the islands He shall pay recompense.” Ezekiel 39, Isaiah 66:14-18.  


And from the west they shall fear the name of the Lord, and from the rising of the sun, His glory, for distress/trouble (TZAR, Jeremiah 30:7-11, Daniel 12:1) shall come (upon His enemies) like a river/flood; the spirit/breath (RUACH) of the Lord is wondrous (NoSeSaH) in it.”  Heb. (NoSeSaH), ”is wondrous in it,” an expression of a miracle (NeS, miracle, banner, ensign, the Mashiach, Isaiah 11:10,12-13, 18:3, 49:22, Exodus 17:15). Or (NoSeSaH) means: eats into him like a worm in wood. “And it shall be as a tree eaten to powder by the worms.” The family of Jacob is weak as a worm, which has no strength except the Torah in its mouth (Isaiah 41:14-16).

Isaiah 45:23-25 "By Myself have I sworn, the word is gone forth from My mouth in righteousness, and shall not come back, that unto Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. Only in the LORD, shall one say of Me, is victory and strength; even to Him shall men come in confusion, all they that were incensed against Him. In the LORD shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory."