In the Month of Adar We Increase Our Joy
"Adar 13 Ta'anis Esther - is observed as a fast day in commermoration of the fast observed by Mordechai, Esther and all Israel. On the thirteenth of Adar, the enemies of the Jews had planned to subjugate and destroy them, but the opposite occurred, and the Jews held dominion over their enemies... (Esther 8-9). Whenever they were faced with war, the People of Israel fasted. Thus we find that Moses fasted before he entered into battle with Amalek..." (Book of Our Heritage The Jewish Year And Its Days Of Significance by Eliyahu Kitov,

Esther 2:5-7 "There was a certain Jew in Shushan the castle, whose name was Mordechai... a Benjamite, who had been carried away from Jerusalem with the captives that had been carried away with Jeconiah king of Judah, whom Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had carried away. And he brought up Hadassah, that is, Esther,.." 

Rare Video of Israeli Rabbi in Iran: A rare video shows last year’s visit to the tomb of Queen Esther and Mordechai in Iran. Tehran airport officials asked him, “Pray for us.” Rabbi Yisroel Gabbai’s self-appointed mission is saving Jewish graves all over the world. A rare video shows his visit last year to Iran and the tomb of Queen Esther and Mordechai, the central Jewish figures iin the story of Purim, which Jews celebrate this week.

A member of the Breslov stream of Chassidism and now living in Israel, Rabbi Gabbai travels with a passport from France, where he was born and married. He has visited Gaza and Lebanon during wars and also has been to Damascus. Rabbi Gabbai wears traditional hareidi religious black clothes and a black hat, with his “tzitis” (fringed garment worn by Jews], even in Arab countries.

Airport authorities in Tehran questioned him when he arrived last year and asked what he was doing in Iran. The rabbi replied, “I came to pray,” and he said the authorities asked him, “Pray for us” and then told him they would not charge him for his visa.
The video shows Jews and Muslims praying together in their joint belief in the prophet Daniel, and also offers a rare view of Jews praying in an Iranian synagogue (INN, INN, 3/7/2012).

Queen Esther had two names:
Esther, her Persian name, which possibly means "star" and Hadassah, her Hebrew name. Though the name Esther is Persian, it is phonetically similar to the Hebrew word for "hidden" -- hester. Its significance in the story of Purim is that, in it, the hand of G-d was "hidden."

"Where in the Torah do we find an allusion to Esther? In the verse (Deuteronomy 31:18), 'And I shall surely hide (ASTEER) My face on that day for all the evil which they shall have wrought, in that they are turned unto other gods." (Hullin 139b). The "face" of God is His revealed presence. Esther alludes to the concealment of His presence in exile as a result of Israel's sins. Yet the story of Esther proves that even when His presence is concealed, God is in complete control of everything. The revelation of God's power through the miracle of Purim came about in the merit of the Tzaddik Mordechai.

The Joyous Holiday of Purim Begins on Wednesday Night: The festivities begin with the public and joyous reading of the Scroll of Esther, as the holiday commemorates the events described in the Book of Esther, to wit: After the anti-Semitic Haman, Grand Vizier of the Persian Empire, plots to destroy the Jews of the empire's 127 countries, and after the Jews then embark upon a path of repentance and spiritual self-reckoning, a series of Divinely-contrived events foils the murderous scheme and allows them to rise up and defeat their enemies.

In addition to the reading of the above Scroll, at night and the following morning, the day’s special commandments also include the giving of charity to at least two needy people, a festive meal, sharing two ready-to-eat food portions (Mishloach Manot) with at least one person, and in general being happy and thankful to G-d for His deliverance.

The Purim salvation seemed to be due to natural events, and God's name is not mentioned in the Book of Esther (commentators say that when it says "the King" without naming Ahasueros, the reference hints at G-d) but G-d's hand moves the players from behind the scenes. Celebrating the miraculous salvation and the Jews’ return to a nationally-united, Torah way of life, Purim has traditionally symbolized the defeat of anti-Semitic tyranny and Jewish assimilation (INN, 3/8/2012).

Esther 4:13-14 "Then Mordecai bade them to return answer unto Esther: 'Think not with thyself that thou shalt escape in the king's house, more than all the Jews. For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then will relief and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place, but thou and thy father's house will perish; and who knoweth whether thou art not come to royal estate for such a time as this?'

Fast Day in Memory of Esther’s ‘Life-Threatening Request’:
The “Fast of Esther” begins Wednesday morning in memory of her risking her life by approaching the Persian king, her husband, in order to launch a series of events that ended with her asking him to save the Jews from the king’s wicked second-in-command, Haman (INN, 3/7/2012). Do you think Queen Esther would face the same threat as the other 'assimilated' Jews since she was married to a non-Jew? See 'Assimilation'

Hadassah is the feminized version of the word for "myrtle," hadas. The myrtle leaf is shaped like an eye - representing God's watchful eye over Queen Esther and over his chosen people
The Book of Esther

Queen Esther: The Merit of Things Hidden by Mrs. Leah Kohn : As queen, Esther has access to the riches of an entire kingdom and can choose to give up her identity for the sake of luxury. Instead she keeps Torah in secret and, ultimately, risks her life in order to save her people. She does not aspire to either the title or the comfort that are soon to be thrust upon her. Instead, Esther wants only to understand why G-d has placed her in such a difficult position, and what service He wants of her.

The essence of the story of Purim is nothing less than God's war against evil from generation to generation "for HaShem will have war with Amalek from generation to generation" (Exodus 17:16). "Amalek is the embodiment of evil, glorying in cruelty, bloodshed and murder of men, women and children" (Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum on Book of Esther 1-2).

Syria: 'Children Burned Alive In Front Of Their Mothers' Report Activists In Homs: Syrians in the devastated city of Homs have described the harrowing moment that government forces rounded up whole families, divided the children from their mothers and then burned them alive."They handed them over to the security forces and Shabiha militia who separated the men from the women and children. "They shot the men and burned the others alive. They slaughtered the children in front of their mothers and then raped the women, some of whom were minors" (Huffington Post, 12/03/2012).

Syria: 47 Women and Children Murdered in Homs: The widely varied death toll in Monday's horrific massacre in Homs has solidified at 26 women and 21 children as Assad's forces "mop up" The bodies of 26 children and 21 women were found in the central city of Homs on Monday.

"Some of the children had been hit with blunt objects on their head, one little girl was mutilated and some women were raped before being killed," Homs rights activist Hadi Abdullah told Gulf News. He described the bodies "some with their throats slit and others with stab wounds" that were found in the Karm al-Zaytoun and al-Adawiyeh neighborhoods. Abdullah's report solidifies the number killed in Monday's widely reported massacre at 47 and confirms reports of reprisal operations in Homs by the Syrian regime (INN, 3/13/2012).

Syria 'laying landmines along border': Syrian troops have planted landmines along routes used by people fleeing the country's violence and trying to reach neighbouring Turkey, an international human rights group has said. A Syrian official and witnesses told The Associated Press in November that Syria planted landmines along parts of its border with Lebanon. The official at the time said the mines aim to prevent arms smuggling. Thousands of Syrians have fled to Turkey and Lebanon since the uprising against President Bashar Assad's regime began a year ago (Telegraph, 13 March 2012).

Amalek Within: On a political level, when I think of Islamic extremist hatred of America and Israel, I see Amalek at work... We are taught in the Bible to blot out any vestige of Amalek. Spiritually, we are commanded to blot out the Amalek that operates in our thoughts and emotions. Where anger and hatred, resentment and hostility reside, God is pushed out.

Most of us rarely do evil things from that Amalek within. We have well developed senses of morals, or at least prudence, that stops us. But the Amalek within gnaws away at us, sapping our capacity for joy and wholeness. The Hebrew month Adar is a time for maximizing joy. We increase the joy in life as we blot out our habits of anger and resentment. Let the joy increase! (Rabbi Mordecai Finley).

Senior Hamas Leader Undecided on Attacking Israel Over Iran: Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar sends different signals when asked whether Hamas will attack Israel if it attacks Iran (INN, 3/8/2012).

Israel had happy times, prosperity and everything she could have fairly desired, but she did not serve God. In return, she would  become subservient to her enemies (Deut. 28:45-52, 32:15-43, the exile of Israel by the Assyrians, the exile of Judah in Babylon; Book of Daniel, Neh. Ch. 9, the exile of Edom/Rome). "...because you did not serve the Lord, your God, with happiness and with gladness of heart, when you had an abundance of everything. Therefore, you will serve your enemies, whom the Lord will send against you..."

"Fear not, O worm of Jacob, the number of Israel : "I have helped you," says the Lord, and your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. Behold I have made you a new grooved threshing-sledge, with sharp points; you shall thresh the mountains (nations) and crush them fine, and you shall make hills (kingdoms) like chaff. You shall winnow them, and a wind shall carry them off,.. and you shall rejoice with the Lord, with the Holy One of Israel shall you praise yourself" (Isaiah 41:14-16, 17:12-14, Micha 4:6-14, Psalm 83:13-19, Daniel 2:31-35,40-44).

"The family of Jacob is weak as a worm, which has no power except in its mouth (Rashi). This tiny nation, whose only power lies in the words of Torah and prayer, which they "chew" day by day, into a new (i.e. not blunt) threshing instrument, that will be (BAAL PIPHIYOTH,  Isaiah 41:15),  i.e. it will have an abundance of MOUTHS (sayings, understanding) that will "grind up" the mighty, powerful nations of the earth... (Targum,

The Month of Adar: A Month of Happiness:  In Adar, the nation of Israel was saved from annihilation. Jews who lived throughout the empire of Achashverosh were faced with certain death. Through a miraculous turn of events (fasting, repentance), this threat was removed and the Jews were saved. There was celebration everywhere. The Jews at this time renewed their commitment to observing the Torah. It was a time of overwhelming happiness.

During the month of Adar, we do not rejoice because we were physically saved from death. We rejoice because our souls experienced a redemption: the Jews were threatened with death as a punishment for their sins, and because they repented, they were saved. The Jews did not only repent for their sins; they raised their commitment to G-d and the Torah to new levels. It is for this spiritual redemption that we celebrate throughout the entire month of Adar. Just as in Av, when we mourn because of our spiritual loss, we celebrate in Adar because of our spiritual gain (Rabbi Yehudah Prero).

Forecast: A White Sabbath: Israel is preparing for its first nationwide snowstorm in years. Snow is expected to pile up in Jerusalem on Friday and even in lower areas (INN, 2/29/2012).

”Have you come to the treasures of snow, and did you see the treasures of hail (TRUTH, His voice)? That I saved for a time of trouble, for a day of battle and war?” This refers to the War of Gog and Magog (Job 38:22-23, Psalm 18:13-15, Isaiah 28:16-17, 30:25-33). "Hear attentively the noise of His voice, and the sound that goeth out of His mouth. He sendeth it forth under the whole heaven, and His lightning unto the ends of the earth... For He saith to the snow: 'Fall thou on the earth';..." (Job 37:1-13, Psalm 147:11-20, 148:8-14).

The people of Israel proclaimed, “We will do AND WE WILL HEAR, all that God commands us” (Exodus 24:3-8). The covenant the Jewish people sealed with God, signified their acceptance of the Torah and the eternal responsibility to study and uphold it. This was the covenant which they broke (Jer. 31:30-36). What is with this "new covenant?" "I will put My law (the TORAH) in their inward parts, and in their heart will I write it;.. for they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them,.." (Job 38:36, Prov. 2:6, Psalms 51:8).

The reason we said, naaseh v’nishma ," "We will do and we will listen” (Ex. 24:3-8), we committed to do first, in order to merit hearing the underlying sound/voice of His word, which implies a deeper understanding. God’s speech/words teaches us how to perform the commandments. By taking appropriate action "those mighty in strength, who perform His word, to hearken to the voice (sound; being aware of God in Creation) of His word" (Psalms 103:20-22); would merit understanding the deeper meaning of their actions (Sfas Emes).


The underlying meaning of Shabbat: ”Relax and rest on the Shabbat day...Teach yourself wisely" (Dror Yikra – He will Cry Freedom). "Learn from the sages today is Shabbat for the Lord. Accompany Me... Endure the night of exile. When it passes, you will be before Me, filled with My hidden treasures" (Shimru Shabtotai – Observe My Shabbats, Psalms 17:14, Isaiah 45:1-6, Ch. 48). ”When I keep Shabbat, God will keep me; It is a sign of the covenant between Him and me... I will delve into God’s Torah and become wise” (Ki Eshmerah Shabbat).


”He separated Jacob’s children to teach them His laws, so that man will do them and live” (Tzam’ah Nafshi – My soul Thirsts). ”Thinking is permitted,.. and teaching the young, and to sing a melodious tune to mediate on the beautiful words of Torah in all places, Take pleasure...” (Mah Yedidut – How Beloved). ”With the commandment of Shabbat, God will give you strength. Arise! Call to Him. He will hurry to strengthen you...” (Menuha Vesimha – Contentment And Joy, Isaiah 40:28-31).


”Everyone entered the covenant together as they said as one, We will do and we will listen... His Holiness spoke from Mount Sinai saying, REMEMBER AND KEEP THE SEVENTH DAY. SO THAT YOU CAN STUDY ALL OF HIS COMMANDMENTS TOGETHER. Gird yourself with strength. The people, that You led like lost sheep, will remember the covenant and the oath SO THAT NOTHING BAD HAPPENS TO THEM, as You promised in the times of Noah (Genesis 9:8-17, Isaiah 24:1-6, Jeremiah 30:7-11, Zech. 12:9).


On the last day of Moses' life, he gathered all the Jewish- people together who had wandered with him in the desert. God spoke to the entire nation of Israel, and said, "Not with you alone do I seal this covenant, but with whoever is here כִּי אֶת-אֲשֶׁר יֶשְׁנוֹ (the last Hebrew letters spells Yitro יִתְרוֹ, Moses' father-in-law, a righteous convert), standing with us today before the Almighty our God, AND WITH WHOEVER IS NOT HERE WITH US TODAY" (Deuteronomy 29:13). According to the Talmud (Shavuot 39a) this refers those who would convert in the future.


We Will Hear: "You shall remove the covering of your hearts, or ”Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart and no longer be stiff necked" (Deut. 10:16). The Rabbi of Kotzk secluded himself for a long period of time, and none of his many followers could visit him. Several sent in a petition pleading to the rabbi to open his door to them so that they might have an audience with him. "They want me to open my doors to them?" demanded the rabbi. "Have they opened their hearts so that they will accept what I have to tell them?" (Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski). 

Haman Caused the Jewish People to Accept the Torah in Their Hearts: At the time of the giving of the Torah, the Children of Israel said "Na'aseh WeNishma'" (we will do and we will hear). The acceptance of the Torah was done through the mouth but it did not come from the heart. Until the time of the story of Purim, the Jewish people relied on the merit of the acceptance of the Torah at Mt. Sinai which was based on the utterance of the mouth, in keeping with the adage that what counts more is one's words and not what is in one's heart.

Haman was the descendant of 'Amaleq and, therefore, of Esau. Esau's merit was the great honor he accorded his father (Kibbud Ab), however, it did not come from his heart but from his mouth, as it says, "Ki Sayid Befiw" (for the game was in his mouth. [Bereshith 25:28]. If we accept the concept that what matters most is the mouth and not the heart, this would give the power to Haman to overcome the Jewish people.

When the people saw the power of Haman and realized that this power came to him because of the honor Esau accorded his father, which was only verbal, they had to acknowledge that what truly counts is the heart and that one's words are not enough. This caused them to receive the Torah in their hearts (Qiyyemu Weqibbelu) which, in turn, caused the fall of Haman, since his merit did not emanate from the heart (Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe).

Esther 3:8-11 "And Haman said unto king Ahasuerus: 'There is a certain people (the Israelites) scattered abroad and dispersed among the peoples in all the provinces of thy kingdom; and their laws are diverse from those of every people; neither keep they the king's laws; therefore it profiteth not the king to suffer them. If it please the king, let it be written that they be destroyed;.."
"And the king took his ring from his hand, and gave it unto Haman the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, the Jews' enemy. And the king said unto Haman: 'The silver is given to thee, the people also, to do with them as it seemeth good to thee.' Haman was a descendant of Agag, the Amalekite king conquered by king Saul (I Samuel 15:9).

Rabbi Abba bar Kahaneh said: "the removal of the ring and the dire threat of extermination to which this led caused them to repent!" (Megillah 14a). "And Mordechai knew…" "The master of the dream told him that the Heavenly Court had agreed to the decree because they had bowed to the idol..." (Isaiah 1:24-31, 65:1-7, 66:17). Mordechai now showed his mettle as Tzaddik of the Generation, single-handedly going out to arouse the people and induce them to repent. With the dire decree staring them in the face, the people finally began to do so (Rabbi A. Greenbaum on Esther 4:1-3).

Every time Israel transgressed the covenant (the Torah), i.e., the commandments of the Lord which He had commanded their forefathers through Moses, and fell prey to idolatry, the Lord delivered them into the hands of their enemies. "When Your people Israel are struck down before the enemy, because they sin against You, If they sin against You, for (there is) no man who does not sin, and You will be angry with them, and deliver them to the enemy,.. (1 Kings 8:33-53).

And every time they repented and cried unto the Lord – He raised up Judges / saviors for them, which saved them out of the hand of their enemies (See Judges Chs. 2-3, Nehemiah Ch. 9). This will again come to pass (See Obadiah 1:21, Isaiah 59:20-21, 63:9, Daniel 12:1, Hosea 3:4-5, 14:2-3).

Purim is a classic story of deep-rooted anti-semitism, pitting a powerful ruler (King Ahasuerus) and his vicious, arrogant advisor (Haman) against the Nation of Israel. Plans were drawn up for the "final solution" - wiping the Jews off the face of the earth" (


"14 Adar In 355 BCE, the Jews celebrated their successful defeat of Haman's anti-Semitic mobs,.. We read the Scroll of the Jews of Persia narrowly escaped annihilation, thanks to the bravery of Esther and Mordechai" (Rabbi Shraga Simmons,


"The New Testament casts the Jews in the darkest colors... imaginable to the Christian mind. Essentially, whatever it is that one considers detestable in a people, that is precisely how the Jews are portrayed in the Christian Scriptures. The nation of Israel paid a painful price for this age-old indictment. This portrayal of the Jews in the Gospels,... has been devastating for European Jewry and is ultimately responsible for the unspeakable misery of untold millions of my people" (Rabbi Tovia Singer,


The accusation of Jews as “Christ Killers” (1. Thess. 2:14-15, Matt. 20:18-19, Mark 10:33-34, Quran Surah 3:54, cf. 8:30, 4:157, 158) and as rebellious and disobedient (Titus 1:10-16, Matt. Ch. 23) rejected by God (Galatians 3:16,29, Hebrews 8:9 "quoting" Jeremiah 31:32), and therefore replaced by the "Church of Christ" or the socalled "body of Christ" (1 Cor. 12:27, Romans 12:5), has caused centuries of horrific persecution of the Jewish people and millions of unwanted deaths.


Instead of spending eternity in a lush paradise, non-Christians are relegated by the NT and its Church to an eternal lake of hell-fire (2 Tess. 1:7-10, Matthew 3:12, 13:30, 25:41,45, Luke 3:16-17, Phil. 3:18-19).


According to the Quran; prepared for the disbelievers; the Fire, whose fuel is men and stones (See Quran: Ch. 2: Al-Baqarah, 2:24) "And those who disbelieve and deny Our signs - those will be companions of the Fire; they will abide therein eternally, (2:39, 3:10-12,151, 4:51-52,76,159). Nothing could be farther from the truth.


"And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the...effect of righteousness quietness and confidence for ever. And My people shall abide in a peaceable habitation, and in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting-places" (Isaiah 32:17-18, 48:17-19, 54:10, Leviticus 26:1-9, Ezekiel 34:23-31, 37:24-28). "And they that are wise (who engaged in the Torah and the commandments) shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn the many to righteousness (they who teach Torah to the multitudes) as the stars for ever and ever" (Daniel 12:3).

An advisor to PM Binyamin Netanyahu has compared Netanyahu's attitude towards Iran to the traditional Jewish view of Amalek, the ultimate enemy which must be destroyed (INN, 05/17/09).Thus Haman – from the seed of Amalek, who was Esau's illegitimate grandson – attained power in Persia, and his descendants appear to have gained power in Iran today as well as over other groups that promote the killing of Jews (Hamas, Hezbollah), (Rabbi A. Greenbaum on Obadiah 1:2).

"Therefore, it will be, when the Lord your God grants you respite from all your enemies around you in the land which the Lord, your God, gives to you as an inheritance to possess, that you shall obliterate the remembrance of Amalek from beneath the heavens. You shall not forget!" (Deuteronomy 25:19). God also commanded king Saul to smite Amalek (1 Samuel 15:3), so that the name of Amalek never again should be mentioned, but he failed to do so. ”The Lord said to Moses... I will surely obliterate the remembrance of Amalek from beneath the heavens (Exodus 17:16,14). And it is written “his end shall come to destruction” (Numbers 24:20).

VIDEO : Netanyahu to Obama: Israel "Reserves the Right" to Strike Iran : Watch Prime Minister Netanyahu's AIPAC 2012 Address (One Jerusalem).

One option the Torah offers for ”wiping out the memory of Amalek” is to teach them the Torah and the fear of God.
"You shall remember what Amalek did to you on the way, when you went out of Egypt, how he happened upon on the way and cut off all the stragglers at your rear, when you were faint and weary, AND HE DID NOT FEAR GOD" (Deuteronomy 25:17-18).

"Then came Amalek, and fought with Israel in Rephidim" (Ex. 17:8). In the words of R' Eliyahu Kitov: " The word “rephidim” can be seen as an acronym for “rafu yedeihem” – “their hands became weakened,” i.e., they stopped occupying themselves with the Torah. And Amalek came… (Ex. 17:8) … (and he tailed after you (striking) all the weak who fell behind (Deut. 25:18)." Or the “hands,” are referring to the supporters of Torah... We defeat the forces of Amalek through commitment to intensive Torah study and generous support of Torah study (R' Eli Mansour).

Providing proper support for Israel's spiritual ministers
and Torah scholars is the very key to national as well as international prosperity. Malachi 3:8-10 "Will a man rob God? Yet ye rob Me. But ye say: 'Wherein have we robbed Thee?' In tithes and heave-offerings, Ye are cursed with the curse (Deut. 4:27-31, Ch. 4, Is. 24:1-6), yet ye rob Me, even this whole nation. Bring ye the whole tithe into the store-house, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now herewith,.. if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing,.."

"You shall place the Urim and the Tummim (the Name of God) into the choshen of judgment (the breastplate with the engraved Tribal stones) so that they will be over Aaron's heart when he comes before the Lord, and Aaron will carry the judgment of the children of Israel over his heart before the Lord at all times" (Ex. 28:30). In those days the leader or the king would ask the High Priest about the solution to that which the Israelites are judging and debating, e.g., whether to go to war or not (Num. 27:21, 1 Sam. Chs. 14-15, 28-30:19-SEE commentaries at

Temple Institute Announces: High Priest's Crown is Ready!The Temple Institute in Jerusalem announces the completion of the Tzitz, the High Priest's headplate - ready for use in the Holy Temple (INN, 12/2/2007). Biblical Robe Produced For Use by High Priest in Holy Temple: After much hard work and research, the Techelet (azure blue) robe of the High Priest has been completed by the Temple Institute (INN, 12/20/2005).

"For the children of Israel shall remain for many days,
having neither king, nor prince, nor sacrifice, nor pillar, nor ephod (of the Urim V'Tummim which discloses to them hidden things, i.e. through the holy spirit that will return with the coming of Mashiach; Ezra 2:62-63), nor teraphim. Afterwards (the exile) shall the children of Israel return, and seek the Lord their God and David their king, and they shall come trembling to the Lord and to His goodness at the end of days" (Hosea 3:4-5, 14:2-3, Jeremiah 31:6-13, Deut. 4:27-31, Ch. 30). See also The Urim V'Tummim at the Temple Institute.

"What was the evil that the Amalekites committed? Even though the entire world saw how God took the Jewish people out of Egypt and performed scores upon scores of miracles for them in the process – AMALEK DIDN’T CARE. At their first opportunity they ambushed the Jewish people, particularly the weaker ones who straggled at the end of the camp. By attacking the Jewish people, they were essentially attacking God" (Rabbi Ari Enkin).

Do you think Iran fears God and cares this time, as He brings them from the north country? (Jeremiah 16:14-121, 23:3-8, 33:6-18), and
performes scores upon scores of miracles for them in the process?

Who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things? Is a land born in one day? Is a nation brought forth at once? For as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children” (Isaiah 66:8 - 1948 May 14).  Logically, Israel should never have survived the war of independence in 1948. A people, poorly armed, devastated by the Holocaust with little more than skin and bones (Ezekiel 37:1-11) prevailed against well equipped enemies.

A language revived (Tzefaniah 3:9), the monetary unit (Shekel) revived (Ezekiel 45:12) —a people revived. "And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake." (Daniel 12:2). This refers to the resurrection of the dead as well, of course, to the tremendous spiritual awakening and the widespread return to the Torah that we witness in our time among Israelite souls that in some cases have been buried in exile and cultural alienation for centuries. This itself is the revival of the dead!

In the 1950s, Israel exported flowers for less than
$100,000. Today, Israel exports flowers for more than $250 millions and is the third largest exporter of flowers in the world – including shipping of tulips to Holland. Despite the threats of boycot; in 2010,  agricultural products worth $1.359 billions were exported. Isaiah 35:1-2 ”The wilderness and the parched land shall be glad; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose. It shall blossom abundantly,..”

”But ye, O mountains of Israel, ye shall shoot forth your branches, and yield your fruit to My people Israel; for they are at hand to come” (Ezekiel 36:8).
"When the land of Israel will give forth its fruits generously, that is when the end will be close - for throughout the Bible you have no more clearly revealed end than in this verse" (Sanhedrin 98a). The last century has witnessed the miraculous revival of agriculture in Israel after two thousand years of desolation!

Jeremiah 31:4 "Again shalt thou plant vineyards upon the mountains of Samaria; the planters shall plant, and shall have the use thereof." In planting vineyards in the Mountains of Samaria, the prophecies of Isaiah 61:4-5, 62:8-9, 65:8-9,21-22, Amos 9:11-15 and Ezekiel 36 among others are fulfilled. Israel is the only place where the prophesies come alive every minute. 

History shows that civilizations, nations and empires that have tried to destroy the Jewish people have themselves been destroyed or disappeared from the face of the earth. Ancient Egypt, the Philistines, the Canaanites... Assyrian Empire, Babylonian Empire, Persian Empire, Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Crusaders, Spanish Empire, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union - all are gone... Now, what's it gonna be Iran?

"Iran's current rulers (threatening genocide, etc) believe that by provoking a conflagration, they would try to make their Mahdi - their messiah - return. Destruction, for Iran's rulers, is an inducement, not a deterrent" (Is the Iranian Regime Rational? - Harold Rhode, Stonegate Institute).

'Premature Iran strike may cost US, Israel dearly' : Despite stating he won't hesitate to use force to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions, US President Obama urges patience, says diplomatic solution still possible. 'We don't have to decide right now,' he says (Ynet News, 03.06.12).

The Iranian President's speech at UN General Assembly: ‘Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory, and make us his followers and all those who attest to his rightfulness’ ... A future that will be built when humanity initiates to trend the path of the divine prophets and the righteous the under the leadership of Imam al-Mahdi, the Ultimate Savior of mankind and the inheritor to all divine messengers, leaders and to the pure generation of our great Prophet.

- Creation of a supreme and ideal society with the arrival of a perfect human being, who is a true and sincere lover of all human beings, is the guaranteed promise of Allah. - He will come with Jesus Christ to lead the freedom and justice lovers to eradicate tyranny and discrimination, and promote knowledge, peace, justice freedom and love across the world. He will present to every single individual all the beauties of the world and all good things which bring happiness for humankind' (Iranian Embassy, UK, 22 September 2011).

The two Mashiachs will in reality be Mashiach Ben Yosef and Mashiach Ben David, (Deuteronomy 33:7,13-17, Genesis 49:8-12,22-26, Jeremiah 33:15-18, Zechariah 6:12-13), and not Jesus and the Mahdi.
See 'The Two Mashichim'

Christians maintain that their Messiah, Jesus, will not make his second coming before the "fulness of the Gentiles is brought in" (Romans 11:25-27)" and the Jews are converted en masse to Christendom; "...for I say to you, you shall see Me no more till you say, "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!" (Matt. 23:39, Luke 13:34, 35).

This is a quote from Psalms 118, which is put into the mouth of Jesus among others, by the authors of the Christian New Testament (Matt. 21:9, Mark 11:9, Luke 19:38, John 12:13). But this will never come to pass.

In Romans 11:25-27 the Apostle Paul re-arranges the Prophet Isaiah's words of 59:20-21 "And so all Israel will be saved,
as it is written: "The Deliverer will come out of Zion, And He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob; For this is My covenant with them, When I take away their sins." This, of course, is not what the prophet Isaiah predicts. See 'Covenant of Peace'

Psalms 118 has a central position at Pesach. "Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the LORD we bless you out of the house of the LORD. The Lord is God, and He gave us light. Bind the sacrifice (the Paschal Lamb) with ropes until [it is brought to] the corners of the altar." (Psalms 118:26-27). This is what they said to those who brought sacrifices and the festival offerings, and to those who performed the pilgrimages (Rashi).

In this Psalm, Israel praises God, for the fulfillment of what He promised. "The stone (knowledge of God, kingdom of David; Israel) that the builders (nations) rejected became a cornerstone" (Psalm 118:22, 1 Sam. 17:49, Dan. 2:34-35,44, Zechariah 12:3, Habakkuk 2:11,13-14, Isaiah 11:9, 28:16-17).

The fast day  is followed by the reading of Scroll of Esther, or Megillat Esther. After reading the Megillah, one says this blessing: "Blessed are You, Lord, our God, King of the Universe, Who fights our quarrel, and judges our cause, and avenges our wrong, and exacts justice upon all those that hate us, and takes recompence from our enemies, Blessed are You, Lord, Who takes recompence for His people Israel from all their enemies, the God Who saves. See Isaiah 62:11-12, Ch. 35.

"And Mordecai went forth from the presence of the king in royal apparel of blue and white, and with a great crown of gold, and with a robe of fine linen and purple; and the city of Shushan shouted and was glad. The Jews had light and gladness, and joy and honour. And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king's commandment and his decree came, the Jews had gladness and joy, a feast and a good day. And many from among the peoples of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews was fallen upon them" (Esther 8:14-16). Seeing the hand of God in the miracle performed for the Jews convinced them to become converts (Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum).