Holocaust Memorial Day
"Yom Hashoah Ve-HaGevurah" - literally the "Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and the Heroism." On this day, we remember not only the brave men and women who was able to fight against the Nazis, but also the many brave children who daily risked their lives by getting in and out of the camps in search for food.

The Little Smuggler:
Over the wall, through holes, and past the guard, Through the wires, ruins and fences, Plucky hungry and determined I sneak through, dart like a cat... And if the hand of destiny Should seize me in the game, That's common trick of life, You, mother, do not wait up for me... And only one request Will stiffen on my lips: Who, mother mine, who Will bring your bread tomorrow? (The poet Henryka Lazowert, murdered in Treblinka).

Thousands of Holocaust survivors and Israelis on Sunday and Monday mourned the 6 million Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis at memorial services throughout the country. Some 208,000 survivors live in Israel, 74,000 of them survivors of the death camps and ghettos, the rest spending the war years fleeing Nazi persecution (UPI,
May 1, 2011 ).

The Auschwitz Album: Photos Take by the SS
: The Auschwitz Album is the only surviving visual evidence of the process of mass murder at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Page 7: Women and children being taken to Crematoria IV and V. In Birkenau, elderly women and children were almost always immediately sent to their deaths in the gas chambers as they were deemed "unfit for work"  (Yad Vashem).

Torchlighters 2011: Each year six torches are lit by Holocaust survivors in memory of the six millions Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. Their wartime experiences reflect the central theme chosen by Yad Vashem for Holocaust Remembrance Day. The torches are lit during the central memorial ceremony held at Yad Vashem on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The name Yad Vashem (lit, "a monument and a name"), comes from Isaiah 56:5: "I will give them, in my house and in my walls, a monument and a name, better than sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name that shall never be effaced."


Yad Vashem, was established in 1953 by an act of the Israeli Parliament which (Knesset) defined its function as follows: “To gather unto the homeland all commemorative material regarding members of the Jewish people who fell, fought and rebelled against the Nazi enemy and German satellites, to establish a memorial for them and for the communities organizations, and institutions that were destroyed because they were Jewish, and to perpetuate the memory of the righteous among the nations. (Non-Jews who saved Jews during the Holocaust, at great personal risk).

'The Pope Could Have Saved Many' Pope Pius XII could have saved many Jews if he had publicly condemned the Nazi campaign of annihilation against the Jews during the Second World War, says Professor Robert Vistrich, who spoke to Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language news service on Sunday, the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Professor Vistrich was the only Jew on a special committee established one decade ago to examine Pius XII's behavior during the war. The committee was given access to church files documenting the pope's actions and words and those of other senior church officials. Its work was terminated after two years, when church leaders realized committee members were preparing to condemn the pope. Pius XII “knew, from the summer of 1942, exactly what was happening in occupied Europe, and the scale of the slaughter of the Jewish people,” Vistrich said (INN, 05/01/11).

Pope John Paul II granted title of 'Blessed' before Rome crowd: Only six years after his passing, Catholic church 'beatifies' the former pope in front of a crowd of a million and a half people, putting him on the path towards sainthood (Haaretz, 01.05.11).

LISTEN FOR FREE: Bearers of the Torch! An Encounter With Mt. Sinai By Rabbi Tovia Singer. For the past 2,000 years, the church loudly declared that the unique role of the Jews as guardians of the sacred scriptures and witnesses to the divine oracles of God has ended. As if with one voice, the Church Fathers and Reformers insisted that the commandments prescribed in the Torah became obsolete, and the Jewish people are lost, wallowing in spiritual blindness because they rejected the Cross. Is this a legitimate claim? The Bible declares that the role of the Chosen People is eternal and we are mandated to be "witnesses" for all time. What did we witness? How can we bear testimony? 

Netanyahu: Jews Must Not Live in Denial of Reality: At the Yad VaShem memorial ceremony for Jews who died in the Holocaust, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned the Jewish people of the peril of choosing to deny reality... (INN, 05/01/11). 

Netanyahu to Abu Mazen: "You're My Partner for Peace" (INN, 09/02/10). Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) who denies the Holocaust and compares the Jews to the Nazis.

Abbas: Story of 6 million cremated Jews is propaganda (Palwatch.org). Report: Abbas’ Holocaust-Denial Dissertation Widely-Taught in PA (INN, 04/28/11). Mahmoud Abbas's thesis: Zionists were Nazi allies (Palwatch.org). See ' Hypocrisy ' and 'Ambassadors of Peace' .

PA Holocaust Libel: Israeli 'Nazi' Experiments on Prisoners: Even as Holocaust Remembrance Day approached, the main Palestinian Authority newspaper spread the libel that Israel experiments, Nazi-style, on Arab prisoners. The slander was been documented by Palestinian Media Watch , which monitors incitement in the PA press. In a Holocaust Remembrance Day news release, PMW emphasized that "Holocaust desecration, denial and abuse are all components of Palestinian Authority ideology and discourse." Arabs throughout the PA read material such as this on a regular basis and are inspired to carry out horrific attacks against Jewish targets  (INN, 05/02/11).

Netanyahu attacks Ahmadinejad's Holocaust denial: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brandished at the U.N. on Thursday Nazi-era documents on the extermination of Jews, dramatically rebutting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's denial of the Holocaust.

"Yesterday, the man who called the Holocaust a lie spoke from this podium," Netanyahu said in an address to the U.N. General Assembly. "To those who refused to come and to those who left in protest, I commend you," he said. "But to those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere: Have you no shame? Have you no decency?"(Reuters, Thu, Sep 24 2009).

Adolf Hitler demanded 'land for peace.' Hitler got land, but did he give peace? The Arabs demand 'land for peace.' Israel give more and more land, but do the Jews have peace? We have to try understand, and tell about the fate that the Arabs, Prime Minister Netanyahu & Co is planning for Israel and the Jewish people.

All of Israel within Rocket Range under Hamas-Fatah State: A new illustrated map presented by the pro-Israel Americans for a Safe Israel (ASFI) shows that a Hamas-Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority state, with or without all the borders the PA demands, would leave all of what would remain of Israel within Katyusha missile range. A Hamas-Fatah PA state would allow the Hamas terrorist organization, whose stated aim is the destruction of Israel, to deploy Iranian and Syrian-supplied Katyusha missiles near all Israel urban centers.

“Mahmoud Abbas, our supposed ’peace’ partner, has now joined forces with Hamas, the acknowledged [Hamas] terrorist group", AFSI wrote. "This is actually a declaration of war against the State of Israel since Hamas has never disguised its intentions of destroying Israel.“The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has used the diplomatic track, hoping to delude Israelis and the world with its words of peace, while pursuing its terrorist ideology. The truth is now out.” (INN, 04/30/11).

PA defines "Palestine":  Tel Aviv, Haifa, Galilee, Negev, Rosh Hanikra, Caesarea, Acre, Masada, Beit Shean, and Jerusalem.
Contrary to the PA leadership's claim that they recognize Israel's existence, their controlled TV and cultural events continue to reinforce the message of non-recognition of Israel, by their ongoing depiction all of Israel as "Palestine." (PMW, by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Apr. 14, 2011).

Hamas: "No recognition - no negotiations" Yesterday the Palestinian Authority Fatah movement and Hamas reached a reconciliation and unification agreement, even though Hamas did not agree to recognize Israel. Israel has condemned the PA saying they have to choose between peace with Israel and peace with Hamas. [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, April 28, 2011]. (PMW,  Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook).

Hamas to PLO: Rescind Recognition of Israel
: Hamas Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh urged the PLO Friday to rescind its recognition of Israel. "Their presence on our land is illegal and cannot be recognized," the Hamas leader said. Earlier, Haniyeh stressed that the temporary Palestinian government to be established following the unity deal will not embark on negotiations with Israel. He also made it clear that his group had no intention of recognizing the Jewish state. (Ynet News, 04.29.11).

Abu Mazen and all his family along with a number of Palestinian leaders; Ahmed-Qurei, Nabil Abu Rudaineh, and Fatah-leder Muhammad Dahlan have Jordanian citizenship. Palestinian leaders applied for Jordanian citizenship at the same time as they asked Jordanian authorities to reject applications from other Palestinians. The reason for this, according to the newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi, was to ”strenghten their Palestinian identity.” But the Palestinian leaders themselves does not seem to believe in their own citizenship.

"In many ways the Europeans is preparing for a repetition of their misdeeds. During the Holocaust they murdered more than 6 million Jews and stole everything they had. Today, they support the Arabs in their attempt to steal the rest of the land the Jews have in Israel, which was meted out for them in the judicial settlement with the Turkish Empire, who lost WW I.


Foreign countries and the European Union have provided millions of dollars for Arab housing that will flank the only road linking Hebron and Kiryat Arba, posing a severe security danger to Jewish residents of both communities. (Hebron Besieged, American Thinker, April 17, 2011).


While Jews and their supporters remember the Holocaust, UNRWA workers in Palestinian schools have announced their "adamant opposition" to teaching Palestinian children about "the Holocaust of the Jews."  This announcement by the UNRWA Workers' Union was in response to UNRWA's decision to include Holocaust education in its curriculum in the topic of "human rights." According to the UNRWA Workers Union, teaching Palestinian children about the Holocaust will "confuse the thinking" of Palestinian children.

Instead they want to spend the time which is funded by the EU for ”study of the history of Palestine and the acts of massacre which have been carried out against Palestinians, the most recent of which was the war against Gaza”
(Al-Hayat Al–Jadida, 14.4.2011, MEMRI).

Jordan bans textbook on Holocaust: Newspaper report reveals private school in Hashemite Kingdom using textbook containing chapters on Holocaust, Anne Frank. Deputy PM launches commission of inquiry to 'write report about implications of incident.'

Earlier Hamas condemned the United Nations following UNRWA's plan to take honorary student from the Gaza Strip on a tour in the United States, which will include a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. (Ynet News, 12.24.10 ).

Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the northern branch of the Israel Islamic Movement, said that the revolutions in Arab countries are the preliminary phase of the liberation of Jerusalem from what he called "the occupation"


Speaking to reporters following a visit to Jordan on Friday, Sheikh Salah said that the government changes in Tunisia, Egypt and other countries came from the will of the people must be channeled against Israel, noting that the revolutions had returned the issue of Jerusalem and the Al-Aksa mosque to their natural place.


Salah went to Jordan to take part in an event commemorating the 7th century C.E. conquest of Jerusalem by Caliph Omar ibn Al-Khattab, the namesake of the Mosque of Omar on the Temple Mount, whose conquest went as far as Egypt, Syria and Iraq. Salah said Omar's conquests should not just be celebrated but should be remembered to bring about a new reality (Salah: The Time has Come to Liberate Jerusalem, INN, May/01/11).

It is a struggle which is strongly supported both by Europe and the USA.


The ’spiritual leader’ of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt had a similar message to the Brothers in Palestine in March: I harbor the hope that just like Allah allowed me to witness the triumph of Egypt, He will allow me to witness the conquest of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and will enable me to preach in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Oh, the sons of Palestine, rest assured that you will be victorious” ( Crowds: Amen). ”The Rafah border crossing will be opened for you. This is what I demand from the Egyptian army and from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.” 

Israel outraged over Rafah reopening: “It's a worrying development... The reopening of the Rafah crossing could allow the passage of arms and terrorists and we must prepare for important changes both in Egypt and at the regional level,” AFP quoted Shalom as saying on Israel's public radio on Sunday. Press TV, Sun May 1, 2011).

In 2009  Al Qaradawi is praising Hitler's antisemitism: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Hopes Muslims Will Finish Hitler's Destruction (One Jerusalem).


“Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them—even though they exaggerated this issue—he managed to put them in their place.” (Muslim Brotherhood’s Current Spiritual Head Yusuf el-Qaradawi: Allah Imposed Hitler on the Jews to Punish , ‘Allah Willing, the Next Time Will be at the Hands of Believers’,” MEMRI, February 3, 2009).

And this year Yusuf al-Qaradawi will be welcomed to Norway by the State Church ( Qaradawi is an important person , Dagen, 29.04.2011).


The Nazis and their supporters knew they carried out genocide when they executed the Holocaust. They who support the Arab (and Iranian) attempt to annihilate Israel and take possession of their Land, are also aware of what they support, despite their camouflage; ”in the name of ’International Law’ and ’Human Rights.’

This day is very important to remember, especially here in Norway, one of the countries which are funding the educational books for an Arab generation, where Holocaust is referred to as lies and propaganda." (Yom HaSho’a 2011, Dr. Michal Rachel Suissa, Leader, Senter mot antisemittisme (SMA), Norway).

"...but if we do not defend ourselves, no one will stand beside us" (PM Binyamin Netanyahu).

Netanyahu on Front Lines in Europe to Fight PA State: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will dig into the diplomatic front lines (this week) and fly to London and Paris as Europe tightens support for ‘Auschwitz Borders,” the phrase the late United Nations Ambassador Abba Eban used to describe the “Green Line” that existed until 1967.

The Israeli government has acknowledged that Prime Minister Netanyahu will travel to the European capitals next week to discuss “political matters” with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Prime Minister Netanyahu is to address the U.S. Congress shortly afterwards, while U.S. President Barack Obama prepares his ideas for establishing the Palestinian Authority as a new Arab country within Israel’s current borders. The president reportedly will reject the Arab world’s demand for the immigration of thousands of foreign Arabs to Israel. Abbas has said he will not surrender on the issue (INN, 04/26/11).

Bat-sheva, Solomon's mother had some advices of great value to the king: Proverbs 31:8-9 "Open thy mouth for the dumb, in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction." "Open your mouth for the dumb, to the cause of all whose help has passed." "Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy."
The 'poor and needy' refers to Israel. "This means that if someone comes before you in judgment and is like a dumb person lacking the knowledge to order his claims and pleas, you should open your mouth for his sake to put his claims and pleas in order" (Metzudas David).

Isaiah 53:7 "He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he would not open his mouth; like a lamb to the slaughter he would be brought, and as a sheep that before her shearers is dumb; yea, he opened not his mouth."
The Remnant of Israel went to their massacre – as sheep to the slaughter. Psalm 18:28 "For Thou dost save the afflicted people; but the haughty eyes Thou dost humble."
Even if the Bible explicitly and repeatedly descibes the Jewish People as hard hit and despised of the nations, so there is none reference to Moshiach as hard hit, (killed) or despised in the Jewish Scripture (Rabbi Tovia Singer). The Israelites must not live in denial of reality.
Psalms 44:23 "For it is for Your sake that we are killed all the time, [that] we are considered as sheep for the slaughter." Psalm 44 is like Isaiah 53, vividly portraying the recurring oppressions and persecutions of exile. See Ezekiel 34:15-16, Zech. 11:4-5,7).

Job "delivered the poor that cried, the fatherless also, that had none to help him. He "broke the jaws of the unrighteous, and plucked the prey out of his teeth" (Job 29:12,17). How could he do that? Because God's counsel was upon his tent! "When He lit His candle (Mitzvah) over my head; by His light (the Torah) I would go through the darkness." (29:2,3). This refers to the time when Job was at the height of his greatness as a most respected sage, elder, leader and protector of his people, guiding them through darkness with the light of God's Torah (Proverbs 6:23).


Psalms 82:1-6 "God standeth in the congregation of God; in the midst of the judges He judgeth: 'How long will ye judge unjustly, and respect the persons of the wicked? Selah - Judge the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and destitute.


Rescue the poor and needy; deliver them out of the hand of the wicked. They know not, neither do they understand; they go about in darkness; all the foundations (the Torah's laws and justice) of the earth are moved. I said: Ye are godlike beings, and all of you sons of the Most High." (See Hosea 11:1-4, Exodus 4:22-23, Jeremiah 31:8, Isaiah 43:6).  The maintenance of equity and justice is a prerequisite for the continued existence of the world.