The Horse And Its Rider
"Then Moses and the children of Israel sang this song to the Lord, and they spoke, saying, I will sing to the Lord, for very exalted is He; a horse and its rider He cast into the sea" (Ex. 15:1). And the water lifted them up high and brought them down into the depths and the mud of the Sea of Reeds.

Passover Rhapsody: The Exodus story like you've never seen before: The Exodus story set to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" (

Pass-over is about slaughtering the worlds pagan gods. Will it bring war or true peace on Earth? "In the pagan Egyptian society the lamb was considered a sacred god. If the Israelites were to kill these animals before the Egyptians, they would be stoned to death (Exodus 8:26). The Almighty, therefore, used this to test the faithfulness of the Jewish people by commanding them to not only kill Egypt's sacred god, but also to publicly place the lamb's blood on their doorposts for all to see. Only those Israelites who, like Abraham, demonstrated that they feared nothing but the God of Israel were deemed worthy to have their homes "passed over..."  (Did the Passover Lamb Foreshadow the Crucifixion of Jesus? By Rabbi Tovia Singer).

Our Secret Weapon: And the priest shall put on his fitted linen garment (MIDO BAD)" (Lev. 6:3). The Ba’al Haturim observes that this marks one of only two instances in the entire Tanach where we find the word “Mido.” The other is in a description of the military garb worn by King David’s general, Yoab (2 Samuel 20:8). He explains that when the Kohen donned his special garments to serve in the Bet Hamikdash, he was as powerful as a mighty general leading his troops to battle..." (Parashat Sav: Our Secret Weapon By Rabbi Eli Mansour).

"And with Your great pride You tear down - those who rise up against You; You send forth Your burning wrath; it devours them like straw." (Exodus 15:7). Most of the wicked (Heb. RASHA) are treated like straw before the wind and like the chaff, which the storm carries away (Isaiah 41:13-16, Michah, 4:8-14, Daniel 2:35, Psalm 1, Jeremiah 17:5-10). And who are these who rise up against Him? They are the ones who rise up against Israel. In short, the RASHA rejects the Kingship of HaShem, rejects the commandments and the morality of the Torah.

Psalm 83:3-5,13,7-8 "
For behold, Your enemies stir, and those who hate You raise their heads. Against Your people they plot cunningly, and they take counsel against Your protected ones. They said, "Come, let us destroy them from [being] a nation, and the name of Israel will no longer be remembered."

Obama Intentionally Leaking Israeli Intelligence Information? Bolton accuses Obama administration of intentionally leaking highly sensitive Israeli intelligence information. Former American ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, accused the Obama administration of intentionally leaking highly sensitive Israeli intelligence information, in an interview with FOX News.

According to the reports, Azerbaijan has recently granted Israel access to air bases along its border with Iran, which would eliminate the need for Israel to refuel during the course of a possible operation and would significantly improve the chances of its success. He noted that about a month ago, United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta expressed his belief that an Israeli attack is most likely to occur during the spring months of April, May or June. (INN, 4/1/2012).

Azzam Azzam: Pollard Must be Freed: Israeli Druze who sat in jail in Egypt calls to free Pollard. “We cannot wait for him to die in jail,” he pleads. Azzam Azzam has issued an emotional appeal for the release of Jonathan Pollard, a Jewish American sentenced to life in prison for passing classified information to Israel. “I do not want to think about the possibility that Jonathan will not be freed, and will keep rotting in jail,” he said (INN, 4/1/2012).

U.S. Leaking Information to Media to Thwart Israeli strike on Iran: The most important American objective is to eliminate potential operational options available to the IDF and the State of Israel. Reports in the past week alone have caused Israel substantive diplomatic damage, and possibly even military and operational damage. What we are seeing here is... a true flood that leaves no doubt as to the existence of an orchestrated media campaign with clear aims... (Ynet News, 03.29.12). - A pre-emptive Iranian attack?

White House Denies Leaking Info on Israeli Access to Azeri Airbases: A top White House official Saturday said the White House had "no interest" in leaks of this kind, adding that the administration would "gladly prosecute" the people behind it - if they knew who they were (Ynet News).

Does ‘Global March to Jerusalem’ Have Iran’s Backing? Israel prepares for arrival of march calling for its destruction. One of the organizers expressed the aims of the march in the following terms: “Imagine a situation where we have more than a million people streaming in from four borders and Israel fails to stop the human tide. Once we have broken this mental barrier, then it’s all over. Next time we will have 5 million who will be marching in and it will only grow from there. This is exactly the nightmare situation for Israel.”

The hopes that the organizers are investing in the march are thus not modest. They think they are about to initiate a process that will lead to the end of Israel: the GMJ, the activist’s email continues, “will undermine the Israeli state like no other strategy and then it will all begin to unravel and the Zionist edifice, which is unraveling as we speak, will soon fall. It’s a matter of time now, as we well know.”

This initiative is the product of an international alliance that has emerged in recent years between mainly Sunni Islamists and Western leftist supporters of the destruction of Israel (Jonathan Spyer, PJ Media, March 25, 2012).

Who said, "Let us inherit for ourselves the dwellings of God."

And who are they? "
The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagrites...and Amalek..." See also Ezekiel 36:1-7.

"My God, make them like thistles, like stubble before the wind. As a fire that burns in a forest and as a flame that burns mountains. So will You pursue them with Your tempest, and with Your whirlwind You will terrify them. Fill their faces with shame, and they will seek Your countenance, O Lord. Let them be ashamed and terrified forever; let them be disgraced and perish. Let them know that You-Your name alone is the Lord, Most High over all the earth" (Psalms 83:14-19, Malachi 3:19-21(4:1-3).

The Twin Threat: The alliance between the radical left and militant Islam; Comrades and Brothers: Hamas-Fatah Deal Signed, Norway First to Resume Support: Norway was home to the original back-channel talks between left-wing Israeli politicians and the PLO - Norway hosted the Ill-fated Oslo Accords, which called for and enabled the arming of the PA (INN, 2007). Norway's FM Stoere had secret talks with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal (TV 2, 2011). Norway invited Muslim Brothers to 'dialogue-lunch' - Egyptian Islamists praised Stoere ((VG, 2011).

Isaiah 17:12-14 "Woe to a multitude of many peoples, like the roaring of seas they roar; and a rushing of nations, like the rushing of mighty waters they rush. Nations, like the rushing of many waters, they rush, and He shall rebuke them, and he shall flee from afar, and he shall be pursued like the chaff (the most inferior of the species) of the mountains before the wind, and like the thistle blossoms before the tempest. At eventide, behold there is fright; before morning he is no more. This is the portion of our plunderers and the lot of our spoilers." See also Exodus 15:9, Ezekiel 38:10-13, 36:2,5. 

Isaiah 29:5-8 "And the multitude of foreigners shall be like fine dust, and the multitudes of tyrants like passing chaff, and it shall be a sudden happening. From the Lord of Hosts she shall be visited with thunder, with earthquake, and a great noise, storm wind and tempest, and a flame of consuming fire.

And shall be like a dream, a vision of [the] night, the multitude of all the nations assembled upon Ariel, and all those stationed around her and those who trap her, and those who besiege her. And it shall be, as the hungry man dreams, and behold, he eats, and he shall awaken, and his appetite is unsated, and as the thirsty man dreams, and behold he drinks, and he shall awaken and behold he is faint, and his soul yearns, so shall be the multitude of all the nations gathered on Mount Zion." They will not achieve their desire (Job 11:12-20, Gen. 16:11-12).

The Toulouse Murder: March 11, 2012, an American soldier in Afghanistan left his base, went to the homes of Afghan civilians in two separate villages and gunned down nine children, four men and three women.

The first shooting episode happened March 11, when Mohammad Merah contacted the first soldier he attacked on the pretext of wanting to buy his motorcycle. Imad Ibn Ziaten of North-African extraction   was killed. Four days later three French paratroopers of of Arab extraction – like Merah – were shot, two of them killed. Arab soldiers are targets for terror groups like al-Qaeda, which considers Muslims fighting for the West as traitors.

On Monday, this week the killer hit again, wearing a motorcyclist’s helmet riding a scooter, the Jewish school Otzar Hatorah. The third deadly shooting carried out by Merah since March 11 – resulted in the deaths of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, 30, his sons Arieh, 5, and Gabriel, 3, and 8-year-old Myriam Monsenego, daughter of the school's principal. All four were laid to rest in Jerusalem on Wednesday. See: Otzar HaTorah Murderer Was on French Watch List (INN, 3/21/2012).

The motive for the terrorist acts was that he wanted to take revenge for the deaths of Palestinian children and to punish France for the participation in the war in Afghanistan.

Who paves the way for such misdeeds? Who is calling for - and justifies terrorism and violence against Jews?

The True Perpetrators of the Antisemitic Attacks in Toulouse and Throughout the World By Barry Rubin (PJ Media, March 21, 2012): The Islamists may pull the trigger, but it is the distinguished and the powerful who are providing the ammunition.

The Turkish Editor, Mahir Zeynalov, at Today’s Zaman, a Turkish Islamic newspaper that is supposedly moderate. His Tweet response to the murders: ”Gunmen attack Jewish school in France, vandals attack Jewish cemetery in Poland, Jews burn mosques and Quran in Tunisia. What’s wrong?”

There are two ways to read this tweet. The more outrageous is this: How can it be wrong for gunmen to murder Jewish children or vandals to attack a Jewish cemetery in Poland if Jews are burning mosques and Qurans in Tunisia?..


We know from many experiences — including Afghanistan right now — that anyone who burns or does anything to a Koran would set off massive riots and bloody killings. And as for burning a mosque, such a deed might well result in the massacre of every Jew living in Tunisia. Tunisian Jews today are a couple of thousand terrified people who would run in the other direction if they saw a Koran in front of them lest they be accused of looking at it funny. What Zeyanlov has done is called a “blood libel,” a lie that might lead to the murder of Jews.

Chutzpah: Ashton Compares Toulouse Murders to Gaza Children: EU Foreign Policy Chief says the point blank murder of Jewish children in Toulouse is reminiscent of children's deaths in Gaza (INN, 3/20/2012). EU Corrects Ashton Speech After Israel Row: EU officials were quick to revise an incorrect transcript of Catherine Ashton's speech on the Toulouse shooting after it infuriated Israel. “What especially outrages me is the comparison between a targeted massacre of children and the surgical defensive actions of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), intended to strike at terrorists using children as human shields,” Netanyahu said (INN, 3/20/2012).

Indeed, while Palestinian children are killed during fighting in Gaza, let’s note the two most notoriously publicized examples of the last week: A photo sent around, in one case by a UN official, purporting to show a little girl as being injured this week was in fact a photo of a girl injured in an auto accident several years ago.

Top Tweet on Gaza Proven False: Two photos tweeted in the past 24 hours, both allegedly depicting the results of Israeli air strikes in Gaza in recent days, have been proven false. The photo first tweeted by Khulood Badawi (@KhuloodBadawi) and later by Diana Alzeer (@ManaraRam), allegedly depicting a Palestinian girl killed by an Israeli air strike yesterday, was proven to have originated in 2006 and to have had nothing at all to do with Israeli action. This photo is now the top tweet for #Gaza, with over 300 retweets. It is completely false (IDF,

–The claim that Barka al-Mugrahbi was killed by Israelis has now been shown to be false. He was killed by a bullet fired into the air by Palestinians during a funeral.

–And what of the recent photo widely published purporting to show an Israeli soldier menacing a child despite the fact that the man was wearing a concocted Israeli army uniform and carrying an AK-47, a weapon used by terrorists against Israel but never by Israeli soldiers, showing that the photo was a phony?

–The downplaying or omission of the fact that Israel was defending itself from a barrage of missiles. In one case, a prominent Dutch newspaper published a photograph with the caption that showed a rocket being fired by Israel into Gaza, instead of the exact opposite.

Israel Under Fire: Missile Barrage Hits South: A photo were Israel defends itself against missiles from Gaza and intercepts a missile headed for the cities Ashdod, Ashkelon or Beersheva turns out in Times of London as if Israel’s army is firing a rocket into Gaza (Honest Reporting).

In short, Ashton and many others are contributing to the demonization of Jews and Israel. If Israel is so horrible that it makes little children in Gaza suffer for no reason, shouldn’t Israelis and the Jews who support them be shunned, harassed, attacked, and murdered?

Thus, Jewish children are deliberately murdered by a terrorist in the midst of France. In response, come get the formal statements
and the crocodile tears . Yet at the exact same time as the bullets are entering the children’s bodies, as the victims fall to the ground, as the ambulance sirens sound, the incitement and the lies and the slanders continue, laying the groundwork for more hatred and more murder (Barry Rubin, PJ Media).

Norway Condemns the late murder of civilians and soldiers in France: To his consternation Norwegian FM Jonas Gahr Støre received the news on several murders on civilians and soldiers in France. ”Norway supports France’s fight against racism, anti-Semitism and any form for criminal hate,” he said. PM Jens Stoltenberg has in a letter to the French PM François Fillon expresed his sorrow and compassion with the relatives and the French people. The murders have shocked an entire nation and the entire European continent... (ABC Nyheter, 22.03.2012). See 'Hypocrisy' - 'Brothers in Arms'

Jews in Norway: "We Do Not Feel Safe":  Best-selling Norwegian author Hanne N. Herland tells Arutz Sheva her country is the most anti-Semitic in the West (INN). Norway: The Most Anti-Semitic Country in the West  (INN).

Time to End the Incitement Against Israel:  It’s entirely possible that the Toulouse shooter Muhammed Merah never saw the picture posted by UN worker and Palestinian activist Khulood Badawi on Twitter... or any of the previous instances of false images against Israel that spread like wildfire across the Internet. We don’t know exactly what triggered his inexplicable violence. But we do know that three Jewish children, and a rabbi were brutally murdered to avenge the deaths of Palestininian children (Alex Margolin, Honest Reporting, 2011).

Jew Beaten to Death with Hammer in Morocco : An elderly Jewish man was murdered by an unknown attacker with a hammer Monday in the city of Fez. Critically injured, he died as he was being rushed to King Hassan II University Hospital.

Earlier Monday, thousands of demonstrators stormed the parliament building in the capital city of Rabat. The protesters torched Israeli flags  and expressed anger at the presence of Israeli envoy David Saranga, who was in the city to attend a meeting of the Euro-Mediterreanean Partnership (EUROMED), in advance of the Global March to Jerusalem set for this Friday, an event scheduled for the Arabs' annual "Land Day" protest. Saranga, who was expected to remain in the country until nightfall before flying to Brussels, instead was quietly escorted through a side door from the building. He was taken to the airport and immediately boarded a flight for Paris instead (INN, 3/26/2012).

Jewish Student Injured in Anti-Semitic Attack in Paris: 12-year-old student of the Otzar Hatorah school in Paris lightly injured after being attacked by anti-Semites. Eight days after four Jews were murdered in the Otzar Hatorah school in Toulouse, hatred-based violence has hit France again, this time in Paris. The report, which cited local authorities in Paris, said the 12-year-old boy fell victim to violence by a group of unknown assailants who ambushed him outside the school and called out anti-Semitic slurs (INN, 3/27/2012).

Soldier's Stabber 'Influenced' by CNN, Arab Networks: Muhammad Shuman, who stabbed female soldier on light rail, said news on CNN, Al Jazeera had upset him. The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office filed charges Thursday against Muhammad Shuman, 18, of Beit Hanina, for attempted murder, in the stabbing of a female soldier two weeks ago.


He was also charged with possession of a knife and obstructing justice. According to the charge sheet, Shuman was motivated to murder after he "watched news reports on Al Jazeera, Al Manar, Al Quds, Al Aqsa and CNN over the last three years, and felt great frustration from the situation of the Palestinians and the security checks at Kalandia crossing." He "felt that he had to 'do a deed' and stab the soldier so as to cause her death." Al Manar is Hizbullah's TV station. Al Quds and Al Aqsa are run by Hamas, and CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting System (INN, 3/29/2012).

New Arab Book Furthering Anti-Semitic Blood Libels:  A recently published Arab book accuses Jews of trying to destroy Christianity and using Christian and Muslim blood to make Matzah (INN, 4/3/2012).

New eBook: The "Al-Aksa is in Danger" Libel : In 1929, Jerusalem mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini concocted the "Al-Aksa is in danger" libel to help build a Palestinian national identity. After 1967, Al-Aksa became a trademark and national symbol. The terror gangs of Fatah are called the Al-Aksa Brigades. The Second Intifada that erupted in 2000 was called the Al-Aksa Intifada. This study by veteran Israeli journalist Nadav Shragai documents nearly a century of Arab violence against Jews in Israel triggered by the commonly believed myth that the Jews are seeking to destroy the Al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem. Shragai describes the leaders who used the libel to further their political careers, including its current champion, Raed Salah of the Islamic movement in Israel.

To refute the lie, Shragai takes us to all eight archeological digs in Jerusalem that were claimed to have endangered the mosque - where in many cases local Muslim authorities actually visited and approved the work. All were located at considerable distance from the mosque.

Hamas: "Defend Al Aqsa Mosque from the Jews" Ezzat al-Resheq of Hamas' political bureau urged the Arab and Muslim nations to act to defend the Al Aqsa Mosque and save it from Jewish attempts to demolish and Judaize it, in a message on his Facebook page on the anniversary of Palestinian "land day" (Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades-Hamas).

The Global March to Jerusalem:
"Our aim is to end the Zionist policies of apartheid, ethnic cleansing and Judaization, which all harm the people, land and sanctity of Jerusalem" (statement on the official GMJ website). "The GMJ is comprised of a diverse coalition of Palestinian, Arab and international activists who are united in the struggle to liberate the holy city of Jerusalem from illegal Zionist occupation" (Israel Today, March 26, 2012). These accusations, which are easy to refute, are all of them lies, which lead to violence and murder of Jews.

A March of Folly to Jerusalem
Some of the world's most notorious terrorists, tyrants and radicals are organizing a mass attempt to violate Israel's sovereignty, calling it a "Global March to Jerusalem." Iran, Hamas, Hizbullah and the Muslim Brotherhood are bankrolling the event.

They accuse Israel of "Judaizing Jerusalem" - but these accusations come about 3,000 years too late. Ever since King David laid the cornerstone for his palace in the 10th century BCE, Jerusalem has served as the eternal capital of the Jewish people. While Jews were once forcibly removed from the city, they restored a clear-cut majority in the mid-19th century and have maintained that position ever since. In other corners of the world, such an event would draw laughter instead of participants. Can you imagine a march on Capitol Hill to accuse Congress of Americanizing Washington?


Last month, PA President Mahmoud Abbas made another stop on his extended vacation from peace negotiations with Israel, traveling to Doha for a conference on the so-called "Defense of Jerusalem." In his keynote address, Abbas declared that the narrative of Jewish history could not be proven, especially the existence of "what [the Jewish people] call the Temple." See the Quran on Surah 17:5,7,103-104 which gives evidence to the Jewish connection to the Temples.


Speakers lined up in Doha to accuse Israel of "ethnic cleansing" in Jerusalem, even though the percentage of Arab residents in the city has grown from 26% to 35% since 1967. While the world puts a magnifying glass over every "Jewish" apartment block built, 2,500 homes in Arab areas of the city have recently been approved in addition to community centers and hotels.

The truth is that under Israeli rule, Jerusalem has enjoyed unprecedented prosperity and equal rights for all of its inhabitants. Holy sites that were once sealed off along religious lines are now permanently open for worship by all peoples (Jerusalem Post, 29/03/2012).  

"From Your rebuke, O God of Jacob, chariot and horse were stunned. You-awesome are You, and who can stand before You once You are angry? From heaven, You let judgment be heard; the earth feared and became calm (from its war against Israel). When God rises for judgment, to save all the humble of the earth forever. For  the rage of man will acknowledge You; You will restrain the remnant of anger..." (Psalm 76:7-11, 119:21). Reports of God’s intervention will instill fear in the nations and cause them to suppress their anger (which is of no avail) against Israel. 

Photos: 'Land Day' Ends Relatively Quietly:  While Land Day went by relatively quietly, compared to scenarios projected by security forces in preparation, analysts noted that the day has morphed from being an occasion marked only by Israel's Arab citizens to one marked in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and surrounding countries (INN, : 4/1/2012).

A Passover Message from the Chief Rabbi of South Africa:   A stirring message for our times as Passover appraoches, accompanied by Yaakov Schwekey singing Vehi Sheamda from the Haggadah  (INN, 4/1/2012).


”For I am the LORD thy God, who stirreth up the sea, that the waves thereof roar; the LORD of hosts is His name” (Isaiah 51:15, 17:12-14). "Who stillest the roaring of the seas, the roaring of their waves, and the tumult of the peoples (see Psalms 2:1-2); So that they that dwell in the uttermost parts stand in awe of Thy signs;.." (Psalms 65:8-9). "Who hath bound the waters in his garment?" (this was Moshe; Proverbs 30:4, Exodus 14:13-31, Ch. 15:8, See also Job 26:8). The downfall of the nations will come about when a tumult breaks out among the forces of Gog & Magog (Ezekiel 38:21, Zechariah 14:13, Haggai 2:22). See 'Struggle For Truth'

The authors of the Books of the Christian Bible; Matt. 8:23-27,  Mark 4:36-41 and Luke 8:22-25 says it is  their sleeping god, savior and messiah; Jesus of Nazareth who controlls the winds and the sea; producing nice weather... Truth is, Moshe controlled the winds (Ex. 10:14-20). "Who hath ascended up into heaven, and descended?" (Prov. 30:4). John 3:13 and Eph. 4:8, claims it was Jesus of Nazareth. Truth is, Moshe ascended to heaven to receive the Torah and bring it down to earth for Israel so that they could hear it... (Deut. 30, Ex. 19-34). See ' Shavout'

Moses was a Muslim who led Muslims in Exodus from Egypt, says PA university lecturer on PA TV: Israel's conquest of the Land of Israel defined as: "The first Palestinian liberation through armed struggle to liberate Palestine."

While some of this is retelling of Islamic tradition, some of it is a distortion of even the Quran for political purposes.This is another example, among many documented by Palestinian Media Watch, of
PA historical revision for political purposes, in this case, rewriting even their own Islamic traditions.

The following is the interview with Dr. Omar Ja'ara, lecturer at Al-Najah University in Nablus and specialist in Israeli affairs, on PA TV religion program: "We must make clear to the world that David in the Hebrew Bible is not connected to David in the Quran, Solomon in the Hebrew Bible is not connected to Solomon in the Quran, and neither is Saul or Joshua son of Nun [of the Bible].

We have a great leader, Saul, [in the Quran] who defeated the nation of giants and killed Goliath. This is a great Muslim victory. The Muslims of the Children of Israel went out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses, and unfortunately, many researchers deny the Exodus of those oppressed people who were liberated by a great leader, like Moses the Muslim, the believing leader, the great Muslim, who was succeeded by Saul, the leader of these Muslims in liberating Palestine. This was the first Palestinian liberation through armed struggle to liberate Palestine from the nation of giants led by Goliath. This is our logic and this is our culture" (
PA TV, Fatah, Feb. 15, 2012).


The Arab lecturer cannot have been so well versed in the Quran, or else he would have known it was David who killed Goliath, the Philistine. "Accordingly, when they marched forward to fight with Goliath and his hosts, they prayed, "Our Lord, bless us with fortitude, make firm our foothold and give us victory over the unbelieving host (the Philistine army)" Consequently, by Allah's grace, they routed the unbelievers, and David killed Goliath; and Allah gave him kingship and wisdom and taught him whatever other things He willed..." (Surah 2. Al-Baqarah 2:247-251).

Hamas Minister: "Half of the Palestinians Are Egyptians and the Other Half Are Saudis" Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad told Egypt's Al-Hekma TV on March 23, 2012:"Every Palestinian, in Gaza and throughout Palestine, can prove his Arab roots - whether from Saudi Arabia, from Yemen, or anywhere. We have blood ties."

"Personally, half my family is Egyptian. We are all like that. More than 30 families in Gaza are called Al-Masri ["Egyptian"]. Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis." "Who are the Palestinians? We have many families called Al-Masri, whose roots are Egyptian. Egyptian! They may be from Alexandria, from Cairo, from Dumietta, from the North, from Aswan, from Upper Egypt. We are Egyptians. We are Arabs. We are Muslims. We are a part of you" (MEMRI TV).

Fatah Rhetoric: 'Third Intifada' for Passover? Fatah official: We need third intifada, including participation of all the children and all Palestinian people. He added, “it is difficult to engage people in a third intifada. The existence of the PA is the largest impediment to them, because they are committed to the agreements, treaties and obligations with the Israelis,” Qader added. While the official characterized the first intifada as being “peaceful,” as Elder notes, it killed approximately 160 Israelis and wounded thousands more (INN, 4/5/2012).

And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone (knowledge of God), and slung it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead; and the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell upon his face to the earth" (1 Sam. 17:49). "Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image (Edom, the divided kingdom; repr. by Christianity and Islam) upon its feet that were of iron and clay, and broke them to pieces... and the stone (knowledge of God, kingdom of David) that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth (Dan. 2:31-35,40-44, Ch. 7, Isaiah 11:9, Hab. 2:11-14, Zec. 12:3).

Last Preparations: Out With Bread, In with Matzah: Jews make the final preparations for Passover. Leaven must be destroyed or removed... On Monday, the Kotel will be the site of a very special biannual event – a massive Priestly Blessing. Hundreds of Kohanim, descendants of the biblical priests, will bless the people of Israel during morning prayers, which will be open to the public (INN, 4/6/2012). See ‘ Pathway to Peace’

"No leaven... [shall be present] in any offering of God" (Leviticus 2:11). Leaven, which is dough that has fermented and risen, represents self-inflation and pride, and there is nothing more abhorrent to God. In the words of the Talmud, "God says of the prideful one, 'He and I cannot dwell together in the world" (The Chassidic Masters). Proverbs 8:13 " Fear of the Lord is to hate evil, haughtiness, pride, the way of evil, and a perverse mouth; [these] I hate." 

"Before destruction comes pride, and before stumbling [comes] a haughty spirit. It is better to be of humble spirit with the lowly than to divide the spoils with the haughty" (Proverbs 16:18-19, 3:7).
The intention of Gog and his allies is to despoil Israel of their wealth: "To take spoil and to plunder loot, to return your hand upon the resettled ruins" (Ezekiel 38:12-13, Exodus 15:9), and appropriate their land as it is stated in Ezekiel 36:2,5 & Psalm 83).

Obama on Passover: Story of the Exodus As Relevant as Ever: U.S. President Barack Obama greets the Jewish people on the occasion of the holiday of Passover (INN, 4/6/2012).

”For the Lord of Hosts has a day over everyone proud and high, and over everyone exalted, and he shall become humble” (Isaiah 2:12). After this war everyone will recognize and embrace God and the truth of His Torah.

Friday Night is Seder Night: The Holy One, Blessed be He, passed over the homes of the Israelites as he smote the firstborn of the Egyptians, from the son of Pharaoh to the son of the servants. Pharaoh was spared to see how G-d delivered His Chosen People from the hands of those who would destroy them, as He does in every generation. And the joyous holiday of Passover, in which we relive that redemption and sing "Next year in rebuilt Jerusalem", begins Friday night (INN, 4/6/2012).