"The apple of His eye" (Zechariah 2:12).
Here is what you need to know to be consistent with the aims of boycotting Israel. The percentage of Israelis with graduate degrees is higher than any other country and academia in Israel produces more research papers per capita than any other country in the world….leading the world in scientific discoveries and inventions.

Wonder why the Jewish people has won so many Nobel Prizes?  ”Guard me like the apple of the eye, shelter me in the shadow of Your wings,
from the wicked who have plundered me, my mortal enemies, who surround me” (Psalm 17:8-9). The apple of the eye is the pupil (English; student) on which the vision depends.


Deut. 32:10 “ He discovered him in a desert land, in desolation, a howling wilderness; He encircled him, He granted him discernment, He preserved him like the pupil of His eye.” He bestowed understanding upon them, granted them the discernment and wisdom of the Torah. 

*....whoever touches you touches the pupil of His own eye”
Zechariah. 2:12).

Israeli Daniel Schechtman Wins 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Israeli scientist Daniel Schechtman has won the 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery of quasicrystals in nature (INN, 10/5/2011).

PA: West Bank shops settlement-good free:

The PA remains on track to achieving a total settlement boycott by 2011, and has already totally removed settlement products from Palestinian shops in the West Bank National Economy Minister Hassan Abu Libdeh told cabinet ministers Tuesday. With settlement produce no longer for sale, Abu Libdeh said the next projects would be settlement-related services and business relationships where services were being provided (Maan News, 29/12/2010).

PA Boycott a Failure as More PA Arabs Work for Israelis: The increase went hand-in-hand with a drop in PA unemployment, which fell from 25 percent to 24 percent. The news follows a major PA campaign to boycott Israelis in Judea and Samaria; the campaign included a plan to force PA Arabs working for Jews in Judea and Samaria to quit their jobs (INN, 01/04/11). Read also: Plan to Let 5,000 More PA Arabs Get Work Permits: Ben-Eliezer is promoting the proposal as a better alternative to an increase in foreign workers from other countries, like the ones who flood into Israel from Africa. He said Wednesday that Arab workers were preferable because they “return to their homes every day.” He added that his ministry is trying to “professionally train as many Israelis as possible” for the construction industry.

David HaIvri, director of the Samarian (Shomron) Liaison office, told Israel National News, "Wouldn't it be nice if the Arabs could make up their minds about co-existing with Israel. On the one hand they keep threatening to boycott the Jewish "settlements" by not supplying workers. On the other hand they realize that by doing so they will cause they own to go hungry" (PA Labor Union Fears Work Boycott Will Boost Unemployment, INN, 08/08/10).

‘Israel is Doing Far Too Little to Fight Boycotts’  According to Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, Israel should do a lot more when it comes to the international boycotts against it. “These boycotts affect the civil rights of individuals,” said Gerstenfeld. “They are highly discriminatory. To a certain extent they are racist. Many people on the left, the anti-Israelis, are what I call humanitarian racists. They look away from the incredible crimes in the Arab-Muslim world, in the Palestinian world, which is a world permeated by criminality: criminality against human rights, war crimes, and many other crimes.” (INN, 12/30/10).

Muslim School in Jerusalem Teaches Children to Seek Death: The Palestinian Media Watch organization, which monitors PA media, often finds cases of incitement to terrorism and hatred of Israel, including incitement targeting young children. Now the group has found that incitement to violence is present even in Israel's capital city, where young children at a school in the neighborhood of Sur Baher are being taught to fight Israel and to seek martyrdom. The children sing: In the way of Allah we proceed aspiring to raise the flag. May the glory of the religion (Islam) return, and may our blood be shed (INN, 01/04/11).

The "glory" of the religion (of Islam) will crumble.: Daniel 2:31-35 "As for that image, its head was of fine gold (Babylonia), its breast and its arms (Medea & Persia) of silver, its belly and its thighs of brass (Greek Empire) its legs of iron (Roman Empire), its feet part of iron and part of clay (A divided kingdom, Daniel 2:41, Roman Empire represented by Edom (Xtianity) & Islam (Ishmael).


Thou sawest till that a stone (knowledge of God) was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon its feet that were of iron and clay, and broke them to pieces. Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken in pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing-floors; and the wind carried them away, so that no place was found for them; and the stone (knowledge of God) that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth." See Isaiah 11:9, 25:6-9, Hab. 2:11-14, 1 Sam. 17:49.

Report: 250 Eritrean Refugees Held Captive and Tortured by Hamas in Sinai: The Italian-based human rights organization EveryOne sent an urgent plea to the Egyptian government last Thursday claiming that 250 Eritrean refugees have been held captive and tortured for the past month by Hamas in northern Sinai. The group reported that the refugees encountered Hamas operatives who promised to smuggle them into Israel for a payment of $2,000. Instead, they were placed in a detention facility on the outskirts of Rafah in Egypt on the Gaza border, demanding their families in Eritrea pay a $10,000 ransom for their release. Eight of the refugees were reported killed, and four have gone missing - allegedly the subject of human organ harvesting and trafficking.

EveryOne officials claim that despite their repeated efforts to inform the Egyptian authorities of the dire situation, no action has been taken to remedy it, primarily because terrorist groups are behind the atrocities. "The authorities have still not carried out any inspections of the locations that have been pointed out to them (in the town of Rafah)," the statement reads. "The reason is quite clear… behind the crimes that serve to fund terrorism and to make huge profits for unscrupulous people is a criminal organization so powerful that it is able to challenge and defy governments: the Muslim Brotherhood (the organization Hamas belongs to) and al-Qaeda.  (Ynet News, 12.28.10).

Urgent action needed: an appeal for the liberation of 250 African migrants being held prisoner in the Sinai by traffickers, and their resettlement in the European Union.

“The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it” (Albert Einstein).

The brutal acts of extortion that have continued for months, with episodes of murder, torture, rape and constant threats, and the trafficking that takes place in the tunnels on the border between Egypt and Palestine, are in fact controlled by Hamas, as confirmed by Abu Ahmed to the Telegraph, explaining that "until Egypt strikes an agreement with Hamas, these activities will continue.” That Abu Khaled was in close agreement with the movement of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah before, and Hamas now, is also
confirmed by the U.S. broadcaster NPR, National Public Radio

An Israeli intelligence official also confirmed that Egyptian intelligence has a list with the names of all those involved in the trafficking in the Sinai Desert, particularly on the border between
Egypt and Palestine . It is also suspected that the profits from human trafficking in the Sinai may even go to fund the terrorist activities of Al-Qaeda, whose presence in the Sinai and whose ties to Hamas are confirmed by the National Security Council of Israel. 

Given that the opening to one of the tunnels run by the traffickers is probably situated close to the "greenhouse", the fruit orchard where the 150 migrants are being held, we can assume that the other 100 refugees - of whom we have recently lost all trace - have been transferred to Palestinian territory, where the traffickers' tunnels emerge and the illegal refugee/concentration camps are located. (Report by EveryOne Group on the illegal detention in Rafah of over 250 Eritreans).

Hostages, Torture, and Rape in the Sinai Desert: A Physicians for Human Rights-Israel update about recently arriving asylum seekers, 13.12.10 : In recent months, clinic staff began noticing a growing trend of women, recently freed from detention, seeking abortions. In conversations with our doctors, many women confessed to being raped prior to entering Israel. Egyptian border guards at the Israel-Egypt border often 'shoot to kill' refugees running to Israel. To make matters worse, the Israeli army sometimes employs a 'hot return' policy contrary to international law, whereby refugees are returned to Egypt between one hour and five days upon their crossing into Israel. Even though reports of beatings, death, rape, and immediate deportation are well known by Israeli authorities, the Israeli army continues to engage in this policy.

Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, head of Zomet Institute for Science and Torah , says Israel must build temporary refugee camps for the thousands of monthly African infiltrators. An average of 100 illegal African infiltrators – mainly from Sudan – sneak into Israel each night, for a total of 3,000 a month, Rabbi Rosen writes that they seek out Israel not because ”we represent the promised land of economic opportunity, but rather because [we have] an unending abundance of ’human rights’ and humanitarianism.”

”The only place in the Middle East where organizations for human rights exist,” the rabbi continues, ”is in Israel! The members and supporters of these groups are willing to accept national suicide as a sacrifice to the ’religion’ of human rights... (INN, 01/02/11).

Hamas Planned Rocket Attack on Jerusalem Soccer Game:
Hamas terrorists, with funds from Saudi Arabia, plotted a missile attack on a soccer game at Jerusalem’s Teddy Stadium, Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) officials disclosed Sunday. The terrorists were identified as Muslim Brotherhood members Moussa Hamda Matzour and Bassam Omri, who bought several revolvers and attempted to buy weapons and ammunition. Officials also arrested relatives of Matzour who were involved in the purchase of the guns.

Security officials said Matzour travelled to Saudi Arabia several times to meet Muslim Brotherhood members. At one meeting, a Saudi official gave him money to buy weapons in return for gathering intelligence information on several locations in Jerusalem. The investigation also revealed Hamas involvement on the Temple Mount, including funding of maintenance work, bringing school children to the site and subsidizing other activities. Palestinian Authority leaders have joined Arab world attempts over the past several years to claim that the holy site, where the First and Second Temples stood, have no connection with Judaism (INN,01/02/11).

Grand Theft Jihad: The Symbiosis Between Criminality and Terror:  A French special court in Paris considering the case of a group of eight Islamic suspects accused of using crime to aid Al Qaeda. The eight are suspected of carrying out on robberies in 2004 and 2005 to serve the cause of radical Islam primarily in Iraq.  A symbiosis has always existed between criminality and terrorism. For the criminal the ability to wrap his exploits in a political banner provides respect and rehabilitation. In 2008, in France, other radical Islamists were found guilty of financing their cause by racketeering and prostitution (INN, 01/04/11,).

The following is a SHORT list of do’s and dont’s that will help ensure  that you do not funnel money into the Israeli war machine of defending themselves. 

When buying a computer, be sure not to buy one that has an Intel micro chip or micro processor as these were invented in Israel. This includes all laptops made in the 20th century. Do not use a computer running on windows MP, XP or Vista operating systems because they were developed by Microsoft Israel.  Do not use the latest version of Microsoft Office.

Once you have set up your Zion free computer, be sure to disable all firewall and virus protection software because the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli high tech companies  developed this to stop “Freedom fighting” hackers.

Do not use cell phones. They were made in Israel and with every call you make the Jewish Nation wealthier. If you absolutely must use the cellphone, do not use the camera function as that is also an Israeli invention. Likewise, do not use voicemail. Do not use AIM, ICQ or any other instant messenger system as four young Israelis invented them in 1996. Do not use Google which runs on an Israeli made system. Do not play mastermind.

If you are a farmer, do not use water saving drip irrigation on your fields. Although water may be scarce in some areas, this technology was developed in Israel. Surely you can spare some water to bring down Zionism (the love of the land of Israel and Jerusalem, Psalm 137, 87:2-3). "The LORD loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of God. Selah."

Do not support or drive hybrid cars as Israel has invested large sums in Green technology and is considering installing an electric car grid over the entire country. As added incentive to driving inefficient vehicles that use more Arab produced oil….be comforted with the fact that much of that wasted money from your pockets will go to “freedom” fighters like Hizballah, Hamas and Al Qaida.


Do not live in areas that get their power from Solar Power grids as many of them were invented and even installed by Israelis.  If you live in the Mohave desert area of Southern California, you may want to consider moving.

If you live in Turkey, do not eat fish…as Israeli made technology is used to decontaminate fish pox and ensure bacteria free meals.


If you live in an area that was affected by the 2006 Indian Ocean Tsunami, you may have received free Tsunami warning detectors from Israel. Contact your local government representative and ask that these devices be shut down and returned.

The United States receives much of its ammunition from Israel…therefore do not serve in the United States Armed Forces.

Don’t let the liberal media fool you. The stereotype about so many Jewish doctors is true. Here are some ways to make sure that Israeli medical personnel do not profit from your sickness. While receiving medication or hospitalized, make sure that the doctor writes the prescription on paper and make sure that no computer is used to ensure proper administration of drugs as this system was designed by Israel and thus the lives it saves are responsible for the suffering of hundreds of healthy Palestinians.

Doctors, do not use the “Camera Pill” developed by “Given Inc.” that takes pictures and detects gastronomical system diseases as it travels through the body and sends real time images of your digestive system.
Do not install baby sense monitors to detect sudden infant death syndrome. Do not use the clear life method to clean skin acne. Water will do just fine. Do not use the drug copaxone to fight multiple sclerosis. Women, please consider methods using radiation to detect breast cancer as the fully computerized alternative examination is an Israeli medical device.

Do not donate blood or accept help from the International Red Cross as in 2006 they accepted Israel into their organization.

If you develop a cardiac condition, be sure that your cardiologist does not insert a stent or use a device that makes the heart pump blood or any other heart treatment as many have been developed by Israelis. In fact, it may be good to eat right, exercise and not smoke to keep your heart healthy and make sure that you do not support Israeli doctors.

Arab Princess Getting Royal Treatment at Israeli Hospital: A daughter to one of the royal families in the Persian Gulf is in Israel undergoing a complicated heart operation, according to Knesset Member Ayoub Kara. The royal patient insisted on undergoing the procedure here - after her doctors recommended one of Israel's leading hospitals as the best place to undergo the operation. For security and other reasons, the name of the hospital has not been published.

The woman's husband, a prince of the unnamed Gulf kingdom himself, is considered a key figure in his country. He told MK Kara that if – and hopefully, when – his wife recovers, he plans to lobby for construction of a large medical center that will take in patients from around the Arab world – with Israeli doctors helping to set up the project. In a statement, MK Kara's sees medicine as an important bridge to bring Israel and the Arab world closer, “especially given the fact that in recent years more and more Arabs have been exposed to Israeli medicine, and are well aware of the high quality of Israeli medicine” (INN, 11/22/10).

Israeli Hospital Cares for Sick and Injured Gaza Arabs: Dozens of Gaza Arabs are being treated in Ashkelon's Barzilai Hospital at the same time terrorists are bombarding the city. The medical facility, the largest on the southern coast, is in the line of rocket fire, and medical staff often have to stop caring for patients and run for cover during air rain warnings. The 500-bed Barzilai Hospital has close ties with Gaza City's Shifa Hospital, Barzilai deputy director Dr. Ron Lobel told the Associated Press. "It might seem completely absurd, but we have the privilege to be doctors. Our medical ethics do not distinguish between patients. We treat whoever needs to be treated," he said (INN, 12/29/08).

Hamas Sends Patients to Israel for Care: Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv treats up to 100 patients a month from Gaza, and often Hamas takes the role of middleman between Gaza residents and the Israeli hospital, Ichilov Director Professor Gabi Barabash said Thursday. Barabash spoke to Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara, a resident of the Druze village of Dalyat El Carmel near Haifa, who was touring the hospital and viewing its care for foreign Arab patients. In addition to caring for patients from Gaza, the Ichilov staff treats many citizens of foreign Arab countries, including those that have no diplomatic ties with Israel. They all receive dedicated care, and the relatives who accompany them are provided with free food and a place to stay, Barabash said (INN, 07/08/10 ).

If your child has a heart condition, do not let Israeli charitable organizations treat your children in Israeli hospitals for free because this is how they install Zionist propaganda in your hearts and minds.

Two Iraqi children to arrive in Israel for open heart surgery:

Israeli-based organization has performed heart surgery on over 1700 children from around the world. Two Iraqi children are scheduled to arrive in Israel on Thursday for emergency open heart surgery, as part of an Israeli initiative to treat children from around the world who would otherwise not have access to such operations. The 5-month-old girl and 11-year-old boy were selected from among 40 other Iraqi children during a one-day cardiology clinic held in Jordan earlier this week by the Israeli-based organization Save A Child's Heart (Haaretz, 11.10.07).

Israeli doctors save life of Iraqi child: Iraqi girl wasn't supposed to overcome heart defects, but Israeli hospital doctors intervened. 'At times I feel that perhaps we are building a bridge to peace here,' surgeon says  


When one watches eight-year-old Alla Hassain play on her bed in the intensive care unit, it is hard to believe that this is the same girl who a month and-a-half ago was on the verge of death and required resuscitation after she stopped breathing. Alla, whose name means "symbol" in Kurdish, traveled a long way before finally arriving at an Israeli hospital. Her trip originated in northern Iraq, on the Turkish border, via Jordan. Alla suffered from several heart defects – the kind that cause termination of pregnancy when identified in an Israeli fetus. In cases where the defects go undetected, babies are customarily operated on within he first month of their lives (Ynet News, 12.04.08).


Iranian boy is treated for brain tumour at Israeli hospital: An Iranian teenager suffering from a serious brain tumour has been brought to an Israeli hospital for treatment, in a rare case which goes against the grain of regional politics. The 13-year-old, who has been identified only as Roy to prevent him and his family facing persecution on their eventual return to Iran, arrived in Chaim Sheba hospital in Tel Hashomer, near Tel Aviv, on Friday, after a journey assisted by an Israeli businessman of Iranian origin.

When surgery, chemotherapy and radiation at medical facilities in Iran failed to help their son, the boy's parents took him to Turkey, where doctors advised them to seek treatment at Sheba. The hospital has a highly regarded cancer treatment programme.
The Israeli embassy in Ankara issued permits for them to enter the country (Telegraph, 11 Oct 2008).

If you are suffering from severe Psoriasis skin disease/arthritis, do not use AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics/Products, as your skin disorder and even your arthritis will be significantly improved.

Buy “blood diamonds.” Do not buy diamonds from Israel even though Israel was the first country to adopt the Kimberly process ensuring that diamonds do not come from conflict regions. By buying “Blood diamonds” you are making a political statement against Israel.

Al-Qaeda 'traded blood diamonds': New details are emerging of links between al-Qaeda and the illicit trade in so-called "blood diamonds" bought from rebel groups in Africa. The vast sums of money and weapons exchanged in return for the gems have helped fuel some of the bloodiest civil wars in Africa. Several members of al-Qaeda's inner circle bought gems in Liberia and from Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone. Al-Qaeda also bought diamonds as well as gemstones in Tanzania.

Other groups have used African "conflict diamonds" to fund their operations.
"Hezbollah (a Shiite Muslim organisation linked to Lebanese activists) fundraised through diamonds. They used the Lebanese diaspora in Western and Central Africa. Israel tried to shut down networks in Sierra Leone," said Mr Yearsley. "[Liberia's President] Charles Taylor used a lot of diamonds to create a lot of mayhem" (BBC News, 20 Feb., 2003 ).


Alert Airport Customs Police Foil Zimbabwe Diamond Smuggling: Alert customs authorities at Ben Gurion Airport have foiled an attempt to smuggle $140,000 worth of non-certified diamonds from the rich Marange field in Zimbabwe. One of the suspected smugglers, David Vardi, is a trader on the Israeli Diamond Exchange, whose president Avi Paz said that he will be expelled if the charges are proven. Police said Vardi has confessed to having obtained the diamonds from intermediaries in Lebanon (INN, 12/27/10).

Israel Elected to Lead Battle Against 'Blood-Diamonds' Israel was elected to chair the "Kimberley Process", a joint governments, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments (INN, 06/22/10).

Star of David Design Found in Diamond: A one-of-a-kind natural diamond with the design of the Star of David has been discovered,   Hidabroot TV  revealed. Hidabroot TV, Israel’s first Jewish-oriented television station, broadcast a YouTube video explaining the amazing 8.53 carat jewel last week. The YouTube video clip appears below, courtesy of Hidabroot, part of the Hidabroot organization established by Rabbi Zamir Cohen to bring and spread the Torah's knowledge in Israel and the world. The video refers to the Star of David and Kabbalah (INN, 10/17/10).

If you are a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, floods in Romania, the Southeast Asian Tsunami , the war in Kosovo, famine in Ethiopia and the earthquakes in Turkey, India, El Salvador and Haiti or if you are in Sri Lanka or the “Palestinian” territories…you may be alive due to humanitarian aid from the Israeli government paid for through Israeli taxes on its citizens or from numerous Israeli humanitarian organizations.  Better to kill yourself than accept this aid from the Zionist enterprise.

48 MKs Call on Gov't to Boycott Yesha Boycotters: Knesset Members of several parties have signed a call for government ministers to boycott Israeli companies that themselves agreed to boycott Judea, Samaria, the Golan, and the liberated areas of Jerusalem. The companies agreed to the clause in their contract with the developers of a possible new Palestinian Authority city to be named Rawabi.

The contract between Rawabi and the Israeli firms states, “The seller is forbidden to use or employ a product and/or services and/or resources manufactured and/or originating in the Israeli settlements for the purposes of or related to this agreement… The areas include, but are not restricted to, occupied eastern Jerusalem, the conquered West Bank, the conquered Gaza Strip [no longer under Israeli control – ed.], the conquered Golan Heights, or any part thereof, or any other area that fits the above definition.”

Army Radio reported last week that over 20 Israeli companies had agreed to sign a contract with the developers to provide goods to Rawabi while not using any Jewish-made goods from towns in Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights, or Jerusalem areas liberated by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War.

The names of the companies are not known, and Dayan acknowledged, in speaking to Israel National News, that “it is not clear if any companies have yet signed this shameful agreement. The reporter from Army Radio herself doesn’t know this information. But we are seeking to find out who, if anyone, has signed, and if we find out, we will demand action against them.”

With the help of such powerful boycott advocates as the Arab league, OPEC, The British Universities and College Union, The Presbyterian Church and Jimmy Carter, Norwegian LO, Kirkens Nødhjelp, Mellom Kirkelig Råd, Palestina komiteen i Norge, Rød Ungdom and Sosialistisk ungdom…you too can put an end to the Israeli success story….after all, Israel is the 100th smallest nation in the world, has virtually no oil or precious resources other than its people and a large amount of their tax dollars are spent on the military and defending themselves.

WikiLeaks: Israel planning 'major war' against Gaza and Lebanon: Israeli military sources have counted more than 235 armed projectiles - missiles, rockets, and mortar shells - that were fired from Gaza into Israel in 2010 alone, and it was this concern that prompted the Israeli military leadership to explain its larger-scale military planning. In addition to the proactive military planning, it was also revealed by the WikiLeaks documents that and Iranian rocket attack on Israel would only allow a 10-12 minute period for Israeli defenses to prepare and to respond.

However, the larger threat to Israeli military planners appears to be found in Hamas-controlled Gaza and Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon. "We therefore believe," Ashkenazi told the Americans, according to the leaked cables, "that the next war will take place in the same areas where the previous wars occurred," meaning Lebanon and Gaza (Digital Journal).

Sweet peppers leave Gaza for first time since '07: "The first shipment of Gaza sweet peppers together with strawberries and carnations is on its way to Europe," a Dutch statement announced on Sunday, following long efforts to expand the list of goods permitted for export from the coastal enclave. Exports to the West Bank, however, were delayed (Maan News, 26/12/2010). When you go shopping, be careful so you don't funnel money into the terrorist entity in Gaza. (For the first time, in Norway we have strawberries labeled from Egypt, and cherry tomatoes from Gaza/Egypt).

Mubarak Warns Netanyahu: No New Gaza Incursion: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak warned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday against "any new assault" on Gaza (INN, 01/07/11,

By mid-2011 Israel will allow Gaza to export even more goods through Israeli crossings. The move would be likely to significantly boost exports, bringing new money to Hamas coffers.

IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, who has been held by Hamas since 2006, remains captive, and terrorism from Gaza continues (Virtual Jerusalem).

"The goods will be allowed to exit Gaza even if they are not labeled as an "international project" – which was previously the sole way such exports were allowed by Israel" (Maan news, 23/12/2010). SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITY: Organizers of the Dutch government program received approval for transfer of Gaza strawberries and carnations into the West Bank, as PA remains on track to achieving a total settlement boycott by 2011.

Israel Helps Gaza Export Cherry Tomatoes: It’s business as usual for the Israeli government, and this includes the continued economic aid to the Gaza Strip  (INN, 02/28/11).

‘Feminism’ in Gaza: Women Train as Suicide Bombers: “Terrorist feminists” in Hamas-controlled Gaza are training to be suicide bombers and to shoot machine guns to kill Israelis.  A CNN crew traveled blindfolded to a secret location to film the women.  Female terrorists are not a new phenomenon in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, but it is rare that a foreign news agency is allowed to interview them and watch them training (INN, 01/04/11).

Mini-Cast Lead II Continues; Rocket Damages Greenhouses: Israeli greenhouses on a farm near Ashkelon sustained damage from a terrorist rocket fired from Gaza Tuesday, and the Air Force responded by bombing a Hamas training base. No one was inured in the greenhouse attack. Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza have escalated rocket fire in the past several weeks, firing dozens of missiles and mortar shells at Israeli civilians and soldiers in Gaza Belt communities, causing several injuries.

The increase in terrorist attacks has reached levels not seen since the months preceding the three-week Cast Lead counter terrorist campaign two years ago. Foreign media continue to incorrectly report that most of the Gaza casualties in Cast Lead were civilians. Hamas recently has admitted that several hundred of the people who died in the three-week battles were members of its terrorist organization (INN, 01/05/11). Another Day, Another Mortar Attack from Gaza (INN, 01/05/11).


Hamas, Winner of PA Elections, Teaches: Destroy Israel: Education in a Khan Yunis high school in Gaza: At a recent assembly marking the 2nd anniversary of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead against Hamas rockets and missiles, a Hamas member of the PA parliament visited and emphasized his organization’s commitment to liberate all of Palestine. Israel’s purpose in launching the war was also to “liquidate the resistance” – the term Arabs use to refer to their self-justified terrorism against Israel.

Israel did indeed announce that the military campaign was to put an end to the thousands of rockets and missiles Hamas and other terrorists in Gaza had rained down upon Israeli areas such as the Negev in the previous years and months.

The speaker, Yihye Mussa, said, “We emphasize before our compatriots in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria],” Mussa said, “that we are marching towards the liberation of Palestine, from its sea [Mediterranean] to the Jordan River, with its capital – Jerusalem” (INN, 01/06/11).

1 IDF Soldier Dead, 4 Wounded in Gaza Border Fight:  The troops had identified several terrorists planting explosives near the security fence bordering central Gaza, and countered with mortar fire (INN, 01/08/11 ).

3 Thai Workers Hurt in Mortar Attack on Kibbutz: The Al-Quds Brigades military wing of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group claimed responsibility Saturday night for the mortar fire aimed at Israel from Gaza over the weekend.
“The resistance has the right to stand up against Israeli aggression directed at the Palestinian people,” read a statement issued by the terrorist group Saturday night (INN, 01/08/11 ). IDF Reassures Thai Workers, Kibbutz: 'Soon We'll Have Answers'   Israel maintains a policy of retaliating for each and every attack from Gaza (INN, 01/08/11).