Is Jordan Palestine?
PA/Fatah, Hizbullah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc., are all military tools of different Islamic/Arab regimes, which are continuing the war - which their own armies once lost. USA, Russia, UN and EU -are first of all theirs allied forces, because they will all have an important role in redeeming one of Islamic terrors most important goal - the establishment of a new Islamic Arab state within or instead of the established state of Israel. This will be an important goal - on Islams way to their "final goal" and a huge strategic victory for Islamic terrorism.

PA depicts a world without Israel:  "Palestine" replaces Israel:
The Palestinian Authority makes no attempt to educate its people towards peace and coexistence with Israel. On the contrary, from every possible platform it repeatedly rejects Israel's right to exist, presents the conflict as a religious battle for Islam, depicts the establishment of Israel as an act of imperialism, and perpetuates a picture of the Middle East, both verbally and visually, in which Israel does not exist at all. Israel's destruction is said to be both inevitable and a Palestinian obligation.

The Original Palestine National Charter:
 Article 1. Palestine is an Arab homeland bound by strong Arab national ties to the rest of the Arab countries which together form the large Arab homeland. Article 2. Palestine with its boundaries at the time of the British Mandate is a regional indivisible unit. Article 3. The Palestinian Arab people has the legitimate right to its homeland and is an inseparable part of the Arab nation...

Article 13. The destiny of the Arab nation and even the essence of Arab existence are firmly tied to the destiny of the Arab question. From this firm bond stem the effort and struggle of the Arab nation to liberate Palestine. The people of Palestine assume a vanguard role in achieving this sacred national goal. Article 14. The liberation of Palestine, from an Arab viewpoint, is a national duty. Its responsibilities fall upon the entire Arab nation, Governments and peoples, the Palestinian people being in the forefront...

Article 17. The partitioning of Palestine in 1947 and the establishment of Israel are illegal and false regardless of the lapse of time, because they were contrary to the wish of the Palestine people... Article 18. The Balfour Declaration, the Mandate system and all that has been based upon them are considered a fraud.
The claims of historic and spiritual ties between Jews and Palestine are not in agreement with the facts of history or with the true basis of sound statehood. Judaism, because it is a divine religion, is not a nationality with independent existence. Furthermore, the Jews are not one people with an independent personality because they are the citizens of the countries to which they belong.

Article Eleven: The Strategy of Hamas: Palestine is an Islamic Waqf: The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine has been an Islamic Waqf throughout the generations and until the Day of Resurrection, no one can renounce it or part of it, or abandon it or part of it. No Arab country nor the aggregate of all Arab countries, and no Arab King or President nor all of them in the aggregate, have that right, nor has that right any organization or the aggregate of all organizations, be they Palestinian or Arab, because Palestine is an Islamic Waqf throughout all generations and to the Day of Resurrection. Who can presume to speak for all Islamic Generations to the Day of Resurrection?

Daniel 12:2 "And many who sleep in the dust of the earth will awaken-these for eternal life, and those for disgrace, for eternal abhorrence." This refers to the resurrection of the dead (Rashi) - as well, of course, to the tremendous spiritual awakening and the widespread return to the Torah that we witness in our time among Israelite souls that in some cases have been buried in exile and cultural alienation for centuries. This itself is the revival of the dead! (Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum). Ezekiel Ch. 37, Zechariah 14:4-5, Song of Songs 8:5, Isaiah 19:14,19, 66:8-13,23-24. 

"Behold, O My people, I shall open your graves…" (Ezekiel 37:12). In the words of RaDaK: "If this vision is a metaphor, the lands of the nations where Israel is in exile are the graves. If it is to be taken literally, the meaning is plain. The present verse supports the view that they will come back to life in the Diaspora… for it says 'I will open up your graves and bring you up from your graves' and afterwards 'I will bring you to the Land of Israel ''. See 'Amalek.'

In the words of Anwar Shaikh: For converting the Jews to his faith, the Prophet adored Abraham, the common ancestor of the Jews and the Arabs to identify them as one nation. The Koran says: “The best religion has he who foilows the creed of Abraham, a man of pure faith, and a Friend of God.” (Woman: 120). He went even further to address his Arab followers: “(Islam is) the creed of your father Abraham: He named you Muslims” (The Pilgrimage: 75).
When the Jews ignored this loving approach, they were enveloped by the apostolic wrath. The Prophet demoted Jerusalem as the Kibla of the Muslims and bestowed this honour on Kaaba, the Arab sanctuary. He went even further tc lay a curse on the Jews: “God has cursed them for their unbelief.” (Women: 45).

Over the last 1400 years the Muslim scholars have interpreted this curse to mean that the Jews shall remain homeless for ever and shall never have a national government of their own. The Muslims want to drown all Israelites because the state of Israel contradicts this Koranic verse. Since the Jews refused to be a part of the Arab nation, their condemnation as an accursed race was not sufficient. Creation of a pure nation, demanded that the Jews must be expelled from Arabia. So, the policy of ethnic cleansing was adopted, and the Jews were banished. At this juncture, one ought to remember that Islam is less a religion and more an Arab National Movement (Islam The Arab National Movement). See 'Ramadan.'

Rather than betray their covenant with God. and w ith the Shema on their lips, Jews went to martyrdom at the Inquisitor's stake and in the Nazi gas chambers – rather than renounce their faith in God.

Arab Stamps and the Middle East conflict: What does Arab stamps tell about the Middle East conflict? A picture can tell more than words. Articles about Arab stamps by Olav V. Landsverk (Med Israel for fred - ).

Palestine - stamps as national symbols: A real state have its own monetary system, but the PA has none. Which monetary unit should be mentioned on the stamps? To use Israeli Shekels would be humiliating.

So, In 1994 the PA went back to the time of the Palestine Mandate,  the monetary unit was mil = 1/1000 pund. This was not recognized by Israel, and the stamps were not used internationally. In 1995 the stamps were recognized, but then printed over with a real monetary unit, fil, which is used in Jordan, and which was the monetary unit in the West Bank before Israel recaptured it in 1967. (Palestina - frimerker som nasjonale symboler, Olav V. Landsverk, ).

Argentina, Uruguay Recognize PA as a State:   Argentina announced on Monday that it recognizes a Palestinian state, calling Palestine “a free and independent state within its 1967 borders,” The Associated Press reported. According to the report, Argentina said the announcement reflects its frustration at the slow progress of peace talks with Israel.

In 1923, Britain decided to lop off  77 % of Jewish Palestine and use it to establish the Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan (Jordan). 3 % was given to Syria.

On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly, passed Resolution 181 partitioning Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab state. After the vote was announced, the Arab response was no to a Jewish state! The Arabs stormed out, threatening war and the annihilation of the Palestinian Jews. They demanded the entire country for themselves.

Prior to 1967, Jordan had occupied the West Bank and Egypt had occupied the Gaza Strip; their presence in those territories was the result of their illegal invasion in 1948, in defiance of the UN Security Council. Jordan's 1950 annexation of the West Bank was recognized only by Great Britain (excluding the annexation of Jerusalem) and Pakistan, and rejected by the vast majority of the international community, including the Arab states. Israel entered the West Bank and Gaza Strip in a war of self defense in the 1967 Six-Day War. Thus, the current territorial dispute is allegedly the result of an Israeli decision "to occupy," rather than a result of a war imposed on Israel by a coalition of Arab states in 1967 (See Dore Gold, From 'occupied territories to 'disputed territories'). 

So, in recognizing 'Palestine' "a free and independent state within its 1967 borders,' Argentine, Uruguay and Brazil in reality have acknowledged that Egypt and Jordan or "the Arab nation "are the rightful owners of the territories. The land on which Israel is located, contain only a fraction of the Palestine Mandate originally dedicated to the Jews as their homeland. Now, Israel is left with less than 20% of the Mandate Land.

Israel condemns Norway's upgrade of Palestinian standing in Oslo to 'diplomatic delegation': "If the Palestinians start thinking that they can achieve political accomplishments without negotiations with Israel, they will never renew peace talks," Gilon told the Norwegian diplomat. The Norwegian envoy said that in contrast to media reports, Norway has not recognized a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders and the upgrading the standing of the Palestinian delegation in Oslo is simply a symbolic move without any practical consequences (Haaretz, 16.12.10). The first country to have upgraded the standing of Palestinian representatives the United States, then France, Spain and Portugal.

Palestinians appeal to European countries: Recognize statehood even without peace deal: In wake of EU's decision to wait until 'appropriate', PA negotiators bring request for the first time to individual countries - France, Britain, Sweden and Denmark - as well as to the European Union envoy. Palestinian negotiators on Thursday asked a number of individual European countries to recognize a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - even without a peace deal with Israel (Haaretz, 16.12.10).

Fatah Official: “Our Goal is Not Peace, but Rather Palestine” "Our goal has never been peace,” says a Fatah official in a PA TV panel. “Peace is a means; the goal is Palestine" – meaning the conquest of Israel (INN, 07/13/09).

Arab League rejects Mideast talks without US plan: The Arab League said on Wednesday there would be no resumption of negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel until the United States offered "a serious proposal" for ending the Middle East conflict. The Palestinians pulled out of the direct, U.S.-backed negotiations when Israel refused to extend a 10-month freeze on West Bank settlement construction which ended on Sept. 26.

The United States said last week it had been unable to persuade Israel to impose new restrictions on settlement building and it would resume indirect negotiations on the issues at the heart of the six-decade old conflict. A senior Palestinian official had said Abbas was going to the Arab League for recommendations on the Palestinians' next step. The Palestinian leadership would take decisions at a meeting of the Palestine Liberation Organisation's executive committee in the coming days, the official said (Reuters).


What took place at Camp David in 2000?  Barak's offer included: Israeli redeployment from 95% of the West Bank and 100% of the Gaza Strip The creation of a Palestinian state in the areas of Israeli withdrawal. The removal of isolated settlements and transfer of the land to Palestinian control. Other Israeli land exchanged for West Bank settlements remaining under Israeli control.  Palestinian control over East Jerusalem, including most of the Old City.  "Religious Sovereignty" over the Temple Mount, replacing Israeli sovereignty in effect since 1967 (*?*). 

In return Arafat had to declare the "end of conflict" and agree that no further claims on Israel could be made in the future. Despite the considerable concessions by Israel, Arafat chose not to negotiate, not to make a counter-offer but to just walk out. This was typical of the Palestinian leader's style: offer nothing, just say no and wait for more concessions. In fact, the Palestinian negotiating team did make concessions during the negotiating process, but Arafat himself never agreed. It was not the specific terms that caused the summit to collapse, but rather the lack of a counterproposal. In addition, Arafat continued to insist on the Palestinian demand for a "right of return" of refugees to Israel, a demand that Israel cannot accept under any peace plan since it would mean the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

In January 7, 2001, U.S. President Bill Clinton told U.S. Jewish leaders their land also is the Palestinians' homeland and "there is no choice but for you to divide this land into two states for two people." (Speech to the Israel Policy Forum).

PA rejects Olmert's offer to withdraw from 93% of West Bank: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday rejected an Israeli peace proposal, which included withdrawal from 93 percent of the West Bank, because it does not provide for a contiguous Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Nabil Abu Rdainah, Abbas's spokesman said, "The Israeli proposal is not acceptable," "The Palestinian side will only accept a Palestinian state with territorial continuity, with holy Jerusalem as its capital, without settlements, and on the June 4, 1967 boundaries." He called the Israeli proposal a "waste of time." (Haaretz, 12.08.08).

In 2010, Netanyahu has called for a 'Palestinian' acceptance of the two-state solution, but the answer is still no to a Jewish state!

Fatah Declares: No to Israel as Jewish State, No to Land Swaps: The faction that is led by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and which leads the PA has officially declared its formal refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish State. Its announcement recalled the three no's of the Khartoum Arab League Conference of September 1967, following the Six Day War, which squelched all efforts to reach a peace agreement by declaring "no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it".

US President Obama has promised Saudi King Abdullah that he will force Israel to divide Jerusalem and completely give up Judea and Samaria in 2011 in exchange for the Saudi kingdom to stop funding the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Arab States to US: 'Don't Close Door to Peace' Members of the Arab League's “Followup Committee” don't want the United States to “close the door” to peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit told the AFP news service Monday after meeting with his counterpart in Romania, Teodor Baconschi, that Arab states do not want the U.S. to abandon its efforts to help the PA and Israel reach a final status agreement. A senior U.S. official told reporters Tuesday night that “in the days and weeks ahead” the U.S. will instead engage with Israel and the PA, as well as with Arab states in the region, to discuss the“core substantive issues.”  (INN).

From the River to the Sea: Hamas definition of "occupation" Hamas leader, Mahmoud  Al Zahar: "We say that, for all Palestinians and all Muslims and this has to be very clear, Palestine borders from Egypt to Lebanon. And from the Jordan river all the way to the Mediterranean! (Youtube) ...Palestine means Palestine in its entirety - from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River, from Ras Al-Naqura to Rafah (MEMRI, 2006).

Nasrallah: Forbidden to give up any part of Palestine – from sea to Jordan: Hezbollah Secretary-General Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said that "it is forbidden for any man to give up Palestine, from the sea to the Jordan River, and it is forbidden to give up Jerusalem". In a speech he gave in honor of a Shiite holy day, Nasrallah said: "We will never recognize Israel. We will never give up an inch of our land, we will not forget the holy place" (Ynet News, 12.16.10)


Nasrallah: Palestine belongs to Palestinians from sea to river: No place for Israel in the Middle East? "Jerusalem and Palestine, from the sea to the river, belong to the Palestinian people, the Arabs and the Muslims, and no one has the authority to concede a grain of earth, wall or stone from the holy land," Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said. Speaking in Beirut in honor of al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day, an Iranian-declared observance, Nasrallah added, "Its stones, olives and figs are sacred, and no one has the right to give it up. This land must belong to its owners, and it will return, God willing (Ynet News, 09.26.08).

US, Israel Slam Brazil's Recognition of PA as New Country:
The United States and Israel both blasted Brazil after Friday's announcement of formal recognition of the Palestinian Authority as a new independent Arab country, one month before President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is scheduled to leave office. The recognition came in response to a request made by Abbas last month.

Argentina’s announcement comes only several days after Brazil announced that it recognizes the Palestinian Authority as a new independent Arab country. Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva sent a letter to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, in which he wrote that Brazil recognizes “Palestine” and hopes that the recognition will help lead to two states, Israel and Palestine, “that will co-exist peacefully and in security.” Earlier on Monday AFP reported that Uruguay would also recognize the state of Palestine , and Malki told AP that he also expects Bolivia and Ecuador to follow.

"President Obama is demanding that Israel give up Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem by the end of next year. His plan is to keep up the pressure until it happens.
Israel is handcuffed because of the threat posed by nuclear Iran. Without US supplies and fly-over permission (the United States controls the skies over the Middle East), it is nearly impossible for Israel to take effective military action. The President is blackmailing Israel to deliver a Palestinian state in exchange for support against Iran.

The UN, the EU, the Russians, Chinese and the "Elders" have come up with a plan. They are encouraging the PA to declare statehood now. In the last few days, 10 nations have recognized Palestine as an independent nation. The plan is to do this without Israel's involvement so that Israel cannot have any say in the borders. Once this plan takes place, Israel will be isolated and suffocated economically" (Mike Evans).

Eldad: “Palestinian state in West Bank is death sentence to Israel”
Aryeh Eldad believes Palestinians will not be satisfied only with the territory of the West Bank. “You have to read the Palestinian charter – and I don’t mean Hamas, I mean the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization] that looks at Palestine as one land from the Mediterranean to the desert,” Eldad said. “That includes all the state of Israel and Jordan. And they are ready to fulfill their ideas in stages. If we give them the first stage in Judea and Samaria, they will take it, but for ever and ever they will be an ‘irredento’ that wants to expand” (05 December, 2010).

'World will pay if PA-Israel talks fail'Jordan's King Abdullah II, Press TV, Mon Sep 6, 2010). Mubarak warns of wave of global terror: Egyptian president meets with king of Bahrain, says if Palestinian issue is not solved, terror will spread throughout world against Israel and its supporters (Ynet news, 11.26.10). See 'Ambassadors of Peace.'

King Abdullah: Jordan Was Better Off without Peace with Israel:"Solving the Palestinian problem is the key to reduce the Iranian nuclear threat. "King Abdullah of Jordan warned that the status of Jerusalem could blow up into another war. He warned three times that the lack of a new Palestinian Authority state west of the Jordan and failure to settle the status of Jerusalem according to Arab demands could ignite Muslim frustration and anger. The king also maintained that "Jerusalem specifically engages Jordan because we are the custodians of the Muslim and Christian holy places and this is a flashpoint that goes beyond Jordanian-Israeli relations."

Jordan denied Jews and Christians access to holy sites when it illegally occupied most of Jerusalem, including the Old City, Temple Mount and Western Wall, between 1949 and 1967. This was a result of its successful invasion of the beleaguered young state of Israel. Jerusalem was never recognized by any other nation as belonging to Jordan.

He said that U.S. President Barack Obama has to prove his credibility byresolving the Arab-Israeli struggle and pointed out that the international community is on the side of the Arab world.

King Abdullah also backed the theory that solving the problem is the key to reducing the Iranian nuclear threat.  "If there are those that are saying that Iran is playing mischief, then I say it is being allowed to play mischief. The platform they use is the injustice of the Palestinians and Jerusalem.So if you start taking those cards off the table, then Iranian influence on the Mediterranean through Hizbullah and Hamas in Gaza diminishes or becomes non-existent…. By dealing with the core issue, that's when you start taking cards away from the Iranian regime." He said that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell and American General James Jones all accept his theory (

The Jordanian threat: King Abdullah II of Jordan warned in comments; that time is running out for the Obama administration to help acheive a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. "I've heard people in Washington talking about Iran, again Iran, always Iran," "But I insist on, and keep insisting on the Palestinian question: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the most serious threat to the stability of the region and the Mediterranean." He said the two sides have a window of opportunity over the next year to make progress on creating a two-state solution, after which point the possibility of a Palestinian state will disappear as more Arab land gets swallowed up by Jewish settlements. (AP, October 19th 2009).

Jordan's King Abdullah II has warned of a new regional war if failure of peace talks - with Israel stalling -  moderate Arab states are losing support for peace initiative - which require a complete withdrawal from ”occupied territories” Golan Heights, Gaza, Judea & Samaria, E. Jerusalem (Old City, Temple Mount, Western Wall, Mount of Olives).

The Egyptian threat:
Alluding to Israeli suggestions
that the Iranian nuclear program is the region's major problem, Aboul Gheit, said he and Clinton discussed Iran, but that the Palestinian question is the core issue and that continued inaction on it would pose dangers beyond the Middle East.

"In the absence of such negotiations, and success of the negotiations and seeing the emergence of Palestinian state living side-by-side with Israel, then I think situation will worsen in this part of the world and we will be, all of us, not only people in the region but countries in the region but also the United States and the Western world as well as the world at large-we will be all witnessing a very difficult situation, " (Press Availability With Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Ali Aboul Gheit, May 27, 2009).

White House links Iran nukes to Palestinian state: Israel now faces a moment of truth - it can either acquiesce to international demands and in return have its most serious threats dealt with, or maintain the status quo and have those threats persist. (Israel Today, May 04, 2009). Report: Obama leverages Iran to extract Israeli concessions (August 2, 2009, Israel Today).

Obama about to betray Israel, says former US intel official:
He warns that the Obama Administration is about to break America's long ties of friendship with Israel, and maybe even take steps toward the dissolution of the Jewish state.

"I have every reason to believe, based on what I’ve seen at my level of [security] clearance especially over the last several years, that Israel will soon be completely on their own… or worse." He went on to note that the betrayal likely won't happen in one dramatic moment, but rather subtly, behind the scenes, and over the course of several years.

The Obama Administration is preparing to "provide more support to Arab countries [with] financial and military aid, undercutting Israel’s defense efforts all while pushing Israel Israel to succumb to the pressure of unreasonable demands designed to end with their political annihilation as a nation," (Israel Today, March 19, 2009).

Obama Bows to Saudi King, Supports Saudi Initiative:
The Saudi Plan calls on Israel to cede Gaza and all land east of the 1949 armistice line, including much of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, to the Palestinian Authority. Israel would also be required to cede the strategic Golan Heights region to Syria (INN, 04/03/09).
See 'High Places.' 

Way back on March 31, 1977, the Dutch newspaper Trouw published an interview with Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member Zahir Muhsein. Here's what he said: " The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct "Palestinian people" to oppose Zionism.

For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan. 
Palestinian people do not exist By Joseph Farah , WND).

"The impression that Obama is completely committed to the Palestinian cause was reinforced this week rather than weakened with the cancellation of the Netanyahu-Clinton deal.


The deal which was to see Israel banning Jewish construction for an additional 90 days in exchange for a US pledge not to ask for any further bans, to support Israel at the UN Security Council for a limited time against a Palestinian push to declare independence without peace, and to sell Israel an additional 20 F-35 fighter jets sometime in the future.

It came apart because Obama was unwilling to put Clinton's commitments - meager as they are - in writing. That is, it fell apart because Obama wasn't able to make even a minimal pledge to continue to maintain the US's alliance with Israel" (Caroline B. Glick, Why Latin American turned, JewishWorldReview, Dec. 10, 2010). You simply don't put commitments into writing, if you don't intend to keep them, and don't want to be publicly embarrassed when you break them.

EU to Boost Status of Palestinian Diplomats; U.S. to Oppose Anti-Israel UN Resolution : Britain is preparing to confer diplomatic status on the Palestinian delegation in London for the first time, renewing fears in Israel that Europe is moving closer to recognising and independent Palestinian state. The Palestinians were rebuffed on a more important front after Washington told Arab states it would oppose any efforts to introduce a UN Security Council resolution calling on Israel to halt settlement construction. (21 Dec 2010, Telegraph-UK).

Peace Process: Back to Indirect Talks? The United States is continuing its efforts to bring Israel and the Palestinian Authority together for talks which would lead to a peace agreement...

Hillary Clinton Takes an Aggressive Tone at Saban Forum: American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Israel and the Western-backed Palestinian Authority to return to the negotiations table and discuss core issues, including to what extent Israel is ready to surrender territory as well as curbing Jewish construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. Speaking at a conference at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy in Washington, Clinton stressed that the United States will take an active role in forcing an Israeli withdrawal from its heartland (INN, Dec/11/10).

Instead, “in the days and weeks ahead” the U.S. should engage with Israel and the PA, as well as with Arab states in the region, to discuss the “core substantive issues...”  

We Are Brothers, Are We Not? Believers of Islam - if you are indeed seekers of peace, do not be tempted by the slippery and destructive slope of denouncing the Jewish faith and our heritage in the land of our fathers. We share one father and one land on which we must live in peace and brotherhood before God.

The foolish attempt to present an “alternative historical narrative” for Israel’s sacred sites harms not only the credibility of the speakers and the honor of history, but also – and perhaps mostly – the real efforts being made at reconciliation between the two sons of Abraham.

Thus, our children will grow up proud of their heritage and their past, and we will proclaim together in a loud and clear voice that we have returned to our holy sites in order to never leave them and we will not allow others to rewrite our past  (including the rewriting of the Hebrew Scriptures into the Christian bible, Quran, ed.) and harm the sacred sites of the Jewish nation (Shmuel Rabinowitz, Rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Sites , JPost,
Wikileaks Dump: Iran Has Nuke Missiles That Can Reach Western Europe (November 28, 2010): The New York Times reported: Iran received help from North Korea and has missiles that can reach European capitals in Western Europe. Secret American intelligence assessments have concluded that Iran has obtained a cache of advanced missiles, based on a Russian design, that are much more powerful than anything Washington has publicly conceded that Tehran has in its arsenal, diplomatic cables show.

Netanyahu, Barak Warn US on Iran: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak both warned visiting United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates Monday that Israel takes the threat posed by Iran's nuclear program very seriously (INN, 07/27/09,).

Report: Iran Placing Medium-Range Missiles in Venezuela that Can Reach U.S. Iran is planning to place medium-range missiles on Venezuelan soil, according to a report based on Western sources in the German daily Die Welt (Nov. 25, 2010). 
An agreement signed between the two countries during the last visit of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to Tehran on Oct. 19 provides for the establishment of a jointly-operated military base in Venezuela and the joint development of ground-to-ground missiles. 

At a moment when NATO members have agreed to develop a missile defense capability to protect Europe against ballistic missile attacks from the east (namely, Iran), Iran is making a counter-move in South America, the U.S.’ soft underbelly. 

According to Die Welt, Iranian Shahab 3 (range 1,300-1,500 km), Scud-B (285-330 km) and Scud-C (300, 500 and 700 km) missiles will be deployed at a base manned by Iranian missile officers, soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.  Iran has given permission for the missiles to be used in case of an “emergency” (Daily Alert).

Israel warns Russia that Iran may get S-300 via Venezuela:
Iran signed a deal with Russia to buy the system in 2007. But following the passing of a fourth set of UN sanctions in June, the Kremlin announced that it would not deliver the system to Iran. Israel and the United States had lobbied Moscow to cancel the deal. But now, with Venezuela set to sign an agreement to purchase the system,.."the Russian air-defense systems have found a new home.

"And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the nations, in the midst of many peoples-like a lion among the beasts of the forest, like a young lion among the flocks of sheep, which, if it passes through, treads down and tears in pieces, and no one [can] save anything. 

Your hand shall be raised above your oppressors, and all your enemies shall be destroyed. And I will uproot your asherim (idolatry) from your midst, and I will destroy your enemies. And in anger and fury I will execute vengeance upon the nations who have paid no heed."

In the salvation from the war of Gog and Magog, Israel will not hope in anyone except God, for He is their savior and there is no other savior besides Him, because they will be a small number of people (David) while the nations gathered against them will be very many (Goliath, 1 Samuel 17:49) - who will be able to save them except Him?

Michah 5:9-14 make up a Parshah Pethuah prophesying how the defeat of the forces of Gog and Magog will come about not through horses and chariots (alluding to help from "allies" like Egypt, (Rashi), Jordan or America, US, UN, etc.) but through the power of God alone (Zechariah 9:9).    

'It wouldn't be U.S. concern if U.S.S.R sent Jews to gas chambers', Kissinger told Nixon : Former American president can also be heard making many disparaging comments about 'abrasive and obnoxious' Jews on the 1973 recording, including: 'I don't want any Jew at that [state] dinner who didn't support us in that campaign' (Haaretz,12.12.10). U.S. had emergency plan for attacking Israel in 1967

Isaiah 13:3-7 "I have commanded My consecrated ones, yea, I have called My mighty ones for mine anger, even My proudly exulting ones. Hark, a tumult in the mountains, like as of a great people! Hark, the uproar of the kingdoms of the nations gathered together! The LORD of hosts mustereth the host of the battle. 

They come from a far country (Media and Persia), from the end of heaven, even the LORD, and the weapons of His indignation, to destroy the whole earth (Isaiah 24:1-6). Howl ye; for the day of the LORD is at hand; as destruction from the Almighty shall it come. Therefore shall all hands be slack, and every heart of man shall melt." When God resolved to take revenge upon Babylon for all the sufferings it had inflicted on Israel, and because they dared to set their hand against Jerusalem and the Temple, He chose Darius and Cyrus as His angels of destruction.

Iran Fortifies Its Arsenal With the Aid of North Korea: The missiles could for the first time give Iran the capacity to strike at capitals in Western Europe or easily reach Moscow, and American officials warned that their advanced propulsion could speed Iran’s development of intercontinental ballistic missiles (NYTimes).

'N. Korean Missile Can Reach US in 33 Minutes' The Heritage Foundation, a U.S. conservative think-tank, has released a documentary film which stresses the necessity of a missile defense system in a bid to protect America from ``enemies'' including North Korea and Iran. Introducing a seven-minute preview of the film ``33 Minutes,'' sub-titled ``Protecting America in the New Missile Age,'' the institute claimed the government should establish the defense system against ballistic missiles capable of hitting the country within 33 minutes.

``Our enemies are attempting to stockpile arsenals that threaten our freedom and prosperity. North Korea and Iran are the most prominent, but this also includes Russia, China and other nations that have missiles capable of killing Americans in very large numbers and threatening our allies,'' it said on the Web site  (Korea times, 03-02-2009).

Russia, China and Belarus are Venezuela's main military suppliers (Chinese warplanes arrive in Venezuela, March 15, 2010). China's Sold Weapons to Iran, Venezuela, Al Qaeda, & Syria... Many of these weapons end up in the hands of terrorist organizations, insurgents, or nations which then use them against US troops (Lance Winslow).

WikiLeaks: Syria gave Hizbullah Scud-D missiles: These missiles include Scud-D missiles, based on North Korean technology.

Leaked cables from 2009 also reveal that North Korea has provided missile technology to Iran and Syria and supported Hamas and Hizbullah, using Chinese banks "as the main access point into the international financial system" (
Ezekiel 38:21 teaches that the downfall of the  nations will come about when tumult breaks out among the forces of Gog and Magog, who will fight "each against his brother". See also Zechariah 14:13. The name of God will then be magnified and sanctified in the eyes of many nations and they will know that HaShem rules (Ez. 38:23).

U.S. military chief: We are 'very ready' to counter Iran: During visit to Bahrain, Admiral Mike Mullen says that Iran is still trying to build a nuclear bomb. Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb, posing a threat to its neighbors, and the United States is "very ready" to counter Iran should it make a move, the top U.S. military officer said Saturday. Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reassured Persian Gulf nations nervous that an increasingly militarized government in Iran might try to start a war.


Iran is currently under four sets of UN Security Council sanctions and subject to additional penalties imposed separately by the United States, European countries and others. The most recent round of Security Council sanctions were adopted in June. The Obama administration and its European allies are prepared to impose additional sanctions if Iran fails to meet international demands to prove that its nuclear program is peaceful, a senior U.S. official said Friday.

Sanctions did never prevent poor North Korea from acquire nuclear weapons.

U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Iran: The United States announced on Tuesday that it will be expanding the sanctions already imposed on Iran over its nuclear and missile programs (INN, 12/22/10).

(Reuters, Sat Dec 18, 2010) - Fog may delay South Korean drill: Bad weather on Saturday appeared likely to delay a live-fire drill by South Korean marines that drew North Korean threats of another military attack and renewed calls for restraint by China.


North Korea said on Friday it would retaliate against the drills with a stronger strike than last month's bombardment,.. On Saturday, the North's state media launched a blistering assault on the South's pledge to cooperate with the United States and retaliate in the event of another bombardment.

They suggested any such move could trigger a nuclear conflict.
"It is a suicidal move akin to digging one's own grave for the South's conservative forces to gang up with outside elements to try to harm compatriots," the official publication of the North's cabinet, Minju Joson, said in an editorial.


The North's foreign ministry spokesman was quoted as saying by the official KCNA news agency: "We will be sure to settle scores with the U.S. for the extreme situation on the Korean peninsula." He added: "Our military does not speak empty words."


(Reuters, Sat Dec 18, 2010) - The U.N. Security Council is likely to convene an emergency session on Sunday on the escalating tension between North and South Korea,..

Analysis: North Korea's Protectors, China and Russia    (INN, by Amiel Ungar, 12/20/10). In the run up to the South Korean exercise, the two powers sought and obtained a Security Council meeting on Sunday that beseeched Seoul to cancel the test. Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin justified Russia's call for a Security Council meeting by the need to send "a restraining signal" to North Korea and jumpstart a diplomatic solution to the dispute. China warned against acts that could "sabotage regional peace and stability." 

This approach drew the ire of South Korea. A spokesman at the South Korean presidential residence Blue House lashed out against Russia and China: "Did we ever oppose a military exercise by China or Russia?” he asked. “The security council should not discuss our plan for a firing drill, but first discuss how to punish the North for its uranium enrichment and attacking civilians on Yeonpyeong Island.” 

'Punish the enemy': S. Korea set for huge drill: Land drill involves largest number of personnel in a peace-time exercise, official says. "We'll be sure to deal a punishing blow if the North tries to repeat the kind of situation like the artillery shelling of Yeonpyeong," Brigadier General Ju Eun-shik said in a statement (msnbc, 22/12/10). 


The plague of physical disintegration that will be visited on the forces of Gog and Magog (Zechariah 14:12) is also alluded to in Isaiah 66:19 and Ezekiel 39:4.

Joel 4:2,12,14 "I will gather all the nations and I will take them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, and I will contend with them there concerning My people and My heritage, Israel, which they scattered among the nations, and My land they divided."

We today are witnesses not only to how Israel has been and still is scattered among the nations, but also to how even after the nations promised to give the Land back to the Jewish People (in the Balfour Declaration 1917), they divided up the land into smaller and smaller strips in the various armistice lines and partition plans that have been and are being debated up until this very day. In the last few years we have all watched the "Separation Wall" built up to divide the Land (Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum).

"The nations shall be aroused and shall go up to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, for there I will sit to judge all the nations from around. Multitudes [upon] multitudes in the valley of decision, for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision."

In the war of Gog and Magog the two major coalitions of gentile nations under Esau and Ishmael will join forces against the Jewish state in Israel, at that moment God will commence Judgment, saving Israel through plague, rain, fire and stones sent against the gentile nations.
Only the gentiles who helped Israel will be spared.
See Zechariah Chs. 12-14, Ezekiel Chs. 38-39, Isaiah Chs. 29-30,33, 66, Daniel Chs. 2, 7.

Audio: Wikileaks Good for Israel? A7 Radio's "The Jay Shapiro Hour" with Jay Shapiro

WikiLeaks cables tell the story of an empire in decline: Beyond the gossip, the indiscretions and the petty lies, the cables released by WikiLeaks tell a sad story. They depict the fall of the American empire, the decline of a superpower that ruled the world by dint of its military and economic supremacy (Haaretz, 01.12.10).

Israel's Defense Minister Calls For Division of Jerusalem:
 Speaking at a conference in Washington, DC, Israel's Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak endorsed the 2000 Clinton plan to divide the capital of the Jewish people (One Jerusalem).

God has repeatedly destroyed civilizations, nations and empires that have tried to destroy the Jewish people, hoping that Israel would see and draw out and apply the moral to themselves in order to avoid a similar fate so as not to lose all the goodness God has bestowed upon them. See 'Abraham's Heritage.'

Israeli official: Barak's vision of dividing Jerusalem is not government policy: Defense minister suggested to Washington forum that Israel follow plan laid out by former President Bill Clinton in 2000. The U.S. now wants to return to indirect talks and Clinton suggested in her speech step up pressure on Netanyahu to move toward establishing a Palestinian state. "We will deepen our support of the Palestinians’ state-building efforts because we recognize that a Palestinian state, achieved through negotiations, is inevitable," Clinton said, adding that "the long-term population trends that result from the occupation are endangering the Zionist vision of a Jewish and democratic state in the historic homeland of the Jewish people." (Haaretz, 12.12.10).

Arab League to US: Help Set Borders for New PA State: The Palestinian Authority government appeared this week to be circling the wagons and preparing to sever its ties with Israel, even as Arab foreign ministers recommended the United States take a tougher stance in recommending borders for a future PA state, in order to move the process forward. * Ed. NoteIn 1967 the borders changed when Israel won the Six Day War, restoring in the process land that remained occupied by Jordan after surrounding Arab nations attacked the Jewish State during the 1948 War of Independence. Among those areas were lands in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem (INN, 12/16/10).

U.S.: There Is No Alternative to Negotiations - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (U.S. State Department): "It is time to grapple with the core issues of the conflict on borders and security; settlements, water and refugees; and on Jerusalem itself. And starting with my meetings this week, that is exactly what we are doing....The United States will not be a passive participant.

We will push the parties to lay out their positions on the core issues without delay and with real specificity. We will work to narrow the gaps asking the tough questions and expecting substantive answers. And in the context of our private conversations with the parties, we will offer our own ideas and bridging proposals when appropriate."

"Israeli leaders must be able to offer their people internationally recognized borders that protect Israel's security. And they must be able to demonstrate to their people that the compromises needed to make peace will not leave Israel vulnerable. Security arrangements must prevent any resurgence of terrorism and deal effectively with new and emerging threats."

Wiesenthal Center: Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil’s Recognition of State of Palestine Within 1967 Borders “An Embrace of ‘Auschwitz Borders’ For Israel.”
“If the world’s political leaders want to contribute to the peace process, they should be calling for the dismantling of the terrorist Hamas mini-state in Gaza and the removal of 40,000 Iran-supplied Hezbollah rockets threatening Israel’s northern border,” (the Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, December 6, 2010 ).

According to prophecy , the territories of Moab, Ammon and Edom (all in the present-day state of Jordan), are destined to come into Israel's possession at the end of days , in accordance with God's promises to Abraham, Isaac and Yaakov . See Genesis 15:18-21, 22:1-8, 24:60, 26:1-6, 28:3-4,13-17, 50:24, Numbers 34:1-12, Ezekiel 48:13-20, Isaiah 11:13-14.  

The Fast of the Tenth of Tevet: Friday 17 December is observed from dawn until nightfall in memory of Nebuchadnezzar's laying siege to Jerusalem (2 Kings Chs. 24-25, 2 Chr. 36:19-20, Lamentations 2:1-10) prior to the destruction of the First Temple (1 Kings 9:6-9, Ezra 5:12).  See Quran, Al-Isra; Surah 17:103-104,7. See 'The temple Mount'

"Is this not the fast I will choose? To undo the fetters of wickedness, to untie the bands of perverseness, and to let out the oppressed free, and all perverseness you shall eliminate.

If you restrain your foot because of the Sabbath, from performing your affairs on My holy day, and you call the Sabbath a delight, the holy of the Lord honored, and you honor it by not doing your wonted ways, by not pursuing your affairs and speaking words. Then, you shall delight with the Lord, and I will cause you to ride on the high places of the land, and I will give you to eat the heritage of Jacob your father, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken." (Isaiah 58:6,13-14). See Deuteronomy 32:1-14.

Shabbat Parshat VAYECHI Torah Reading: Gen. 47:28-50:26 .  This week's parshah contains Jacob's blessings to his sons and grandsons, including the verse with which fathers customarily bless their sons, "May G-d make you like Ephraim and Menasheh" (Genesis 48:20). The customary blessing for girls, "May G-d make you like Sarah and Rebecca, Rachel and Leah" is also based on this verse. As in Ruth 4:11 "And all the people that were in the gate, and the elders, said: 'We are witnesses. HaShem make the woman (Ruth the Moabitess) that is come into thy house like Rachel and like Leah, which two did build the house of Israel;.."

Women in Judaism by Mrs. Leah Kohn.

”In Yosef's offspring,.. Efrayim was the Torah scholar, and the Midrash relates that during the seventeen years Yaakob spent in Egypt, he studied Torah all day with Efrayim.  Menashe, by contrast, served as his father's assistant in managing the country's affairs.  He was deeply involved in the government and in economic and geopolitical affairs.  Efrayim was the Torah scholar, and Menashe was the government official. Efrayim and Menashe thus represent the two kinds of leadership that are needed in Am Yisrael: religious leadership, and lay leadership


Our nation's primary leaders are the Rabbis, the scholars of Torah, but the Rabbis cannot do their jobs without a devoted and skilled team of lay communal leaders, people to support, organize and manage the community's affairs.  Both "Efrayim" and "Menashe" are critical and indispensable figures to the success of the Jewish people. (Weekly Parasha Insights by Rabbi Eli Mansour).

The weekly Torah portion and its lessons for all people: Vayehee , Gen. 47:28-50:26 Good Words by Avraham ben Yaakov  


Haftorah: Parshas Vayechi M'lochim I 2:1 by Rabbi Dovid Siegel. This week's haftorah records the last moments of Dovid Hamelech's life and his parting charge to his son, the newly anointed Shlomo Hamelech.

May we merit to see the prophecy of Zechariah 8:19 fulfilled "...and the fast of the tenth, shall be to the house of Judah joy and gladness, and cheerful seasons; therefore love ye truth and peace."

Israel Remembers the Holy Temple and the Holocaust on Tevet 10: Another event that is mourned on the 10th of Tevet is the day on which King Ptolemy of Egypt forced Jewish scholars to translate the Hebrew Bible into Greek. Their translation was used by those who sought to assimilate Jews into Greek culture, and later formed the basis of the Christian Bible, which for many centuries was used to promote persecution of Jews.

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AUDIO: Babylon and the Siege of the Tenth of Tevet  A7 Radio's "LandMinds with Barnea and David" with LandMinds