A Wellspring Of Jewhatred & Anti-Semitism.
The Talmud (Tractate Shabbos 69) cites the source of anti-Semitism using a play on words: The Torah - the source of the Jewish system of laws, values and moral standards - was received at Mount Sinai. The Hebrew pronunciation of "Sinai" is almost identical to the Hebrew word for "hatred" - sinah. "Why was the Torah given on a mountain called Sinai?" asks the Talmud. "Because the great sinah - the tremendous hatred aimed at the Jew - emanates from Sinai."

At Sinai Jews were told that there is one God, Who makes moral demands on all of humanity. Consequently, at Sinai the Jewish nation became the target for the hatred of those whose strongest drive is to liberate mankind from the shackles of conscience and morality
(The Reason For Anti-Semitism).


Ephesians 2:15 GW "He (Jesus) brought an end to the commandments and demands found in Moses' Teachings so that he could take Jewish and non-Jewish people and create one new humanity in himself. So he made peace." See Galatians 4:8-11, 2 Peter 2:17-22.


The Apostle Paul's fundamental message that it is no longer necessary to keep the Commandments required in the Torah, is a recurring theme repeated and emphasized throughout the New Testament. (Colossians 2:13-22, Luke 11:37-52, Acts 10:9-16, 11:1-10, Titus 1:10-16).


Christians have throughout history fanned the flames of Jewhatred which is justified by the New Testament. The ancient Christian accusations have become standard in Arab antisemitic discourse. Antisemitism Documentation (MEMRI).


Luke 19:14,27 "But his citizens hated him, and sent an envoy after him, saying, 'We don't want this man to reign over us.' (Adam Clarke Commentary: the Jewish people, who professed to be subjects of the kingdom of God). "But bring those enemies of mine who didn't want me to reign over them here, and kill them before me.'" (Adam Clarke Commentary: the Jews, whom I shall shortly slay by the sword of the Romans).


Matthew 27:25 "And all the people answered and said, "His blood be on us and on our children." Hitler addressing the world at the passion plays of Oberammergau in 1942 said: maybe I’m the one who must execute this curse.... I do no more than join what has been done for more than 1500 years already. Maybe I render Christianity the best service ever!”

VI DEO: The Islamic Mein Kampf

At a Church conference, Hitler affirmed that the Catholic Church has always regarded Jews as evildoers (John 8:44-47, Matt. 3:7, 12:34, 23:15,33, Luke 3:7) and had banished them into ghettos. He (Hitler) is only doing what the Church had been doing for fifteen hundred years.

Critical Vote Near: Shas Won't Let Nationalists Meet Rav Yosef: It is feared that a vote to again freeze construction in Judea and Samaria would be the first step along the road towards the end of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, leaving over 100,000 Jews homeless.

The Obama administration demands another freeze on Jewish construction, this time for three months. During this period, the New York Times reports, Israel and the Palestinian Authority “would aim for a swift agreement on the borders of a Palestinian state. That would make the long dispute over settlements irrelevant since it would be clear which housing blocs fell into Israel and which fell into a Palestinian state." 

No Israeli government has ever agreed to discuss the borders of a final agreement without ensuring that all other issues – such as Jerusalem , the refugees, water rights, and demilitarization – are agreed upon at the same time. Delineating final borders beforehand, many fear, would not only make the other issues irrelevant, as the PA could easily declare a state unilaterally, but would place the tens of thousands of Jews living in areas that might be designated for the PA in an untenable situation.

Yishai, for his part, said that Rabbi Yosef decides on his own whom he will meet. Yishai has said that in exchange for not voting against the freeze, he demands three conditions: An immediate end to the de-facto freeze in Jerusalem and massive construction throughout the capital, with American consent; an American guarantee that there will be no further freezes; and tenders at the end of the three months for construction in Beitar Illit, Kiryat Sefer, and several other locations.

Shas Leader Rabbi Yosef: Build in All of Judea and Samaria He told Shas Knesset leader Interior Minister Eli Yishai, “We need to build everywhere in Israel," silencing rumors he has agreed to a partial thaw in the building freeze. He previously has been considered to be agreeable to a partial freeze that would exclude high-density Orthodox communities such as Beitar Illit, in western Gush Etzion, and religious towns near Modi’in, located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Rabbi Yosef’s statement was particularly significant because it came three days after he told followers that the Creator should "strike down” PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (INN, 08/31/10). Amen!

In a speech to Polish Catholics, Hitler declared: "I as a German Catholic, ask only what is permitted to Polish Catholics. To be anti-Semitic is not to be un-Catholic. The Church used every weapon against the Jews, even the Inquisition. Christ himself was a pioneer in the fight against Judaism." (Dictionary of anti-Semitism).


Matthew 23:15 NIV Jesus:"Woe to you, teachers of the law (Torah) and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are."


The preparations for a new Holocaust is visible, but the masses are as then unconcerned or get carried away. Holocaust was possible because of longlasting propaganda and demonization of the Jewish people, a phenomenom we today find on a large scale - even greater than before Holocaust - and which is promoted and funded by Norway (which is funding incitement, PA hate media) and the USA, among others.

The Obama Administration's demonization of the Jewish people:


US State Dept: Israel Similar to Iran, Iraq and Sudan: The U.S. State Department under Secretary Hillary Clinton claims that Israel violates religious freedom at the same level as Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan and China.However, a ll religions have freedom of worship in Israel -- unlike the other four countries mentioned above (2009).

Correction: US 2010 Report Toned Down Criticism of Israel: There were a number of inaccuracies in the report. With regard to the issue of protection for holy sites throughout the country, the State Department continued to state that Israel extends more and better protection to Jewish holy sites than it does to those of other religions, which is untrue.

Moreover, there is no calculation for the amount of funds that must be expended to extend security for sites such as the Temple Mount, where round-the-clock safety must be ensured due to the need to guard against Arab terrorism prompted by inflammatory rhetoric hurled from the mosque during fiery sermons by imams on Fridays. The article also did not mention that Jews are discriminated against on the Temple Mount where they are not allowed to pray due to the Moslem Waqf's control of the site.

U.S. State Department Cites Religious Intolerance in Israel:

The report cited a continuance of governmental and legal discrimination against non-Jews and non-Orthodox streams of Judaism. The report maintained that religious minorities, including, Evangelical Christians and Messianic Jews, continue to face harassment, assault, abuse, and persecution by radical Jewish activists and organizations.

But, how will the U.S. State Department in its fights to preserve civil rights and religious freedom; report and justify the Jewhatred and antisemitism which emanates from the New Testament in its International Religious Freedom Report?

Titus 1:10-16 "For there are many, especially from the Circumcision faction (Messianic Jews), who are rebellious, who delude people's minds with their worthless and misleading talk..." Philiphians. 3:2 The Message "Steer clear of the barking dogs, those religious busybodies, all bark and no bite. All they're interested in is appearances--knife-happy circumcisers, I call them." Romans 2:28-29 "Don't you see: It's not the cut of a knife that makes a Jew. You become a Jew by who you are. It's the mark of God on your heart, not of a knife on your skin, that makes a Jew. And recognition comes from God, not legalistic critics."

We will be very attentive to the scorn and derision coming from the US and the nations around.

British MP Says Israel is 'Cause of Terrorism':  A controversial British politician has accused Israel of being the “cause of terrorism” and has said that the West's treatment of Muslims was caused by what she called “Holocaust guilt” and the “power of the pro-Israel lobby.”
“The treatment of Palestinians by Israel is held up as an example of how the West treats Muslims and is at the root cause of terrorism worldwide,” said Tonge. “Even Tony Blair has now admitted this publicly. Why do we let it continue? Is it Holocaust guilt? We should be guilty -- of course we should. Is it the power of the pro-Israel lobby here and in the USA? I do not know.” Tonge also said that she feels “sorry for the people of Israel”, since as she put it “their government's policies have made that country the cause of a lot of the world's problems, yet now they are seen as the remedy and the base for the West to fight back.

British Muslim Schools Teach Saudi Hatred of Jews and Israelis:
According to the segment "British Schools Muslim Rules," children as young as six years old are being taught that those who do not believe in Islam die in “hellfire.”
Students are asked by one of the textbooks to list the “reprehensible” qualities of Jews, the program reports. The same law teaches 15-year-olds that convicted thieves should be punished by having their hands cut off on the first offense. The second time around, their feet should be cut off, according to the text used in the schools. The books also advocate the execution of homosexuals. Other materials in the textbooks include content claiming that some Jews are transformed into pigs and apes, and that Zionists want to establish world domination by Jews.

It is rather the Muslims who want to establish world domination by Islam. A-Zahar Reiterates Hamas Goal: World Domination: Hamas reiterates goal of world domination by Islam - annihilation of Israel-establishment of Caliphate in Jerusalem (INN, 03/27/07). It is the Wakf Islamic Authority that administers the mosques built atop Judaism’s holiest site. PA Peace Plan: Iran to Share Rule over Temple Mount (INN, 05/21/09). Obama Plan: Temple Mount Under Arab-Muslim Sovereignty (INN, 08/23/09). Islam seeks to fulfill its goal of nothing short than conquering the world and establishing “the global Islamic state.” This is the goal also set by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad, "Islam will conquer all the mountain-tops in the world" (INN, 09/11/09). King Abdulla: "All should unite to reach a final solution-that will take us to new horizons of our joint Arab march" (Saudi Embassy, Feb 2009).

Hamas MP and Cleric Yunis Al-Astal in Friday Sermon , April 11, 2008: "We Will Conquer Rome – And From There, Continue On to Conquer the Two Americas, Eastern Europe" Yunis Al-Astal: "Allah has chosen you for Himself and for His religion, so that you will serve as the engine pulling this nation to the phase of succession, security, and consolidation of power, and even to conquests thorough da'wa and military conquests of the capitals of the entire world. Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was, as was prophesized by our Prophet Muhammad.


Today, Rome is the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam, and has planted the brothers of apes and pigs in Palestine in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam -- - this capital of theirs (Jerusalem) will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe."  

Psalms 83:13-19 "Who said, "Let us inherit for ourselves the pleasant habitations of G-d.” That was Edom, Ishmael, and all their allies. They want that place, that spiritual plane that is Hashem's. They think that by uprooting His children, they will be able to take this space (Rabbi Yitzchok Rubin).

"My God, make them like thistles, like stubble before the wind. As a fire that burns in a forest and as a flame that burns mountains. So will You pursue them with Your tempest, and with Your whirlwind You will terrify them. Fill their faces with shame, and they will seek Your countenance, O Lord. Let them be ashamed and terrified forever; let them be disgraced and perish. Let them know that You-Your name alone is the Lord, Most High over all the earth." See also Ezekiel 36:1-7, Isaiah 41:8-16, Daniel 2:35.