Do you know the secret of the hailstones?
Besides the stones of Algavish in Ezekiel's Gog & Magog prophecy, they are also in his prophecy in Ezekiel ch 13 v 11 which is specifically directed against Israel's false prophets who prophesied there would be peace, and the stones of Algavish - hail - are directed against the plaster of lies plastered on the "walls" by these false prophets. So yes, there is a strong connection with truth... (Rabbi Avraham ben Yaakov Greenbaum).


Job 38:22-23 ”Have you come to the treasures of snow, and did you see the treasures of hail (BARAD)? That I saved for a time of trouble, for a day of battle and war?” This refers to the War of Gog and Magog (Daniel 12:1-3, Jeremiah 30:7-11).

Ezekiel 38:21-23 ”And I will call the sword against him (Gog, the Prince of Magog) upon all My mountains, says the Lord God: every man's sword shall be against his brother. And I will judge against him with pestilence and with blood, and rain bringing floods,

and great hailstones (ALGAVISH , hail shining like the gavish jewel ) , fire,
and brimstone will I rain down upon him and upon his hordes and upon the many peoples that are with him. And I will reveal Myself in My greatness and in My holiness and will be recognized in the eyes of many nations, and they will know that I am the Lord.”

The Seventh Plague in Egypt was also hail. BARAD; hail mixed with fire (Jeremiah 5:14, 23:29). With the hail (Psalms 18:13-14), the final set of plagues began. Its purpose was to prove that God has no equal in the entire world. The plague that was about to begin would be the severest of all the plagues, because the hail struck at the food supply, causing hunger.

Both Isaiah 41:17-20 and Amos 8:11-12 prophesies about a famine in the end of days, when there will be 'not a hunger for bread nor a thirst for water but to hear the word of HaShem.

Exodus 9:13-18. ”The Lord said to Moses, "Rise early in the morning and stand erect before Pharaoh, and say to him, 'So said the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, "Let My people go so that they may worship Me. Because this time, I am sending all My plagues into your heart and into your servants and into your people, in order that you know that there is none like Me in the entire earth.


For if now I had stretched forth My hand, and I had smitten you and your people with pestilence, you would have been annihilated from the earth. But, for this [reason] I have allowed you to stand, in order to show you My strength and in order to declare My name all over the earth. If you still tread upon My people, not letting them out, behold, I am going to rain down at this time tomorrow a very heavy hail, the likes of which has never been in Egypt from the day of its being founded until now."

The plagues were "sent upon their hearts," i.e., against the hardness of their hearts, the Evil Inclination (also called the firstborn), which prevented them from repenting and obeying God. "And the Egyptians were busy burying because the Lord had struck down their firstborn (their priests, leaders) and had wrought vengeance against their deities" (Numbers 33:4).

The Evil Inclination is also called "the firstborn." "...for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth;" (Genesis 8:21). "...sin coucheth at the door; and unto thee is its desire, BUT THOU MAYEST RULE OVER IT (the Desire for Evil)' (Genesis 4:7, 6:5). At the age of 13 for boys and 12 for girls, the obligation is cast upon all who have a desire to connect to God to uproot evil thoughts from one's heart and mind. Then the Good Inclination comes upon him/her and the the child's moral sense has developed sufficiently to hold the child responsible for his or her actions. Thus, the Evil Inclination is thirteen years older than the Good Inclination. 

As in the days of Pharaoh - in the era of Moshiach G-d will slaughter the inclination for evil (the desire to sin, the unclean spirit, the hardened heart) (Talmud, Sukah 52a). See Zechariah 13:1-2, Ezekiel 36:25-29. "The LORD will be terrible unto them; for He will famish all the gods of the earth; then shall all the isles of the nations worship Him, every one from its place" (Zephaniah 2:11).

Exodus 9:23-25-30,33-35 "So Moses stretched forth his staff heavenward, and the Lord gave forth thunder and hail, and fire came down to the earth, and the Lord rained down hail upon the land of Egypt. And there was hail, and fire flaming within the hail, very heavy, the likes of which had never been throughout

the entire land of Egypt since it had become a nation.

The hail struck throughout the entire land of Egypt, all that was in the field, both man and beast, and the hail struck all the vegetation of the field, and it broke all the trees of the field. Only in the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel were, was there no hail. So Pharaoh sent and summoned Moses and Aaron and said to them, "I have sinned this time. The Lord is the righteous One, and I and my people are the guilty ones."


Pharaoh sent agents to summon Moses and Aaron, because he was afraid to go himself lest he be struck by hailstones.

"Entreat the LORD, and let there be enough of these mighty thunderings and hail; and I will let you go, and ye shall stay no longer.' And Moses said unto him: 'As soon as I am gone out of the city, I will spread forth my hands unto the LORD; the thunders shall cease, neither shall there be any more hail; that thou mayest know that the earth is the LORD'S. But as for thee and thy servants, I know that ye will not yet fear the LORD God.'-- And Moses went out of the city from Pharaoh, and spread forth his hands unto the LORD; and the thunders and hail ceased, and the rain was not poured upon the earth."

The Sages teach that when Moses prayed for sustension of the plague, any hail that was falling to earth was suspended in mid-air (Rashi). Our Sages (Ber. 54b) said: They are called ALGAVISH, because they once stood in the air over a man AL GAV ISH,  and this is Moses our Teacher.

"And when Pharaoh saw that the rain and the hail and the thunders were ceased, he sinned yet more, and hardened his heart, he and his servants. And the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and he did not let the children of Israel go; as the LORD had spoken by Moses."

The Eight Plague; was the locusts (Exodus 14:15) "...and they ate all the vegetation of the earth and all the fruits of the trees, which the hail had left over, and no greenery was left in the trees or in the vegetation of the field[s] throughout the entire land of Egypt." The locust plague of Moses consisted of only one species, the arbeh, and its equal never was and never will be. The more severe locust plague of Joel Ch. 2 consisted of four species, the arbeh, yelek, chasil, and the gazam. Locusts may also refer to enemies as in Joel 2 and Jeremiah 46:13-20 were Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon laid Egypt, the archetypal oppressor of Israel waste (Ezek. 29:1- Ch. 30). The one oppressor brings desolation to the other--history shows that God destroys these wicked nations by turning them against each other.

Ezekiel's prophecies against the nations parallel the prophecies in Isaiah (Chs. 13-16, 19, 21, 23, 25 & 34, Obadiah, Amos, Zechariah, Tzefaniah, etc., and Jeremiah (Chs. 46-51) about the coming retribution against the nations for their gloating over the fate of Judah/Israel. Biblical Egypt, Niniveh, Ashur and Tzur etc. were the archetypal embodiment of certain characteristics that in later history became embodied in other nations (garbs).

A comment in the Midrash may shed some light on the complex issue of whether these prophecies apply only to the specified nations at that time, who may since have simply perished from the face of the earth, or whether they apply to peoples existing until today, either in the same territories or elsewhere.

"R. Huna said in the name of R. Acha: All the empires (MALCHUYOS) are called by the name of ASHUR (Assyria) on account of the fact that they have become wealthy (misASHRos) at the expense of Israel. R. Yose bar Chaninah said: All the empires are called by the name of NINIVEH on account of the fact that they took their beauty (misNA'Os) from Israel. R. Yose bar Chalaphta said: All the empires are called by the name of MITZRAIM (' Egypt ') because they oppress (METZIROS) Israel" (Bereishis Rabbah 17:4, ).

Assimilation and the Iranian threat. Is a Second Holocaust likely to Happen in the US? All across the globe the Jewish people are under attack, Iran’s Hizbullah network has global reach, USA,  Thailand, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Denmark, etc. US officials see increasing threat of domestic attack from Iran: Al-Qaida 's ability to conduct terrorist operations against the United States has diminished in the last year, but U.S. intelligence agencies said Tuesday that they now believe Iranian leaders are willing to launch attacks against American targets (Jewish World Review).

See also: Iran, perceiving threat from West, willing to attack on U.S. soil, U.S. intelligence report finds (Washington Post).

U.S. Jewish Population Pegged at 6 Million: Two new independent studies have found that there are between 6.4 million and 6.6 million Jews living in the United States today, (Forward,  January 17, 2012). See 'Hanukkah' 

The prophet Jeremiah says (16:14-18) " Therefore, behold days are coming, says the Lord, and it shall no longer be said, "As the Lord lives, Who brought up the children of Israel from the land of Egypt,"  But, "As the Lord lives, Who brought up the children of Israel from the northland and from all the lands where He had driven them, " AND I WILL RESTORE THEM TO THE LAND THAT I GAVE TO THEIR FOREFATHERS .

Behold I will send for many fishers, says the Lord, and they will fish them, and afterwards I will send to many hunters and they will hunt them from upon every mountain (nation) and upon every hill (kingdom),
and from the clefts of the rocks. " (in retribution for their sin). For My eyes are on all their ways, they were not hidden from before Me, neither was their iniquity hidden from before My eyes."

Hezbollah Pitches Tent in Denmark:   A Muslim group in Denmark has launched a campaign to turn parts of Copenhagen and other Danish cities into "Sharia Law Zones" that would function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Islamic law. The Danish Islamist group Kaldet til Islam (Call to Islam) says the Tingbjerg suburb of Copenhagen will be the first part of Denmark to be subject to Sharia law, followed by the Nørrebro district of the capital and then other parts of the country, the center-right Jyllands-Posten newspaper reported on October 17.

Call to Islam says it will dispatch 24-hour Islamic 'morals police' to enforce Sharia law in those enclaves. The patrols will confront anyone caught drinking alcohol, gambling, going to discothèques or engaging in other activities the group views as running contrary to Islam.

Integration Minister Karen Haekkerup told Jyllands-Posten "I consider this to be very serious. Anything that attempts to undermine our democracy, we must crack down on it and consistently so."

The Call to Islam group promotes Salafism, a fundamentalist sect within Sunni Islam that espouses a literalist reading of Islamic scriptures and adheres to a conservative and highly regulated puritan lifestyle.
Salafism also seeks the destruction of Western democracy, which is to be replaced by a Universal Islamic Caliphate, a worldwide Islamic theocracy regulated by Sharia law.


In Denmark, local politicians appear oblivious to the spread of Sharia law. In September, the city council of Copenhagen gave its final approval for the construction of the first official "Grand Mosque" in the Danish capital . The mega-mosque will have a massive blue dome as well as two towering minarets and is architecturally designed to stand out on Copenhagen's low-rise skyline.

Unlike most mosques in Europe, which cater to Sunni Muslims, the mosque in Copenhagen pertains to Shia Islam. The mosque is being financed by the Islamic Republic of Iran and critics say that theocrats in Tehran intend to use the mosque to establish a recruiting center for the militant Shia Muslim group, Hezbollah in Europe.

The Copenhagen city council says that who pays for building the mosque is none of its concern. But the Copenhagen mosque is, in fact, being built bty Ahlul Beit Foundation, a radical Shia Muslim proselytizing and political lobbying group run by the Iranian government.
Ahlul Beit already runs around 70 Islamic centers around the world, and has as its primary goal the promoting of the religious and political views of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ahlul Beit is especially focused on spreading Islamic Sharia law throughout Europe including Denmark. (Gatestone Institute, October 24, 2011).

Tightening Security Around Synagogues in the USA After Several Attacks: NJ synagogue firebomb injures rabbi: Rabbi injured in fourth incident against New Jersey synagogues in a month; synagogue leaders to re-examine security.


"We've seen a rise from vandalism to arson to attempted murder," said Etzion Neuer, director of the ADL's New Jersey office, who has sent out security alerts to area synagogues calling for greater vigilance. "Every synagogue must take extra steps to protect its constituents and building," he said (JPost, 12/01/2012).


Bulgaria Thwarts Terror Attack Against Israelis: Israel have asked European authorities to increase security on Israeli tour groups at ski resorts and other hotels, with specific concern for Israelis in Sofia. According to reports, the Bulgarians were able to locate suspicious suitcases that had been loaded with explosives and which the terrorists planned to blow up on a bus carrying Israelis who were on their way to a resort in the country. Local security forces are investigating whether there is a connection between the thwarted attack and a European terrorist cell run by the Lebanon-based Hizbullah group (Israel National News, 1/9/2012).


Chabad Fears Worldwide Attacks: Chabad in Mumbai, Thailand, Azerbaijan – and now Argentina have been targeted by terrorists. Iran is behind the latest plots. Three years ago, six Jews at the Chabad House in Mumbai, including Chad Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka, were murdered in the mega-terrorist attack on the Chabad center and Mumbai hotels.

The plot on the Chabad House in the Argentina resort town of San Carlos de Bariloche, frequented by Israeli backpackers, was the third time this month that Chabad had been targeted. Last week, police in Azerbaijan arrested three men with local and Iranian citizenship who had bought rifles and military equipment in Iran to attack a Chabad House and other Jews ( Iranian-Linked Gang in Azerbaijan Plotted to Kill Chabad Rabbis , INN) . Two weeks ago, a Thailand Chabad House in Bangkok was chosen to be blown up by Iranian-Hizbullah terrorists, who were arrested by Thai police (INN, 1/30/2012 ).

Norway’s Government Defy Israel’s Terror Warnings: Our security is ignored, says Jewish religious leader. The Norwegian government has rejected to support security measures around the Synagogue. The Mosaic Religious community has several times asked for economic support for security measures around the Synagogue, but the petitions have so far been rejected. The leader of the Mosaic Religious Community in Oslo, Ervin Kohn, means that the government doesn’t taket the security around the Synagogue seriously.

"Every time something is happening in the Middle East we experience that the level of threats against the Synagogue and other Jewish targets increase. At the same time we feel that the threats are completely ignored by Norwegian authorities... People are afraid..."
The Synagogue was in 2006 exposed for an attack. Arfan Bhatti, who in the last days has appeared as a leadership figure of the radical Islamist community in Norway, was later convicted for involvement in the shooting against the Synagogue (VG, 26.01.12).

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg held the main speech at the International Holocaust Rememberance Day in Oslo:He concluded his speech by saying: "We all have a responsibility to use knowledge to expose such views for what they are. To protect vulnerable groups from threats and violence. The goal is the same. To make Norway a safe place for Jews. No one – no individual, no minority – should have to live in fear in this country."  See ''Hypocricy" and ''Hand of God'' 

Mohyeldeen Mohammad is another radical Islamist in Norway, he was recently arrested by PST for threats against authority persons , connected to a video threat on Youtube (01.02.12, ABC Nyheter). He participated in a demonstration against soldiers in Afghanistan, together with Arfan Bhatti in front of the parliament two weeks ago. He was the main speaker in the demonstration against the Muhammad cartoons, which appeared in Dagbladet, where Arfan Bhatti officiated as security guard in Oslo City (VG, 2010). As if to stir up a situation, Arfan Bhatti himself, sent the newspaper, Dagbladet, the link of the Israeli Muhammed cartoon which appeared at PST’s Facebook pages.

Working For An Islamic Norway: Arfan Bhatti is convinced that the entire earth will be ruled by Sharia Law. Wants Norway to be an Islamic nation ruled according to Sharia Law. PST means that Arfan Qadeer Bhatti is one of Norway's most dangerous men (Dagbladet, 02.02.2012). Mohyeldeen Mohammad has studied Arabic and Sharia Law at the Islamic University in Medina, Saudi Arabia - from where he was expelled last year. He also tried to establish himself in Tunisia, but did not succeed.  

"Long before Christianity (and Islam) was established, G-d already told us through His true prophets that in the end of days, "Many peoples will go and they will say, Go and let us ascend to the Mountain of G-d, to the House of the G-d of Jacob, and He will teach us of His ways and we will go in His paths, for theTorah will go forth from Zion and the word of HaShem from Jerusalem" (Isaiah 2:3, Michah 4:2). For "G-d is not a man that He should lie or the son of man that He should change His mind. He spoke -- will He not do it? He pronounced -- will He not fulfill it?" (Numbers 23:19). "For I am G-d, I have not changed." (Malachi 3:6). --Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum.

History shows, “God will never allow Israel to assimilate and disappear, even if He has to rule over them "with a mighty hand and a stretched out arm and outpoured anger" (Ezek. 20:32-44). An example of this outpoured anger in modern times was when the proportion of assimilated Jews in Europe rose to over 50% in the 1930's, provoking a fury that while indiscriminately wiping out six million Jews, religious and non-religious, also indirectly lead to the establishment of the State of Israel, a huge ingathering of the exiles and the ongoing Torah revival that is taking place in our generation" (Rabbi Avraham Ben Yaakov).

PM Halts Anti-Assimilation Campaign Aimed at Israelis in the US: Prime Minister Netanyahu personally intervened to halt a campaign that warned former Israelis of the dangers of assimilation (INN, 12/3/2011).

Our sages explain that the Children of Israel had become so entrenched in the paganism and depravity of Egypt, that the Exodus came at the very last possible moment, as they approached the very brink of total indistinguishability from the Egyptians. Had they remained slaves in Egypt a moment longer, there would have been no "Children of Israel" to redeem. 

In the days of Haman, Queen Esther faced the same threat as the other assimilated Jews since she was married to a non-Jew, and she called for unity and a fast... In Nehemiah Ch. 9 we can read about the Israelites, the returnees from Babylon to Judea, separating themselves from foreign wives and children, and presumably from foreign ways of thinking as well.

SEE: Intermarriage rates among Diaspora Jews at all-time high: "The fear of assimilation of Diaspora Jews is a strategic threat for the continued existence of Israel," Danon said. In the US 55% of all Jews married non-Jewish partners,.. An intermarriage rate of 35%-45% was recorded among the Jewish Diaspora in France, Britain and most of Latin America.


The study revealed much higher figures in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, where 65% of Jews exchanged nuptials with non Jews, while Russia came out on top of the list with a 75% rate of intermarriage (Ynet News, 11.17.10).


According to the 1990 National Jewish Population Study, fewer than 30% of Conservative Jews kept kosher homes,.. Isaiah 65:2-7, 66:17 says that also those who eat unclean food will perish in the War of Gog & Magog.


Israel now has two options: Stop the assimilation with the nations--repent and leave the religions of the nations and return to the Torah --- OR eliminate the Iranian threat.


As it rather seems like we have reached the point of no return-the nations should STOP PRESSURING ISRAEL and start dealing with Iran promptly. And "let My people go."

U.S. Worries Israel is about to Strike Iran – Washington Post: (INN, 2/2/2012).
Post's Ignatius: Netanyahu doesn’t want to leave the fate of Israel dependent on American action. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta believes there is "a strong likelihood" that Israel will strike Iran in April, May or June, according to the Washington Post's David Ignatius.

Israel believes that after this time, Iran will have entered a “zone of immunity” that will enable it to build a nuclear bomb at its leisure, Ignatius wrote. Defense Minister Ehud Barak used the same words Thursday in his speech at the Herzliya Conference.

"Very soon, the Israelis fear, the Iranians will have stored enough enriched uranium in deep underground facilities to make a weapon — and only the United States could then stop them militarily," explained Ignatius. The U.S., however, does not intend to hit Iran until it has intelligence that Iran is actually building a bomb, and "Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu doesn’t want to leave the fate of Israel dependent on American action..."

Ya'alon: Iran Seeks to Enrich Uranium to 90 Percent: (Israel Hayom, Jan 20.30.2012). Iran has asked the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to allow it to enrich uranium to 90%, Israeli Vice Prime Minister and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya'alon said recently, and warned that "Iran's nuclear development is clearly intended for military purposes." 90% enrichment is an indication of weapons-grade uranium.

During a visit to Washington last week, Ya'alon learned that Turkey was secretly helping Iran avoid American and European sanctions. Turkish companies have been helping Tehran export oil financed by Turkish banks, Ya'alon said.

Iran Renaming Ships to Circumvent Sanctions:
The Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines has renamed 90 of its 123 ships since 2008 in efforts to dodge sanctions (Jerusalem Post).

Iranian Arms Smugglers Using European Ships
Iranian traffickers are smuggling weapons on container ships owned by firms from countries such as Germany and France that imposed sanctions on Iran, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said on Monday. The owners of the vessels appear to have been unaware of the nature of the illicit cargo in sealed containers (Reuters).

IDF Intel Chief: 200,000 Missiles Aimed at Israel: There are some 200,000 missiles and rockets aimed at Israel, a top IDF official said Thursday - and no part of the country is "safe" anymore. IDF Intelligence head Aviv Kochavi gave a chilling presentation Thursday morning at the Herzliya Conference on Israeli policy, telling listeners that Israel's enemies had 200,000 rockets and missiles pointed at the country, and could reach all parts of Israel – even the ostensibly safe “center” of Tel Aviv and its suburbs.

Most of the missiles have a range of about 40 kilometers – the range of Qassam and most Katyusha rockets – but thousands of missiles have ranges of hundreds of kilometers, making every location in Israel within their reach. Not only that – but the missiles are more lethal now than ever before. “The warheads on these missiles contain hundreds of kilograms of explosives, not dozens, as in the past. And their firing precision and ability to hit specific targets is also greater,” Kochavi said. The rockets are largely located in Lebanon and Syria, with a smaller amount in Gaza – and in Iran, as well, which has thousands of missiles that could reach Israel. “Every tenth house in Lebanon is now a weapons depot,” Kochavi said. See 'The Final Solution'

Besides conventional weapons, Israel is also facing a nuclear threat. According to Kochavi, Israel has lost the battle (thanks to America and the nations) to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons; Tehran already has enough uranium for four atomic bombs, with over 100 kilos enriched to a level of 20% - more than enough for the one bomb Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said he would need to “rid the world of the Zionist entity” (INN, 2/2/2012).

Only Divine intervention can save Israel now. "And I am very angry with the nations that are at ease, for I was wroth a little, and they helped to do harm' (Zech. 1:15-17). God promises that He will return to Jerusalem and rebuild His Temple while the nations that live in tranquility will face His anger for having caused Israel unwarranted suffering. 


Psalm 11:6 ”The Lord tries the righteous (TZADDIK), but His soul hates the wicked (RASHA) and the one who loves violence (HAMAS). He shall rain upon the wicked charcoal, fire, and brimstone, and a burning wind is the portion of their cup.”

Isaiah 30:33 "For Tophteh (Gehennom, a spiritual cleansing place) is set up from yesterday, that too has been prepared for the king (Israel's enemies, or the Evil Inclination), it deepened, it widened its pile, of fire and much wood (Jeremiah 5:14, 23:29); the breath of the Lord is like a stream of brimstone, burning therein." The "hearth" (TOPHTEH) refers to Gehennom, "because everyone who is seduced (MIT-PHATEH) by his evil inclination falls there" (Rashi). 

Isaiah 30:23-26
depicts the great blessing that will come into the world when Israel will cast away their idols. "And there shall be on every high mountain and on every raised hill, canals, rivulets of water, on the day of the great slaying, when the great ones fall. And the light of the moon shall be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold as the light of the seven days, on the day the Lord shall bind the fracture of His people, and the stroke of their wound He shall heal."

The nations of the world are compared to the sun, while Israel is compared to the moon. Though Israel is the weakest and numerically smallest of the nations, (Deut. 4:27, 7:7-9), she is destined to rule the world after the dominion of evil will pass.

For as long as the greater light shines in the world, the lesser light is not seen. But when the greater light sets, the lesser light attains prominence. Similarly, as long as Esav’s light shines, Ya’akov’s light remains invisible. But when Esav’s light sets, then Yaakov's light becomes prominent! The future redemption from the hordes of Gog and Magog is also described as taking place "towards the evening" (Zechariah 14:7, Tzefaniah 2:7). 

Isaiah 30:27-30 "
Behold, the name of the LORD cometh from far, with His anger burning, and in thick uplifting of smoke; His lips are full of indignation, and His tongue is as a devouring fire; And His breath is as an overflowing stream, that divideth even unto the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of destruction; and a bridle that causeth to err shall be in the jaws of the peoples.

Ye shall have a song as in the night when a feast is hallowed; and gladness of heart, as when one goeth with the pipe to come into the mountain of the LORD, to the Rock of Israel.
And the LORD will cause His glorious voice to be heard, and will show the lighting down of His arm, with furious anger, and the flame of a devouring fire, with a bursting of clouds, and a storm of rain, and hailstones (EVEN BARAD)." See also Isaiah 66:14-24, 65:1-7,which tells us who will be the main components of the forces of Gog and Magog, i.e., Christians and Muslims. Zechariah 14:3 "And the Lord shall go forth and wage war with those nations, like the day he waged war on the day of the battle (at the Red Sea, Exodus 14:6-31, Zechariah 12:9)."

Someone who sees a place where a miracle was done for the Jewish people says: "Blessed is the One who performed a miracle for our forefathers in this place" (Berakhot 54a).

Joshua 10:11 "And it came to pass, as they (the Amorites) fled from before Israel, while they were at the descent of Beth-horon, that the LORD cast down great stones from heaven upon them unto Azekah, and they died; they were more who died with the hailstones (BARAD) than they whom the children of Israel slew with the sword." And God fought for Israel, raining down from heaven stones of ALGAVISH on the backs of their fleeing enemies - AL GAV ISH -- "on a man's back" (Rabbi Avraham ben Yaakov Greenbaum).

Ezekiel 13:9-11 "And My hand shall be against the prophets who prophesy vanity and the diviners of lies; in the counsel of My people they shall not be, and in the roster of the house of Israel they shall not be inscribed, and to the land of Israel they shall not come, and you will know that I am the Lord God. Because, indeed because they misled My people, saying, 'Peace,' when there is no peace, and it is building a flimsy wall, and behold they are plastering it with daub (which do not resist rain).Say to the plasterers with daub, 'Behold, it will fall. If there will be driving rain, then you, gigantic hailstones (ALGAVISH), will fall, and a storm wind will crack [it]." Hailstones shine as crystal (GAVISH), a precious stone. 

"These false prophets and diviners of peace (the Israeli Government) were constructing what appeared to be a protective "wall" for Jerusalem through their reassurances to the people that there would be peace,
"plastering" this "Security Fence" with every kind of plausible rationalization and rhetorical flourish by the mainstream media, which soothe the citizens into believing that this "wall" will provide "security," but God will send driving rain and hail (truth) and wash this entire flimsy "wall" and its "plaster" away.

In building this fence the government seeks to define the borders of the truncated future State of Israel they wish to hold onto after unilaterally throwingaway vast swathes of thethe precious territories of the Holy Land that came back under Israeli sovereignty in the 1967 Six Day War, as if the sacrifice of those territories together with a defensive "wall" will provide the people of Israel with security" (Rabbi Avraham ben Yaakov Greenbaum).

Former Iranian Revolutionary Guard: Iran Will Bomb Israel: Speaking from an undisclosed location, with his voice digitally altered to protect his true identity, former Iranian Revolutionary Guard Reza Kahlili told Israel National Radio's Yishai Fleisher that Iran would not hesitate to use nuclear bombs against Israel. "[Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government] will use the nuclear bomb against Israel, they will use it against Persian Gulf countries, and they will use it against Europe to bring about that last hadith (Islamic commentaries on sayings and activities of Mohammed and his companions) that calls for total chaos, lawlessness, and havoc in the world, which creates the circumstance for Imam Mahdi (the Islamic messianic figure) to appear."

The Mahdi is the Islamic Messiah which the Muslims have mixed up with Jesus of Nazareth. See ”Radical Islam”

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis: Prepare for the Coming of Messiah: The Vilna Gaon said that the last war, Milchemet Gog uMagog, is going to last only 12 minutes because they are going to have such weapons..." Islamist terror, says Rebbetzin Jungreis, is also predicted in the 9th century (Gregorian calendar) Jewish work, ' Pirkei d'Rabbi Eliezer,' which prophesied that before the coming of Messiah in the end of days, Ishmael – who is described as a brutal, wild man – will rule the world. Ahmadinejad himself has a role in the unfolding arrival of the Messiah, says Jungreis, and was also predicted to wield lethal power during the end of days. "You know it says in Yalkut Shimoni that right before Mashiach will come, during Chevlei Mashiach, the king of Persia, now what is Persia? Persia is today's Iran. The king of Persia is going to have a weapon that is going to terrorize the entire world."


Haman (from the Book of Esther) - from the seed of Amalek, who was Esau's illegitimate grandson - attained power in Persia [and his descendants appear to have gained power in Iran today as well as over other groups that promote the killing of Jews]. Numbers 24:20 "When he (Balaam) saw Amalek, he took up his parable and said, "Amalek was the first of the nations, and his fate shall be everlasting destruction." See also Book of Obadiah. All the nations will eventually make war on Iran if they doesn't change their mind and their course. 

According to the prophesies; Israel will be the last man standing,
(Numbers 23:9) "For from the top of the rocks I see him (Israel), and from the hills I behold him: lo, it is a people that shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations." They will not be destroyed with the other nations. Therefore, it would be very beneficial to coordinate military exercises and trading with the Israelites.

Psalm 43:1 among many other verses and prophesies relates to the descendants of Ishmael & Co. "Avenge me, O God, and plead my cause against an unkind nation, from a man of deceit and justice You shall rescue me."
That is Ishmael, who dwelt between two righteous men [Abraham and Isaac] and did not learn from their deeds (Rashi).

Obadiah's prophecy relates mainly to the nation from which he came: Edom; the nation which descended from Esau. In the rabbinic texts, Edom is often equated with Rome. Esau, also dwelled between two Tzaddikim (Isaac and Rebecca) and did not learn from their deeds". Obadiah's prophecy ends with the great salvation of Israel at the end of days and the revelation of God's glorious kingship over all the world.

Isaiah 49:24-26 "Shall prey be taken from a mighty warrior (Esau), or shall the captives of the righteous (Jacob) escape?"

For so said the Lord, "Even the captives of a mighty warrior can be taken and the prey of a tyrant (Ishmael) shall escape, and with your contender will I contend, and your sons I will save.

And those who taunt you-I will feed their flesh, and as with sweet wine they shall become drunk [from] their blood; and all flesh shall know that I am the Lord Who saves you, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob."

In fact, the destruction of Hamas is also predicted in the Bible: Isaiah 60:18 "Violence (Hebrew: Hamas) shall no more be heard in thy land, desolation nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise." All the enemies of Israel will be ashamed, confounded, yea, they
will be like chaff, and the wind shall carry them away (Isaiah 41:8-16, Daniel 2:35, Ezekiel Ch. 36, Psalm 83).

"And the king took his ring from his hand, and gave it unto Haman the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, the Jews' enemy. And the king said unto Haman:
'The silver is given to thee, the people also, to do with them as it seemeth good to thee' (Esther 3:10-11). Likewise, the king of Iran gave Hamas and Hezbollah weapons and authority to do whatever they wanted with the Jews.

Rabbi Abba bar Kahaneh said: "the removal of the ring and the dire threat of extermination to which this led caused them to repent!" (Megillah 14a).
"And Mordechai knew…" – "The master of the dream told him that the Heavenly Court had agreed to the decree because they had bowed to the idol..."

Mordechai now showed his mettle as Tzaddik of the Generation, single-handedly going out to arouse the people and induce them to repent. With the dire decree staring them in the face, the people finally began to do so (Rabbi Avaham  Greenbaum on Esther 4:1-3).

Repentance and a return to the Torah and observance of the commandments both for Jews and those who think they belong to the People of the Covenant may thwart the evil decree. See Jonah Ch. 3. And a return to the Seven Laws of Noah may likewise thwart the evil decree for the other nations (Isaiah Ch. 24:1-6, Zech. 12:9, Isaiah 55:6-9).

"Oh that My people would hearken unto Me, that Israel would walk in My ways!
I would soon subdue their enemies, and turn My hand against their adversaries. The haters of the LORD should dwindle away before Him; and their punishment should endure for ever.They should also be fed with the fat of wheat; and with honey out of the rock would I satisfy thee' (Psalm 81:14-17).

Though Israel is the weakest and numerically smallest of the nations, she is destined to rule the world after the dominion of evil will pass. dominated by Edom, 4th Kingdom; Esau and Ishmael, represented by Xtianity and Islam.

Revelation 20:8-9 "...the (deceived) nations
which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle, whose number is as the sand of the sea. They went up on the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city. And fire (Torah) came down from God out of heaven and devoured them."

Psalm 43:2-5 "
For You are the God of my strength, why have You abandoned me? Why should I walk in gloom under the oppression of the enemy. Send Your light and Your truth, that they may lead me; they shall bring me to Your Holy Mount and to Your dwellings. And I will come to the altar of God, to the God of the joy of my exultation, and I will thank You with a lyre, O God, My God. Why are you downcast, my soul, and why do you stir within me? Hope to God, for I will yet thank Him for the salvations of my countenance and my God." When God sends forth His light (Proverbs 6:23-24), the exiles will return to their land. The Mashiach is compared to light (Psalm 132:17) "...I have set up a lamp for My anointed." And Elijah the prophet, is a true, faithful prophet (Malachi 3:1-5,19-24).

Isaiah 51:4-5 "Hearken to Me, My people, and My nation, bend your ears to Me, when Torah (instruction) shall emanate from Me, and My (mishpat, right) judgment [shall be] for the light of the peoples, I will give [them] rest. My righteousness is near, My salvation has gone forth, and My arms shall chasten peoples; islands shall wait for Me, and on My arm shall they trust."



Islam: The Arab National Movement by Anwar Shaikh: For converting the Jews to his faith, the Prophet adored Abraham, the common ancestor of the Jews and the Arabs to identify them as one nation. The Koran says: “The best religion has he who foilows the creed of Abraham, a man of pure faith, and a Friend of God.” (Woman: 120). He went even further to address his Arab followers: “(Islam is) the creed of your father Abraham: He named you Muslims.” (The Pilgrimage: 75).

When the Jews ignored this loving approach, they were enveloped by the apostolic wrath. The Prophet demoted Jerusalem as the Kibla of the Muslims and bestowed this honour on Kaaba, the Arab sanctuary. He went even further tc lay a curse on the Jews:
“God has cursed them for their unbelief.” (Women: 45).

Over the last 1400 years the Muslim scholars have interpreted this curse to mean that the Jews shall remain homeless for ever and shall never have a national government of their own. The Muslims want to drown all Israelites because the state of Israel contradicts this Koranic verse.

Since the Jews refused to be a part of the Arab nation, their condemnation as an accursed race was not sufficient. Creation of a pure nation, demanded that the Jews must be expelled from Arabia. So, the policy of ethnic cleansing was adopted, and the Jews were banished. At this juncture, one ought to remember that Islam is less a religion and more an Arab National Movement."

Abbas: No Jews will be allowed in Palestine:"I will never allow a single Israeli to live among us on Palestinian land,..” Abbas announced clearly that if a PA state is created in Judea and Samaria, no Israeli citizen will be allowed to set foot inside. The PA chairman also stated that he would block any Jewish soldiers from serving with an international force stationed on PA-controlled land (INN, 7/29/10).

Obama: US to Pour $400 Million into PA (terrorist state):The President also mentioned, once, the need for “more progress on both security as well as incitement issues” – to which Abbas responded, “I say in front of you, Mr. President, that we have nothing to do with incitement against Israel, and we’re not doing that.”

In actuality, however, the most recent report by Palestinian Media Watch shows that “the Palestinian Authority, the Fatah leaders and the Abbas-controlled official PA media continue to deny Israel’s existence, deny Israel’s right to exist, define the conflict with Israel as an uncompromising religious war for Allah, promote hatred through demonization, slander and libel, and glorify terror and violence.”

"As now, the Jews had always been proud of their racial superiority because Yahwe, the Jewish God, had chosen them as His own people by entering into covenants with the Jewish patriarchs such as Noah and Abraham. The latter had two sons: Isaac and Ishmael. The Bible clearly declares in Genesis 17-18 that God made an everlasting covenant with Isaac, the Jewish patriarch, but the Koran states quite differently:

“We (God) made covenant with Abraham and Ishmael.” (The Cow: 115).

There is no historical evidence whatever that the Jews altered the Old Testament to this effect. They did not need to do so because this statement had existed in their Scriptures many centuries before the Koran was composed. This is how the Prophet transferred the Divine sanctity to his own nation to make them feel exalted."

Rewriting the history of the Land of Israel: in order to deny Israel's right to exist is central to Palestinian Authority (PA) policy. Long before it started the Terror War in 2000, the PA was fighting a history war – erasing Jewish history and replacing it with a fabricated Palestinian history. This rewriting has two central goals: 1- Erase the Jewish nation's 3,000 year history in the Land of Israel; 2- Invent ancient Palestinian, Muslim and Arab histories in the land.

“One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present” (Golda Meir).

"And God said unto Balaam: 'Thou shalt not go with them; thou shalt not curse the people (Israel); for they are blessed.' And the angel of the LORD placed himself in the way for an adversary (SATAN) against him (Balaam). And the angel of the LORD said unto him: ''Wherefore hast thou smitten thine ass these three times? BEHOLD, I AM COME FORTH FOR AN ADVERSARY (Hebrew: satan) BECAUSE THY WAY IS CONTRARY UNTO ME,.." (Numbers 22:12,22-32). When Balaam was on his way to curse Israel his path was blocked by an angel, who stood to oppose him. This angel is defined by Rashi as an "angel of mercy," because the purpose of his opposition was to save Balaam from sin and subsequent destruction. Genesis 12:3: "And I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse;.."

”In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act!” (George Orwell).

Psalm 140:1-14 A person who feel powerless to combat the working of deceit must place his trust in God. For the Leader. A Psalm of David. Deliver me, O HaShem, from the evil man; preserve me from the violent man; Who devise evil things in their heart; every day do they stir up wars. They have sharpened their tongue like a serpent; vipers' venom is under their lips. Selah Keep me, O HaShem, from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from the violent man; who have purposed to make my steps slip. The proud have hid a snare for me, and cords; they have spread a net by the wayside; they have set gins for me. Selah


I have said unto HaShem: 'Thou art my G-d'; give ear, O HaShem, unto the voice of my supplications. O GOD the L-rd, the strength of my salvation, who hast screened my head in the day of battle, Grant not, O HaShem, the desires of the wicked; further not his evil device, so that they exalt themselves. Selah


As for the head of those that compass me about, let the mischief of their own lips cover them. Let burning coals fall upon them; let them be cast into the fire, into deep pits, that they rise not up again. A slanderer shall not be established in the earth; the violent and evil man shall be hunted with thrust upon thrust.


I know that HaShem will maintain the cause of the poor, and the right of the needy (throughout the Psalms "the poor and the needy" refers to Israel). Surely the righteous shall give thanks unto Thy name; the upright shall dwell in Thy presence.”

Psalm 18:1-4,13-15 ”For the conductor; of the servant of the Lord, of David, who spoke to the Lord
the words of this song on the day that the Lord saved him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul. And he said, "I love You, O Lord, my strength. O Lord, my rock and my fortress and my rescuer; my God, my rock, I will take refuge in Him; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my refuge. With praise I call to the Lord, and from my enemies I will be saved...


From the brightness before Him, His thick cloud passed, hail (BARAD) and coals of fire. The Lord thundered from Heaven; and the Most High gave forth His voice with hail and coals of fire.


And He sent out arrows and He scattered them; He shot lightning and He discomfited them.”The passage speaks of arrows. The Torah scholar’s weapons are the Torah insights. Psalm 45:6 ”Your arrows are sharpened, nations shall fall under you, in the heart of the king's enemies.” As a reward for Torah, nations shall fall under Israel.


" Glorification of Allah by the Prophet as the supreme and the only God is a part of Arab nationalism.Firstly, as stated previously, Allah was Yahwe’s superior, thus the Arabs, the people of Allah have to be better than the people of Yahwe, the Jews. Yahwe had been proclaimed as the God of Israel, but to be better, Allah had to be the God of the universe. This is exactly what the Prophet did: thus Allah is All- knowing, All-powerful and omnipresent. The Old Testament does not claim such attributes for Yahwe.

Why was Allah proclaimed as the most glorious and the only God? It is because He was an Arab god whose statue was worshipped in the Kaaba itself for centuries. Of course, Allah was not the only god of the Kaaba, which had developed into a pantheon owing to the influences of the foreign cults. It was very much like a Hindu temple devoted to idolatory and organised on the Hindu doctrine of Triad (Trimurti) which means three-in-one. Allah had his three daughters in the Kaaba, worshipped along with him (Anwar Shaikh)."

”...Allah. He was the moon god, who married the sun godess. Together they produced three godesses, who were called the daughters of Allah. These three godesses were called Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat. See Sura 53, Al Naijm, the Stars. The Encyclopedia of Religion mentions that ”Allah” is a pre-Islamic name... corresponding to the Babylonian Bel. (Robert A. Morey, Islam Unveiled, The True Desert Storm). 



"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke).

Isaiah 28:17 ”And I will make justice the line, and righteousness the plummet; and the hail (Truth) shall sweep away the refuge of lies (false religions and political lies), and the waters (Torah knowledge) shall overflow the hiding-place (the mind, heart)."


Psalm 51:8 ”Behold, You desired that truth be in the hidden places, and in the concealed part You teach me wisdom.”See also Proverbs Ch. 2, Job 28:20-28, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14


Job 38:36 ”Who placed wisdom in the inward parts or who gave the rooster understanding?” The Hebrew word used here, means both ”rooster” and ”heart.” The rooster crows at dawn, but man’s heart reacts and understands to distinguish between night and day and how to deal with new situations.

Students give Netanyahu 'wake-up call'Dozens show up at PM's home at 6:30 am with roosters, megaphones in protest of haredi stipends. Students in Israel have decided to fight against a bill allotting millions in state funds to yeshiva students, and dozens attending the Hebrew University in Jerusalem showed up in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence at 6:30 am Wednesday. The students gave Netanyahu a "wake-up call", releasing roosters and crying out through megaphones. Protestors carried signs saying, "Good morning Bibi,..” (Ynet).


Amos 5:18-20 ”Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! Wherefore would ye have the day of the LORD? It is darkness, and not light. As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; and went into the house and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him.


Shall not the day of the LORD be darkness, and not light? Even very dark, and no brightness in it?” See also Isaiah 60:1-3.


R. Simlai expounded: What is meant by, Woe unto you, that desire the day of the Lord! To what end is it for you? The Day of the Lord is darkness, and not light”  This may be compared to a cock and a bat who were hopefully waiting for the light [i.e., dawn]. The cock said to the bat, 'I look forward to the light, because I have sight; but of what use is the light to thee?' Thus Israel should hope for the redemption, because it will be a day of light to them; but why should the Gentiles, seeing that for them it will be a day of darkness?

God says in His word (Isaiah 42:16)"And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not, in paths that they knew not will I lead them; I will make darkness light before them, and rugged places plain. These things will I do, and I will not leave them undone." See also Isaiah 2:2-5, Micah Ch.4

Job 38:36 "Who placed wisdom in the inward parts or who gave the rooster (the Hebrew word means both "heart" and "rooster") understanding? "


"Blessed are You, Hashem, our God, King of the Universe, Who gave the heart understanding, to distinguish between day and night." In the context of this blessing, both meanings are implied; the rooster crows, but man's heart reacts and understands how to deal with new situations (Rosh).


Psalms 51:8 "Behold, Thou desirest truth in the inward parts; make me, therefore, to know wisdom in mine inmost heart." Proverbs 2:6 "For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth [come] knowledge and discernment."

We will need many Torah Scholars, ready to bring the world back on its tracks and light up the world; after the fall of Edom (Rome, 4th Kongdom, represented by Christianity and Islam, Daniel 2:31-34,40-44). "For a commandment is a candle, and the Torah is light, and disciplining rebukes are the way of life;.." (Proverbs 6:23). See also "Is There a Hell? 2"

See also Isaiah 29:17-22, 42:1-9, 49:1-14. All the good prophesies will come to pass, but bad ones can be prevented, see JonahCh. 3. Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who form the light, and create darkness; Who make peace, and Who create evil; Who doeth all these things (from Isaiah 45:7, Ch. 31, Amos 3:6).

Job 37:2-13 ”At this also my heart trembleth, and is moved out of its place.Hear attentively the noise of His voice, and the sound that goeth out of His mouth. He sendeth it forth under the whole heaven, and His lightning unto the ends of the earth. After it a voice roareth; He thundereth with the voice of His majesty; and He stayeth them not when His voice is heard. God thundereth marvellously with His voice; great things doeth He, which we cannot comprehend.

For He saith to the snow: 'Fall thou on the earth'; likewise to the shower of rain,
and to the showers of His mighty rain.

He sealeth up the hand of every man, that all men whom He hath made may know it. Then the beasts go into coverts, and remain in their dens. (See also Leviticus 26:1-9, Ezekiel 34:23-31).

Out of the Chamber cometh the storm; and cold out of the north. By the breath of God ice is given,
and the breadth of the waters is straitened. Yea, He ladeth the thick cloud with moister, He spreadeth abroad the cloud of His lightning; And they are turned round about by His guidance, that they may do whatsoever He commandeth them upon the face of the habitable world: Whether it be for correction, or for His earth, or for mercy, that He cause it to come.”


Psalm 147:11-20 "The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear Him, in those that wait for His mercy. Glorify the LORD, O Jerusalem; praise thy God, O Zion. For He hath made strong the bars of thy gates; He hath blessed thy children within thee. He maketh thy borders peace; He giveth thee in plenty the fat of wheat.


He sendeth out His commandment upon earth; His word runneth very swiftly. He giveth snow like wool; He scattereth the hoar-frost like ashes. He casteth forth His ice like crumbs; who can stand before His cold? He sendeth forth His word, and melteth them; He causeth His wind to blow, and the waters flow.

He declareth His word unto Jacob, His statutes and His ordinances unto Israel. He hath not dealt so with any nation; and as for His ordinances, they have not known them. Hallelujah."


Psalm 148:8-14 ”Fire and hail, snow and vapour, stormy wind, fulfilling His word; Mountains and all hills, fruitful trees and all cedars; Beasts and all cattle, creeping things and winged fowl;

Kings of the earth and all peoples, princes and all judges of the earth; Both young men and maidens, old men and children; Let them praise the name of the LORD, for His name alone is exalted; His glory is above the earth and heaven.
And He hath lifted up a horn (the Kingdom of David) for His people, a praise for all His saints, even for the children of Israel, a people near unto Him. Hallelujah."


The Creator of the Universe and all that exists, will redeem and rebuild Jerusalem, "And many peoples shall go, and they shall say, "Come, let us go up to the Lord's mount, to the house of the God of Jacob, and let Him teach us of His ways, and we will go in His paths," for out of Zion shall the Torah come forth, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem” (Isaiah 2:3, Micah Ch. 4).